MP Muthalib forwards no-confidence motion against education minister

Independent MP Ibrahim Muthalib has forwarded a no-confidence motion against Education Minister Dr Musthafa Luthfy to parliament.

MP Muthalib presented a petition to forward the motion against Education minister, which was signed by five independent MPs, three Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MPs and two People’s Alliance (PA) MPs.

On May 19, MP Muthalib announced he would file a no-confidence motion against Education Minister Dr Musthafa Luthfy over the ministry steering committee’s recommendation to make Islam and Dhivehi optional subjects for grades 11 and 12.

A crowd of people who did not claim to be representing any political party or NGO conducted a series of protests over the decision outside Education Minister Luthfy’s house.

Luthfy told Minivan News that he had not officially received the news yet.

”I also heard that a such motion was presented to parliament, but the parliament has not affirmed it,” said Luthfy.

”I heard that there were three issues highlighted in the petition, ” he explained.

”The first issue they claimed was that Kulliathul Dhuraasathul Islaamiyya school was dissolved, which is literally not true,” Luthfy said. ”The school was not dissolved, rather we planned to place it under the Maldives College of Higher Education when it becomes a university.”

Luthfy said the second issue was a claim that it was his fault that Arabiyya School’s walls fell down.

”The third point was because the Education Ministry has decided to make Dhivehi and Islam optional at A-Level,” he said, ”but this was just a suggestion made by the ministry’s steering committee.”

Muthalib recently said that if the education system implemented the steering committee’s recommendation, students would be moved away from religion and their mother tongue.

”I cannot support such a curriculum that discourages the use of our own culture and language,” he said.

The government meanwhile launched a spirited defense of the Education Minister.

“This is a part of DRP’s plan to pick off ministers one-by-one,” he said. “First they plan to try and bring down the education minister, and if that succeeds they will then go after other ministers. This no-confidence motion is a shallow attempt to destabilise the government and the country,” said the President’s Press Secretary, Mohamed Zuhair.

“The DRP is claiming the government is trying to ‘undermine Islam,’ because an Education Ministry has floated the idea of making the study of Dhivehi and Islam, along with all other subjects, optional for school grades 11 and 12,” he said.

“DRP, led by its dubiously elected leader Thasmeen Ali, has demonstrated time and again that they will do and say anything to try and damage the government”, Zuhair said.

“There are some good, intelligent and responsible people in the DRP. Sadly, under the current leadership, these people have been marginalized and the hot heads have taken over the party.

“The DRP have no policies; they have no vision; they have no substance. It seems their sole guiding principle is to oppose anything and everything that the government is trying to achieve.”

He further accused the concerned parliamentarians “of using Islam as a political tool.”

”I think despite being an Independent MP Muthalib acts in the parliament with the spirit of an opposition MP,” he added.


39 thoughts on “MP Muthalib forwards no-confidence motion against education minister”

  1. this is all politics. petty, pathetic politics. DRP just finding an excuse to go after Luthfee because Anni said education ministry is best well run out of all ministries. zuhair is right

  2. banana bills, banana MPs, banana judiciary, banana laws.
    now unnecessary no confidence motions. Mr. Muthalib, why don't you please go and stuff it.

  3. lets think it this way. who has served the people of Maldives better. Muthalib or Luthufee. Who is more qualified. muthalib or luthufee. we Maldivians dont want people like Muthalib or any other people who is trying to ruin the carriers of people who are sincerely serving the country. we need people like Musthafa. we don't want people like Muthalib. Muthalib please migrate to India or Giraavaru. you cannot go to any other country.

  4. Mr. Muttalib should first try and make sure that the school Islam curriculum includes a chapter on children learning the meaning of what they say in the regular prayers. Mr. Abdurrahman who was speaking after Bilal Phillips was unpleasantly surprised a few nights back when only a handful of the audience he was preaching to, knew the meaning of what they were actually saying in the regular prayers. He told the audience to go back and learn the meaning. He said what they were doing were Haram. He equated this to being drunk and praying.

