Jumhoory Party MP Muthalib resigns from party

MP Ibrahim Muthalib has resigned from the opposition-aligned Jumhoory Party (JP) led by MP ‘Burma’ Gasim Ibrahim claiming that his dreams of making JP the country’s third most active party had been “shattered due to lack of cooperation.”

“Nine months ago I joined the Jumhoory Party with the hope of making it the third most active party in the Maldives, because I felt that the Maldives was in need of a third party,’’ MP Muthalib today told Minivan News. “Currently only the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) are really heard, and no one says a word against them.’’

He said he was not originally invited to join the JP by Gasim, but joined the party on his own wish.

‘’I have worked nine months to accomplish this but it does not seem to be happening, so I thought it would be best to resign,’’ he said. ‘’The decisions we make are not implemented in the party and the JP really needs more time to stand on its own feet and walk.’’

Muthalib said he had not yet decided to join any other party for the moment.

‘’I resigned because I did not want to remain depressed with these thoughts. For now I just want to relax and remain independent for the time being,’’ he said, adding that he still believed that the Maldives was in need of an active third party other than the DRP or MDP.

Muthalib was elected to the parliament as an independent MP.

”I have officially informed the Elections Commission (EC) and the Speaker of the parliament about my resignation,” he said.

However, newspaper Haveeru quoted Muthalib as saying that his resignation came following Gasim’s vote in favor of the appointment of Dr Ibrahim Didi for Fisheries Minister and and Thalhath Ibrahim for Defense Minister.

Following Muthalib’s resignation, only two MPs of the Jumhoory Party will be left in parliament, Gasim and MP Ahmed Moosa.


8 thoughts on “Jumhoory Party MP Muthalib resigns from party”

  1. Well, I am not suprised to hear about all the animalistic behaviors of all these Maldivian politicians. These maldivian MPs are always talking about immorality and the moment no one is looking! they are looking for ways to entice the next child, sleep with someone's wife, have an affair with their same sex partner and so on! Grrrrr..

  2. This mad lunatic bum Muthalib, what are he talking and what sort of contribution he made in Majlis chambers? The only thing he talk I Majlis is nonsense! I believe that Buruma Qaroon will really be worried to lose such a great politician!
    I really pity the ignorant Fares Mathodha people for electing such a mad man to represent them in Majlis.

  3. Oh Muttalib and my people! Thou have been misbehaving in dirty politics. Thou have been granted rain, fish and shelter. But Thou have misused politics.

    Didn't ye know time is life and life is time. Verily, bad deeds shan't be rejected nor ignored.

  4. Oh holy Mullah “F” ing Muthalib Allah has commanded you to submit a petition to Majlish to abolish Dhivehi as official language of Maldives and replace the chosen and blessed Allah’s tongue the ARABIC.

  5. Why the hate Hassan Ahmed?

    I think you of all people would understand that Muttalib makes his comments in public forums because he is handsomely rewarded for doing so.

  6. The people have the right to hate politicians who eat their money and make fools out of themselves. Here's hoping Muttalib retires and turns himself in to the police on several charges of treason.

  7. How fat he has become now. Wonder whether he will now lose some weight since he has decided to bite the hand that fed him.

  8. These dirty politicians seems they are living on the 7th heaven... better go to hell!!!


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