Nasheed pleaded for family to be protected in exchange for resignation, reveals SBS documentary

President Mohamed Nasheed pleaded with mutineering security forces to protect his family, in exchange for his resignation, as police, soldiers and opposition protesters assaulted defence headquarters on the morning of February 7.

The previously unheard recording, obtained by SBS journalist Mark Davis, was aired on Australian television on Tuesday night.

“While the international community deliberates on whether Nasheed resigned under duress or not, this audio recording, broadcast for the first time, may be illuminating,” says the multi Walkley-award winning journalist.

In the clip, “minutes after representatives of the opposition made their threats of bloodshed”, Nasheed agrees that he will resign as long as the soldiers protect his family.

“”No problem”, one replies. “I will protect your family with Allah’s will.”

“You should do that for me under the circumstances. I should settle this with you first, right here, OK?” Nasheed is heard to say.

“Then I’ll go to the President’s Office and publicly announce that in my view the best thing for this country right now is my resignation. Is that all right? That’s what I’ll say.”

“That was an attempt for me to get out of where I was,” Nasheed tells Davis afterwards.

“Yes, I could have held on, but that would have been at very huge cost to the country and the people. There would have been a lot of blood.”

Davis’s documentary, produced for the SBS Dateline program, also features a frank interview with Umar Naseer, Vice President of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM).

PPM Vice President Umar Naseer

In the interview, Naseer explains in English what happened from the perspective of the opposition demonstrators on February 7.

“We had a small command centre where we do all the protests. I command from the centre and give instructions to my people,” Naseer explained.

“On the protesters’ side, we were informing and educating the police and army through our speeches and television programs.”

Asked by Davis if the opposition had made any other inducements, such as promises that they and their families would be “looked after” if they switched sides, Naseer said “there were.”

“We called on army and police and said that if a person was fired from his position because of their refusal to follow an unlawful order, the opposition would take care of them,” Naseer said.

After former army officer Mohamed Nazim and dismissed police chief Abdulla Riyaz were ushered into the military base, to cries of “Nazim sir!”, Umar Naseer explained to Davis that Nazim called him seeking permission to negotiate Nasheed’s surrender on behalf of the opposition.

“It was around 7-7:30am, and Nazim – the present defence minister – called me and said ‘I’m inside the Defence Headquarters, can I talk on behalf of the opposition?’ I said ‘You can talk, but don’t agree to anything without our authority.’”

“I had told Nasheed to resign, and that I was afraid for his life – because if Nasheed came out of the headquarters, people might beat him on the streets,” Naseer said.

Nasheed should now “face justice” rather than an election, Umar Naseer told Davis, “And I think he will get a prison term of 10-15 years.”

“You don’t give up easily. You’ve got the guy out of government now you want to see him in prison?” Davis responded.

“We want to see justice served,” Naseer replied. “He is seeking an election because he wants to get away with this sentence. I have no doubt that Mr Nasheed will be out of Maldivian politics for a long time. We want to make sure of that.”

In the documentary, Nasheed presses for an early election date as “the only way to stabilise the country”.

However it was “not so simple, according to newly appointed President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan,” says Davis.

“People are not convinced at the moment that we could hold free and fair elections today. Partly because there are so many deep divisions. The conditions are not right for an election just now,” Dr Waheed tells Davis.

At one point Dr Waheed’s answer to a question from Davis is interrupted by an individual later identified as Dr Ananda Kumarasiri, a 30 year veteran of the Malaysian foreign service and Buddhist author, who told journalists he was “just a friend passing through”.

“If I may inject, from the video tapes, I do not see how my colleague has got this impression that there was a coup. If there was a coup then [it would show] from the tapes… from the evidence,” Dr Kumarasiri says.

Davis observed that Dr Waheed’s “attempt to project an independent image was not helped by the advisors that now surround him.”

Nasheed appears upbeat in the Dateline documentary, describing the takeover as perhaps “a blessing in disguise.”

“The criminals are now obvious. The pictures are there. The people are identified. We are now able to reform a very, very brutal police, because we now understand who is who. and what everyone has been doing,” the former President says.

“We don’t give up. We’ve won against odds before. I’ve fallen many times before but I’ve been able to get back up, and start it all over again. I don’t see any difference now.”