  5. According to yesterday's 'Haveeru', MP Muthalib is quoted as having said that "Alhugandumenge maigandu massala akee dheen halaaku kollumahtakai Education Ministry in nuvatha misarukaarun masakkaiy kuraathee. Misarukaarun midhanee madu madun thibegen dheen halaaku kuramun. Alhugandumenakah ekan balahattaigen nuthibeveyne. Vaki hisaabakun ekan huttuvan jeheyne." I submitted a comment questioning how, believing in the power of the Almighty, it could be claimed that any government, let alone that of a tiny nation like Maldives, could "dheen halaaku kollaa" or destroy the religion of Islam. The Haveeru site reported that the comment had been received, so I am assuming it was indeed received. However, upto now, it has not been published, while many others have been. I wonder if my comment is any less valid than those of the people who talk about the issue in purely political terms. How can this country move forward (or Islam become less politicised and in my view, more meaningful) if this is how things are done in the local media? This is not written as an attack on Haveeru, but this has happened to quite a few comments in the past on various issues, and I know other people who have had the same thing happen to them. This time I decided to raise the issue on a platform where I am at least sure it will be published. Also, not being a journalist or a media person myself, I wanted to ask of others - is this what responsible and ethical journalism is? I understand that editors can decide what they publish, so I guess there is a line - where and how does this line get drawn?

  6. we should teach everyone islam and government should start mass campaign for people to know what whahabism and identify wahabese who hide behind the banner of true Muslim and anni should remove all extremists working under Islamic ministry who orchestration this drama and wasting public money and time, they sepent money to bring down zakir niake just to buy off public for this motion

  7. Muttalib represents the lowest form of our politicians.

    All the proposals forwarded by him straddle the boundaries between the trivial and farcical - and is an utter waste of precious Parliament working hours, as well as a waste of the public money deposited in his account as monthly salary.

    Either leave the curriculum to the PhD holders and experts in the Education, sector, or dissolve the body and put Muttalib and any 20 random pedestrians in charge of it.

  8. I dont care what Mutallib says, but this "Good for nothing" Luthufy has to go. Now that "he has sat on a stone that no surge, no wave, no nothing can throw him out......" scumbag must be shivering from spine now....Throw him out, it will be better for President Nasheed without Luthufee. After no confidence motion he can take his flute and sing that "Thiya ey zaeem qawm fakhuru verivaa" outside Muli-aage.

  9. @Shafeenaz

    Mr Muthalib and the editor of Haveeru are belivers that a woman must share a man with 3 other women.

    Had you sent your comment with a male name your comment would have appeared. Otherwise 4 women must send the same comment for the editor of Haveeru to consider.

    Mr Muthalib and editor of Haveeru will go to heaven. It is not known where a good newspaper will go after it ceases publication!

  10. this is a briliat move by muthalib!! some of these secularists should be eliminated from the government, im not aware of any country which leaves behind thier own language in the schooling system, even if we go to india they first try to teach us hindhi, but these gready maldvian ruling party will do anything for money, this isn't the change we expected after 30 long years, wait and see the results of local council election people will make these hooligans pay for these evils

  11. In support of the motion I offer Muttalib my middle finger .. up

    Whilst Muththy has got no confidence in Musthafa, i have high confidence in Abdulla.

  12. @SLO : the comment was sent in under a gender-neutral pseudonym, just like most of the others that were published. The issue for me is not one of comments being ascribed to a particular person or gender, but rather, of politicisation of religion and questions in my mind about the role of media.

  13. muthalib. i think we should have a easy way to remove these kinds of petty MPs who are waste of public money. muthalib isthiufa

  14. Throw this F%&*&^ scumbag out of Ministry of Education....atleast Muttalib has done a favor.

  15. muthalib is a loser. in fact, most of these mps are losers. they don't do anything but sit on their butts bitching about the government

  16. Zuhair is correct in saying that hot heads have managed to take over DRP. But he forgets to mention that DRP hothead managed to take over the party only because the good and intelligent people in the country have been marginalised by the hot heads in MDP who have taken over the country.

