MPs planning no-confidence motion against finance minister

A group of MPs have announced they intend to put a no-confidence motion against Finance Minister Ali Hashim before parliament.

Independent MP Mohamed Nasheed claimed Hashim’s conduct in his role as minister had on several occasions been “against the law.”

”It’s not only the issue of civil servants salary, he has done many things against the law,” he claimed.

Nasheed has previously said he would pursue a no-confidence motion against Hashim after the finance minister failed to appear before a parliamentary committee investigating the ministry’s treatment of the independent commissions.

“He left the country,” noted Nasheed at the time, adding when the committee requested State Finance Minister Ahmed Assad appear in Hashim’s stead, the ministry sent two junior officers.

“If he doesn’t appear, we’ll make a report to parliament questioning his confidence,” Nasheed warned. “He’s being irresponsible and it’s so unnecessary and uncalled for.”

Today, Nasheed said that the group of MPs had almost finished the necessary documentation “and I will be the first to sign the petition.”

He said he did not yet want to reveal the details of what the petition contains.

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party DRP MP Ahmed Ilham said he supported the no-confidence motion against the finance minister.

”He bought shares in the Maldives Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) [without the knowledge of parliament], he is paying salaries to province councillor when they have yet to be approved – these things are against the law,” Ilham claimed.

Former president of Islamic Democratic Party (IDP) Umar Naseer and candidate for the vice-presidency of the DRP said motion was overdue, and accused Hashim “of being unable to read and write.”

MDP MP Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik said he preferred not comment on the issue before the petition was presented to the parliament.

MDP Spokesman Ahmed Haleem said parliament had failed the last time it tried to press a no-confidence vote (against Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed), “and I do not think they can do it this time either.”

He accused Nasheed of trying to make the no-confidence vote to gain support from DRP.

”At first we hoped Nasheed would be a very beneficial man for the country and would do a lot of good, but now I see he does so many things against democracy,” Haleem said.

Minivan News sought response from the finance ministry on several occasions but received no response at time of press.


9 thoughts on “MPs planning no-confidence motion against finance minister”

  1. as usual, the people who caused this economic mess are now trying to stop the work of the one man who is trying to clear up the economic damage.

    DRP should be put in court for looting the country before the last election - huge loans to thasmeen from bank of maldives almost bankrupted the bank. has he paid any of them back?

    shame about kutti. i thought he would become independent of drp but it looks like he's an old drp crony after all.

    these people are putting the whole Maldives' economic recovery at risk to serve their own short term political interests. MDP should shout this from the rooftops

  2. Nasheed is talking bullshit.... I have almost secrued 1 DRP vote against no confidence motion. The MP has told me tonite at a coffee that he will not support Nasheed's motion as he has switched last minute against Dr. Shaheed. MP is one of the vocal and unpredictable character has told me that he will call all DRP MP's to refrain from no confidence as it will loose countries credibility within the IMF and World Bank at a time of economic crisis. MP quotes " Don't we have more to do to make MDP government responsible. No confidence will not achieve anything to citizen. Its a way of showing power and i don't want to show brutality against any person even though i criticise government policies for the good. One of few Reformist MP who might not be very season has argued that Nasheed is doing what is good for Suntravel Shiyam and Gasim. And its not for the country. I have all faith in the in this guy who has proven himself once. He is dedicated to serve the country to protect constitution not the business of rich people. Btw i don't blame Nasheed for his actions but i don't want him to jeopardise whole system. In my opinion opposition lobbying for a no confidence motion has failed at very early stage. It is better for him to close the case and go against another one.

  3. politicians that are active do have a history...history of corruption and mismanagement...kutti was failed trying to run the state media and regulate the media in general...all he did was use H&K oh not cough syrup......and then Ilham the man behind kakka ko website that revealed the inside stories of state media was sacked by him...ilham be careful he bites...ehem

  4. Kutti is a joke. He thinks he is a jack of all trades. What does he know about economics both from a macro and micro perspective.

    Why cant these guys contribute to the progress of the counntry by passing the necessary laws in the country.

    Messing up with head of state, his government and his cabinet will only result in waste of time, public dishormoney. And that is exactly what Kutti wants for the people of this country.

    Kutti and opposition unable to digest the governments plans and actions in these difficult times, which is paving way for a democratic and properous state.

  5. Nasheed, what a hypocrite you are! Not so long ago you sent a letter to the speaker of the parliament stating that parliament has not done enough work asked to expedite the process of passing all these relevant bills. And now look what you are doing! Apparently getting a no confidence motion on the finance minister is more important to you than passing the bills. You just want to outshine people and get some PR. You are one big opportunist and you will get no where in politics!

  6. Victim of Corex-D, Kutti Nasheed (Champa's presidential candidate) doesn't talk any sensible thing irrelevant of subject. Unfortunately I happened to be with him in Malaysia so I would like to share some of my views. He is very good translator.But not good in any other field.Specially he is very poor in human management so he will fail to compete for presidency. But Uchchu thinks this guy is jack of all trades.This makes Kutti start of all DTv programmes.It seems if Kutti becomes the president,he will open up hakuru and cough syrup business. Thats his plan to control inflation.

  7. Kutti is no joke, he is a pain and a clever one at it!
    When under contract or what ever, to Gayyoom's cacophony, all was well and OK!
    Being a lawyer by profession did he not see the void in the constitution that he cleverly designed for Gayyoom working as his Minster boy!
    He is a dirt cheap thief who has robbed us us of our rights when in power and now is trying to mislead people when he want to come to power!
    This is the worst type of national thieves. BEWARE!

  8. Ali Hashim and his team are on the right track. The Civil Service is overstaffed, inefficient and not implementing the Government's policies. This country must learn to live within its means and not be wasteful. Parlimanet's primary funtion is to pass the necessary laws. They should give priority to that.


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