42 thoughts on “Nasheed pleaded for family to be protected in exchange for resignation, reveals SBS documentary”

  1. Nasheed will benefit from being locked up for 10 to 15, as then he would realise no one is above the law, not even himself, get down from the smoke induced cloud of yours, stop hallucinating and sending our beloved country into freefall, no more presidency for you mate, you had your chance and you monumentally messed up!!!

  2. Criminals can be seen in videos, in real life through their bank accounts. But what can we do. As Mark Davis says, we don't have money or guns. Those what's controlling the puppet Waheedh.

  3. According to Haveeru, police have started to investigate the face book scandals. we will be following this very closely to see if they investigate ALL THE CASES. If not we will release the following people's videos. Abdulla Ghaazee, MP-Afrasheem, NBC-Badhru Naseer, VTV-Ibrahim Khaleel and some of the police officer's.

  4. Thats Mullah Umar of Maldives, whos campaign promises was to chop off the hands of petty criminals and introduce the death penalty. He is notorious for inflicting cruel punishments, breaking the backbone of people in custody while he was in police service.

    While he is siding with biggest criminals and swindlers in Maldives, like Yameen, Gayoom. This nut job wants to play God with ordinary Maldivians.

  5. President Nasheed Will Always have my support.So Sad. We do understand what's gone on. That is money , corruption , the lot and foreign interference. Why is India getting involved.

  6. Being an Aussie watching the story on SBS last night revealed everything i thought had happened in the Maldives. SBS is a credible no holds barred news service, renowned for investigative journalism. Mark Davis through his questioning basically got Umar Naseer to admit that there was a control centre where he and others ran the coup d'etat.
    Naseer is an obvious nut bag and not very wise. He said Nasheed should be locked away for 10 to 15 years but never explained on what charge. It would seem that once the justice system is able to deliver "justice" that clowns like Naseer will be locked away for leading the Coup.
    When Nasheed was elected President he came to power willing to forgive his trangressors and the past regime who had stolen from the Maldivian people. This was probably Nasheed's biggest mistake. He should have investigated, charged them and locked them away fir a long time.
    As a foreigner that loves your country and the people, I still have hope for the great Dhivehi Raajje. A day will come where "life" in its fullest expression will be embraced and experienced by all Maldivians.
    Today I am sad because I post my comments from my house in Australia rather than from a tea shop in Male. Two weeks ago i postponed my trip to Maldives. The right timing will come and I will return.

  7. Previouslu he said that it was a gun pointed at his head that made his resignation, now he saying fear for the safety of his family made him resign. Does this man ever tell a truth. He has made so many liars that one would really think how on earth can anyone believe a demon like this.

  8. JJ Robin..
    WHAT UTTER PROPAGANDA!! MY GOD!!! What shame!! Dictator Nasheed was ruling this country only for few elite class like Mariya, Rekko! Same as Gayoom ruled for Ilays and Yameen. Its shame you become a puppet of MDP and selling your principles and ethics for cheap money Nasheed is paying you to run minivannews. Why did Nasheed fall? Simple reason is Mariya!! Corruption and undemocractic actions that corrupted the system! Wake up!! Now you are using the international media that was bought using the propaganda machine of MDP years back!! Nasheed is a wrong horse to bet on for stability and peace in Maldives!!

  9. @yasir: ooooh....and we can believe you right??? your comments always sound so credible right??? Obviously you have been planted here to spread your propaganda. Shame on the likes of you!!!

  10. at the end the truth will prevail. Dr.baghee waheed, have you seen this documentary video? what to hide again?what to defend? please dont be selfish, and lust for power, think about this nation, about the ppl!!

    we only want fresh election!

  11. The most Ludicrous & Injudicious person i have ever seen is Umar... i hope even if u r not jailed but go to hell for all the lies and spreading Golha propaganda using our religion... We will have democracy and we will have free government from golha's family and his power hungry cronies...

  12. This is totally indefensible. We have criminals in charge of the country again. The coalition had their say on this documentary and they did not disappoint. Disgusting.

    Forget election - a trial for TREASON is now called for!

  13. it is money, guns and extreme Islam against justice and the people!

    Let's go to work!!!

  14. president nasheed, i do still support you!! you are the sincere president i v ever seen..

    for 3 years, you have done good things for us, transport, housing, free medical, etc..may Allah bless u Anni...