  17. I have been in the education sector for more than half my age and have seen first-hand the works of 5 ministers in the education sector. Dr. Luthfy is the 6th. And all I can say is that from a person who has the best interests of the children at heart, Dr. Luthfy is doing a great job. He wasn't the person who let Arabiyya decay and neglect it. And by making Mauhadh a faculty under the MCHE does not make it less important. That is how it should have been in the first place. And the issue of Dhivehi and Islam was NOT raised by Dr. Luthfy. It is still under discussion after being put forward by the steering committee. All I can say is that this is the result of not having a high standard when choosing parliament members. Mutthalib is the lowest of lowest. He is not fit to be in such a position at all. He has proved it himself several times. Isn't it high time someone proposes a no-confidence vote against him?
    Dr. Luthfy, we, the majority of education sector appreciate your hard work and treasure you. We are with you to fight against scum like Mutthalib.

  18. this is nothing to do wuth DRP this is a dram played by adhaalath party who is in bed with the mdp. i guess mdp should kick adhaalath party out before pointing fingures saying this is a larger plan to unstabilise the government. adhaalath is using religion as a political tool and have used every measure to take this to where it is now.

  19. muthalib is right.president office said that the decision was made by said that the decision was made by steering committee.SO WHAT IS TRUE.THEY BOTH ARE HIDING SOMETHING.GOVERNMENT ISTHIUFA

  20. Even though Mustafa so traitorously left GIP for MDF after his job was threatened, there is no way I can support his dismissal over something that will be a benefit for the nation.

    How can a curriculum be accused of discouraging Islam and Dhivehi when it has a Mandatory 10+ years of it!

    This man is prostituting Islam in order to be politically relevant and it is not acceptable. It is not something the people can accept, nor should they allow it.

  21. I mean for *MDP.

    I say he is prostituting Islam because he continues to propose bills that not only favor the religious right, but because it will destroy the future of our nation.

    Ibrahim Muttalib appears to be completely and utterly incompetent.Every single time he blows a tiny little issue out of proportion.

    One such incident is when apparently claimed that allowing someone to take their wedding vows in Maldives is to pave the way for Churches, Synagogues, and who knows, maybe even Satanic rituals. He was able to get into News Papers around the world with his instance that Maldives bans all forms of worship other than Islam in Maldives – to the point where foreign media ended up reporting it as a bill to ban ALL non-muslims.

    This is completely irresponsible and unethical. To take it out on all those children who have the chance to succeed and contribute to our economy is unacceptable. To pander to Adhaalath's stance on using religion to cow, intimidate, and strong arm politicians into accepting their view is unacceptable.

    And every single MP who votes for this shows that they are not looking out for the best interests of our people.

  22. this is bullshit. adhlaath is playing double tape here. before we try saving musthafa we need to remove extreme minded adhaalath from the government. they posses the greatest threat to Maldivian prosperity.

  23. Musthafa is doing a great job.
    its a better option for those who want to be habees and those who don't want to be a part of it. its not about culture, BUT the Islam curriculum needs to be rewritten by a true islam, not fakes, who are currently influenced by people like abdul majeed (enmeh bodu mujaahidhu)

    Up till today, DRP has never agreed on anything with MDP which definitely proves that they are not working towards the development of this country. it is even more clearer because DRP party's philosophy is based on a dictator who never succeeded in bringing better developments to this country for 30 years.

    There for religion for them is just a "political tool" to repress people!!!!

    Muthalib therefor is a schmuck!!!!

  24. Its shocking that this Muttalib was able to become an MP in the first place. He seems hellbent on trying to prove he is the only muslim in town.
    Education Minister Luthfy is someone who is doing an extremely good job. If Muttalib or these other hotheads really wanted well for the country, they'd trying taking out a non-performer like the health minister instead of Luthfy.

  25. The steering commettee's recommendation to make the two subjects optional is a bad move. Luthyf should not try to implement this. And Muttslib's move for no confidence vote is not justified based on this.

