MPs exchange blame over cancellation of parliament session

MPs from both the opposition and ruling party have blamed each other for the cancellation of parliament’s session today.

Speaker of the parliament Abdulla Shahid cancelled the session after MPs began raising their voices against the speaker and deputy speaker of parliament, Peoples Alliance MP Ahmed Nazim.

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Ahmed Nihan said the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs deliberately created an uproar inside the chamber to make the speaker cancel the session.

‘Tthey did that because today there were two very important issues in the agenda, the endorsement of the new cabinet and appointment of new Auditor General,’’ claimed Nihan. ‘’Some of the MDP MPs are not in town, and they knew they were out of number to vote.’’

‘’MDP MPs have even told me like that, and also said they will keep doing it like this until their MPs are back.’’

Nihan also claimed that MDP was obstructing the country from being a democratic nation.

‘’MDP MPs think that this is a parliamentary government, they are not following the pulse of the people – in fact, they are putting forward their self-animosity,’’ he said. ‘’They are killing democracy.’’

MDP MP Ahmed Easa claimed that the speaker of the parliament scheduled a false report that was produced by Nazim himself without the consent of the financial committee.

‘’They deliberately sought to cancel the session, they knew uproar would be triggered inside the chamber when that report is scheduled again for it happened yesterday too,’’ said Easa. ‘’’The Speaker and Deputy Speaker want to smear the respect for MPs in front of the citizens.’’

Easa said all the work at the committee stage were always conducted very unfairly and against the parliament regulation.

‘’If you looked into how members of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) were appointed you will understand how unfairly marks were allocated for the people who expressed interest,” he claimed. “There were six people with PhDs, yet the committee omitted their names.”

Collectively, the Maldives MPs are paid Rf4.7 million (US$366,000) per month.


4 thoughts on “MPs exchange blame over cancellation of parliament session”

  1. Appreciate if minivan can include important facts from the minutes of the committee meetings.
    If you include those,readers can decide for themselves whats going on.
    This is not a news. DRP said this. MDP said that. Nihan said that and another politician said this. Is this unbiased investigative journalism. This is just rubbish.

  2. my appreciation goes to the Speaker of the MAjlis Mr Abdulla Shahid for his tolerance n patience..keep it up..

  3. I have seen this majlis session and the MPs were behaving like wild animals specially MDP members. And I have to say MPs like Kube who lacks basic manners should not be inside the parliament. If this is democracy then we don’t need it. Anni is turning himself to a ruthless dictator.

  4. Blamming one another has gone deep into our culture in a very short period of time. It all began with this party system and the Majlis. Our minds are too narrow and we first need educate what democracy is. We cannot go forward with the kind of stubuness attitude both executive power & the majlis and the party's.


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