  15. Nasheed may or may not have done many things that people don't like. But this DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE COUP. Coup leaders, coup participants, the businessmen who funded coup, if you think you can get away with it you are wrong. Someday we will bring you to justice. Inshaa Allah.

  16. If he has an ounce of brain tissue, Nasheed will really behave like a good boy and lead his MDP followers. Not mislead them.

  17. Anyone can make a documentary. SBS documentary will be similar to documentary on 911 conspiracy because Nasheed's story is also a conspiracy theory.

  18. The Government can only change with a majority vote! Anything else is unacceptable for me!

  19. "Previouslu he said that it was a gun pointed at his head that made his resignation, now he saying fear for the safety of his family made him resign. Does this man ever tell a truth."

    Tell me what is the lie here. If he's held at gun point even metaphorically he will fear for his family.

    Just cos Baghee Waheed keeps repeating like a parrot that he was near the television watching things unfold till the speaker invited him to take the oath, you think it's truth.

    In that case you must be following this quote. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it..." Well not us.

  20. nothing justify the coup. baagee waheedh should step down immediately, we want election NOW!!!

    This is not about MDP or Anni. This is about going back in to the era of fear,lies and authoritarianism. we will not tolerate that again. not even a single single day. If Nasheed's actions should be investigated, then do it AFTER we get our democracy back.

  21. Umar Naseer, may Allah(swt) be pleased with him, is an admirable man! I daresay he may have been gifted to us by our creator, vested with the acuity, fortitude and courage to swiftly dispense justice to the enemies of Islam; the heretics, the zionists and their diabolical puppets, as well as their harlot daughters who strut around in the company of men, with no regard for modesty or virtue.

  22. Who lies?Why are these armed goons Threatening a simple man who is on the roads?He was a former president of this country and deserves to be treated better,If Qayyoom gets royalty for being a 30year dictator who own family&his wife's family had exploited this country& it's people..Why not president Nasheed?After all president Nasheed always had in his heart the best interests of the people of this country!

    And this very Qayyooms' brother's goons and thugs are planning on destrying this country,blind people cannot see all that..Can they not see that the majority of the population are still with President Nasheed?They still believe that he is the president.

    Umar Naseer,you can imprison Nasheed as did Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom for ten even 20 years,but you can never imprison his spirit...Atleast he is a whole lot better than you corrupt lot,for he stands by for what he believes and he'd not left the people of this country..He has no bad words against anyone,and during his governance you all had made it completely impossible for him to rule,but he never used force against anyone& now what have you all been doing?You are planning to use the whole army against the majority of the defenseless population of this country,who's only weapon is their words to fight for the vote they cast to elect their legitimate government!Do you call this justice?Do you think,Umar Naseer,that you should not be imprisoned for propagating the whole against the people of this country,who they had taken the oath to serve and to protect??

  23. Dear Squash,
    Thank you for supporting the ex-president Mr.Nasheed and loving our country..I always admired the president for the low profile he adapt when dealing with common people.. Just like 'Haleefa' Umar Bin Khattaab of the ancient days when Muslims are in power. His many mistakes as president puts him in a position he is now. One great and important mistake is his ignorance of his body guards..He will realise this now.

  24. When Nasheed opens mouth he does only two things. Either drink wine or either lie. Thats who he is in reality.

  25. JJ Robinson Thank you for bringing this news. The reionforces the fact Nasheed is an innate liar. Waht Umar Naseer(not that I am a fan of this guy) and others said proves they negotiated on behalf of the people to pave the way for Nasheed to reign. Even if Umar Naseer said that, its true the public was so furious at Nasheed and his puppet goverment they would have not hesitated a bloodbath. Umar Naseer is not one we would trust at the best of times but on this ocassion the guy sided with the people and helped to negotiate Nasheed's resignation. The decision to resign was Nasheed's and for his own good. Current president Waheed's government is legitimate and there are grounds to call for an early election. yes an independent investigation is required to prove that Nasheed's resignation was not a coup d'etat. If it did prove otherwise then Nasheed has to be reinstated. If not then Waheed continues till the next year election date. And guess what who is not participating the discussions and not engaging in the dialogue. Its the e-president Nasheed. All what he is doing is provoking hatered and trying to bring external forces to pressure the current government so that he can get his way. But Nasheed must understand that this Maldives not his own or his fathers. He can try to ploy a journalist from here and there and promise India he may give this and that to India, but ultimately its we the people who will deciide who runs this country and for now we strongly beleive Nasheed is big fialure and almost a curse to the country and we fully accept and are behind Waheed's government

  26. @Miner
    I hope you are not joking when you said "we" fully accept and are behind Waheed's Government. I DON'T ACCEPT WAHEED'S GOVERNMENT.

