Nasheed elected uncontested to MDP presidency

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has been elected president of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) after standing uncontested for the position.

Nasheed had taken over the leadership as acting-president of the part following the resignation of chairperson ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik after March’s disappointing Majlis election results.

After the party won just 26 of the 85 seats in the legislature, MP Reeko resigned, urging new leaders to come forward and current leaders to follow his lead in stepping down.

Nasheed received 33,709 votes from a total of 57,203 eligible voters, while former MP Ali Waheed – a losing candidate in the March polls – secured the chairmanship, also uncontested, with 26,033 votes.

Nasheed had called for new leaders to come forward and lead the party immediately following the Majlis polls.

“I want new people to come forward to run the party. But I will not go away from the party, I will always remain in doing party work,” he added.

Senior party members, including Reeko and Parliamentary Group Leader Ibrahim ‘Ibu’ Solih,  suggested that the election setbacks had been a result of internal problems as well as the use of undue influence and bribery by other groups.

The position of both president and the vice president of the party have been vacant since Dr Ibrahim Didi and VP Alhan Fahmy were removed in a no-confidence vote in April 2012.

Former MP Mohamed Shifaz was also elected yesterday as party vice president, receiving 21,052 votes

March’s elections prompted the MDP to form a three-member committee tasked with collecting suggestions and ideas from the public for reforming and restructuring the party.

The suggestions – which include clearer delineation of leadership roles, greater transparency during internal elections, and better engagement with the media – will be considered at the party’s next national council meeting later this year.


8 thoughts on “Nasheed elected uncontested to MDP presidency”

  1. vow . what a success ?

    When Maumoon got 99% votes without having anyone contested against him, it become dictatorship ?

    When Maumoon contest in any election, there were no one else who could contest those days and that is dictatorship ?

    But today, when Nasheed does the same like Gayyoom, it becomes a norm and principles of democracy.

    Nasheed is a person who is in reality a totalitarian , dictator, who puts a " democratic board" on his face only.

  2. MDP need no self evaluation because everything is good.

    A coup has happen and MDP lost a presidential election too. But these are small things.

    The MOST important thing is MDP is largest party and Nasheed is the leader.

  3. The world need to learn from the champion of democracy Mr. Nasheed.

    I guess this guy still talk about democracy when he himself have no clue what so ever about the democracy and its values .

  4. Hero on sun , just get lost with your silly remarks , Gayoom family is only second to Rajapakse family in Sri Lanka , bith are ruining countries , both are corrupt , it is silly morons like u should be eliminated to make Maldive a better place. u r not a hero but a ZERO

  5. Hey hero, my brother. Sorry you got 0.000001% (you voted for yourself) of the votes. Next time, don't yell filth at the Maldivian people and maybe you might do better in the polls, eh?


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