    And the way The press secretary( god knows who he is and what his quilifications are) is reacting to these kind of things like a stupid idiot. I am sure in MDP we have got more capable people who could keep the image of MDP while time and again we have seen the very unpolitical and stupid reaction from this press secretary on behalf of the government.

  26. there's noway that MDP will survive without adhaalath, some foolish comments here is making me crazy, if they leave there won't be any credibility on our ruling party MDP on religious ground, and this is a islamic state, i think anni is not going to take that risk by following some atheistic opinions here, President nasheed is a good politician he knows how to play the game, and that the reason why he's the president after defeating all those Drs, billionairs, dentists, nurse, and one patient, ..

  27. If Musthafa was in GIP, im sure the tone of majority of those commenting here would be different.

  28. So they are trying to oust the minister for having a vibrant discussion at his ministry. DRP and PA will sign anything if it has even the slightest chance of causing difficulty for the government. That is the rule they live by.

    This is a phenomenon we have lived for ever - where we are brainwashed to think heavily negatively on some minor issues while we keep doing hugely sinful things and nobody cares.

  29. I belong to DRP.. yes.. i am trying to be a responsible citizen and look in to issues without blindly toeing the party line. I have looked in to this as impartially as possible and this is what I understand... first the issue of making dhivehi and islam option is not a poly implemented. The change of school seem actually for the better... a wall had fallen in a school... all these seem to be issues that are trivial compared to bigger issues we face. Education ministry seem to be a ministry that is running good, comparatively, and it seems that the policies are not laid out along party lines... this will be a good one to watch which MPs are useless in our parliament ..

  30. Not again Muththoyya!
    So this is the broth of late night meeting with Sheikh Shaheem & Co in front of the house where Sheikh reside eh!
    Who next?

  31. We need Zahir Hussain as our Education Minister. Remember the Ronald Regan comparision in the school text books. He can also bring back the Naseem Sir period back into Maldivian education system. In the recent years we were happy teaching our children abroad. No confidence in Musthafa Luthfy. Replace him with his brother Abdulla Luthfy. Even Muttalib will shut up. Long live Maldivian Parliament and all the Issaytheri membarun .... Salute

  32. Can any body tell me if i am right in thinking that Muttalib has got a phisical problem with his upper teeth and the tounge. I find difficulty in watching the guy talk sensing his tounge often get glued to the upper teeth. Please tell me if its only my imagination.

  33. @ Rationale.
    What about our spokesman for the president? Is he any better? ironically he is the spokesman.

  34. Ban Adhaalath and stop extremism to penetrate into our small and peaceful community. Ban Adhaalath

  35. It doesnt matter whether its Luthfy or anyone else. Pointless wasting time and public money debating on issues that would lead the country no where but make our kids become more idiots, lazy, ignorant and wasted! Parents supporting this motion should look at their own kids first. Maldives is now dependant on expatriates in every aspect of life. Maldivians are faced-out of tourism, health, education and even trading simply because we do not have the education that was denied for decades. Who is Luthy to you? does he put bread on your table? does he pay your bills?did he encourage to allow our daughters marry at 9, or keep girls caged at home? he is just a public servant, a politician and thats it. Parents wake up from your dreams and educate your children to face the 21st century with knowledge, and understanding. Any you politicians, its a country too small and poor to have a fight. We all needed change, we got it, so why not put our opinions together and move a head? Or, ok go a head and believe everything scholars preach, wait for miracles to happen, and finally let your kids be idiots! Look at Afghanistan, Pakistan, any islamic country ending with a 'TAN' is messed up because they dont have the basic modern education you need to survive. God helps those who help themselves.

  36. We need qualified and knowledgeable people to serve the public.
    Not uneducated, ill-informed and incompetent people like this Muthalib.
    These unqualified MPs are no better than the unqualified judges.
    Simply unfit for purpose and a source of major embarrassment to this country.
    There should be a movement to remove this Muthalib and others like him from the Majlis, who are incapable of constructive public service.
    This is a disgrace.
    The democratic tsunami is now over. Time to clear out the dead wood.


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