  27. Fucksakes! Who in their right minds would think that the last 3 years were worse than the 30 year rule of maumoon? Why? Coz we have tax's?Coz of the dollar rate going up or the fact that hes a moderate muslim like ALL of us are? I fail to see any credibilty in those who use religion as a tool to get what they need.

    @yasir. Grow a pair of balls and let it go. Your just like them brainwashed nutcases.

  28. If one knows the fact that Mr Nasheed ordered to arrest Zeenath Abdulla, the wife of the vice chair of the parliament to scare away her husband from taking the oath of office. Zeenath was sleeping with her two daughters and it was 1;30 am after midnight, the police under Nasheeds orders walked in to the house and handcuffed her infront of her two kids! What crime has Nasheed proven in this case after3 years? The Aussie who wrote this and the Aussie who commented on this can ask the true story from another Asussie, Michael O Shea, Zeenath's own brother-in-law, who along with Zeenath's sister Fareesha Abdulla is hands in gloves with Nasheed in his crusade to convert Maldivians to Christianity

  29. Bring on these coup leaders to the Guilotine! Show No Mercy! Let it be Waheed who goes first. -The Puppet!Confiscate ALL their wealth!

  30. Mark the words of Umar Naseer: "I have no doubt that Mr Nasheed will be out of Maldivian politics for a long time and we want to make sure (of) that."

    That's not just Umar Naseer speaking, that's the voice of all of the parties aligned against Nasheed. There's no question about the fact that Nasheed was forced out. Call it a 'coup' or whatever else fits the events.

    The tide is rising against Nasheed. The forces that are against him are biggest tycoons with the deepest pockets and the elite of Male. They will not let Nasheed take office again, if they can help it and trust me, these guys will go to ANY lengths to keep Nasheed out.

  31. @Miner

    what did Nasheed do that you think he is a curse to the maldives?

  32. Is Umar Naseer so dumb to let the cat out of the bag.
    He says Nasheed will be sent to prison for 10 to 15 years.May be his bossess would have planned this out beforehand through the courtesy of handpicked Judiciary.
    Onething for sure Umar Naseer is a damn fool.

  33. So, it is the MDP vs guns, money and the extremists who are being used like a condom to protect during disgusting behaviour from this illegal government.

    Yasir, Miner, Kerefa you sicken ordinary kind normal Maldivians. How dare you use religion to spread the lies and hatred. All you want is the old racket back and to rule with fear and greed.


    CHARGES FOR TREASON NOW for this illegal government.

  34. what is this unheard clip that Mark Davis is referring to? This is around and many people including me have heard this.
    Mark Davis is being selective in his quotes if it gives the impression that Nasheed was forced to resign on this tape. I am not saying on way or the other but in this tape there was nothing to say that Nasheed was forced to resign by MNDF.
    As for that imbecile Umar Naseer he is a menace to everyone and most of all to his party. Serves them right for cultivating such an imbecile. Incidentally where is that idiot now? He seems to have disappeared.

  35. @ stupid shit well according to u im not on my right mind. not that i supprt maumoon, but the last 3 yrs were awful. i was on anni's side during the 2008 elections. well i have been financially taking responsibilities since 2007 up until now. its been very hard. real hard. yes i do understand the world economy is bad too. but iv lived abroad in between for a few years as well. those nations have overcome their economical burdens. and i even understand v cant compare other countries with maldives but still it could have been better. most of the things nasheed says were all "sweet talk". so got fed up.
    yes i know the "ihthihaadh" they arnt any better. but iv decided not to vote nasheed or the others. maldivian politics is getting real dirty now where no party respects or obeys our laws and constitution.

  36. Waheed and his associates should be charged for stealing a nation! Do you think Gasim, who even dont pay alms on wealth, would spend millions just for nation when Allahs none as per his actions! Let us stand up to save this nation from ENEMIES of ISLAM and MALDIVES!


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