Municipality civil servant first to be suspended in Facebook blackmail scandal

A senior civil servant working at Male’ Municipality has been suspended by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), reportedly in connection with one of the explicit videos obtained by police from a Facebook blackmail ring.

CSC Commissioner Fahmy Hassan confirmed to Minivan News that the civil servant had been suspended pending an investigation into the offending video, which had been leaked to the internet and reported to the CSC.

“We do not have knowledge of how the video was released, or whether he was being blackmailed,” Fahmy said.

Fahmy noted that there had been previous such incidences that prompted investigations, and these were occasionally unproven.

Police arrested 14 people involved in the alleged Facebook blackmail ring last month, in which profiles featuring an attractive blonde woman in sunglasses were reportedly used to extract explicit photos and videos from those who befriended her. Almost 3000 people – mostly Maldivian – befriended the various fraudulent profiles, with names like “Angelic Sharrown” and “Lyshiaa Limanom”.

”While some of the pictures were taken of people while drunk, other pictures were taken without the consent of the persons,” police said, when the arrests were announced.

Some of the people in the videos appeared to be performing explicit acts in the presence of minors, police said, adding that this could lead to further investigations of those pictured.

”The case relates to the rights of many citizens and affects the social policy of the Maldives, and may also affect the safety of the society,” said police at the time.

Information gathered so far had revealed that people from all levels of Maldivian society were affected, “including underage females juveniles, young women, professional and semi-professional persons, and people of both genders working all across the country.”


12 thoughts on “Municipality civil servant first to be suspended in Facebook blackmail scandal”

  1. How did the Civil Service Commission decide that this person was indeed guilty? The police have not finished their investigation. There is no court decision. On what basis are such decisions for suspension made?

  2. It is time for DRP to scak Maumoon as an advisor or Zaeem. Let him make his own party and run the show. He wants to take Tasneem out. If the guy cannot talk with the leadership and write a 12 page letter, than he is on the wrong side of history.

  3. What is the name of this civil servant who has been suspended? Doesn't the maldivian people have the right to know who he is?

  4. @Ibrahim Yasir
    you are being silly. Does the Maldivian people have the right to know the size of all civil servants oriyaan?

  5. as expected.. you prosecute a couple of barely known figures.. put them in jail and release them after few months. Scandal is over.

    This is what Maumoon regime did, and Anni will follow his foot steps.. We really should have brought a people's revolution like the ones in Egypt and Tunisia. Anni is ZERO when it comes to social justice and equality. He is #1 when it comes to show offs and publicity stunts.

  6. So that means only him was victimised. But where are the rest of Porn Stars

  7. I feel its right for all concerned be treated the same. Why only 1 person get suspended. He may be the only civil servant what about other high level people. Why try to defend them. What they did was wrong so they should face the courts and prove their innocence.

  8. @ahmed. Get your facts right. It is the esteemed untouchable Civil Service Commission that suspended the guy. Not the President.

  9. @ibrahim yasir.
    Are you kidding me? You are talking about rights?? Dont just use words you dont understand just to make a point dude.

  10. @ Ahmed Farooq

    Why are you being sympathetic to these perverts who can't keep their 'things' private?

    Are you one of the flashers?

    Looking at who headed the Municipality when the they were swaying their palms into the cameras, I am not surprised.

    I call upon the Government to officially castrate all those involved.

    Shame on you!


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