Will form large coalition to “shock” Nasheed if elected: PPM Umar Naseer

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) presidential primary candidate Umar Naseer has revealed he intends to form a multi-party coalition should he win the PPM presidential election.

Speaking at artificial beach on Friday night (March 1) as part of his campaign rally, Naseer announced that a “wide coalition” must be formed in order to defeat the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) in the elections scheduled for later this year, local media reported.

Latest figures from the political party registry of the Elections Commission (EC) show that PPM currently has 22,765 members signed to its party – 23,769 members less than the MDP’s 46,533 total membership.

“It is not the way these days to do things on your own. If you give me the PPM leadership, I will form a wide coalition, God willing.

“I will attain this country’s power through a coalition that will shock Mohamed Nasheed,” Naseer was quoted as saying by Sun Online.

When Minivan News attempted to contact Umar Naseer today (February 2), his secretary stated: “Umar said we are not sharing any information with Minivan News”.

Speaking at the rally, Naseer claimed that Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party’s (DRP) refusal to form a coalition during the second round of the 2008 presidential elections had been a mistake, further claiming that should DRP decided otherwise, the MDP may not have achieved power in 2008.

“It is possible that Mohamed Nasheed could not have been able to get the last three years if the DRP had reached to other parties and formed a coalition.

“It was a strategic mistake we made that day, to not work with parties. PPM shall not make such a mistake,” Naseer said.

The PPM presidential primary candidate claimed there is now a need for leaders to work against the MDP from coming to power, assuring that he will make the effort if he wins the PPM ticket, local media reported.

Last month, the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) called on the Elections Commission (EC) to dissolve the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), calling it a “terrorism party”.

“There is the fear that MDP might come to power again. They are planning it very well. They even have the money. They are still a threat.

“This country needs strong leaders. Because this country is still not rid of MDP’s threat. I would like to tell you that if you give me the votes and elect me, I will achieve this for you,” local media reported Naseer as saying.


20 thoughts on “Will form large coalition to “shock” Nasheed if elected: PPM Umar Naseer”

  1. You are a Bloody Traitor.When you were in Maldive Police many of our citizens were tortured, back born Mahiru still with the evidence.You can go to Africa.

  2. Umar Naseer is bigger threat to Maldives Nasheed..and he is day dreaming of being president

  3. Umar is useless guy he sometimes talk bulshits. MDP cannot be defeated by any traitors.

  4. Chosen to head PPM would be the greatest gift imagineable for the MDP.

  5. “Umar said we are not sharing any information with Minivan News”.

    Oh really? Gutted aren't we? Well, "information" comes from those who are informed and with a brain. Umar Naseer doesn't belong in that category!

    What's the chance of Umar Naseer winning the PPM "primary"? A cat in hell has a better chance. I hope this crab returns to whatever hole he came out, after Yameen humiliates him.

  6. If there is anyone I want to see to lose very badly. It's Umar Naseer. This baagee deserves to be in jail. He was one of the masterminds of the coup.

  7. ppm couldn't have chosen two people who are more disliked than umar and yameen for their primaries.

  8. Its all a game. No one not even PPM members would even consider this dangerous man as president. They are just going through the motions of a primary to elect yaameen.

    And then Yaameen will step aside at the last minute and hand over to Dr waheed who would strategically form an alliance like he did with Anni.

    PPM knows full well no one will vote for Yaameen except their members

  9. The mastermind of the Coup was Gayoom Kedi Abudhu.He was in the Military HQ, when he was commanding.

  10. @Raven on Sat, 2nd Mar 2013 11:57 PM

    "He was one of the masterminds of the coup."

    You are giving too much credit to a buffoon. Umar Naseer is simply a pawn in the game being played by other people. He is a used con**m as far as they are concerned now, and we shall see that very soon indeed.

  11. i am scared as if he become president he will attack india and occupay indian land.

  12. what the f does this guy think he is? they are all afraid that if anni comes to power again, they will be the first ones to run naked on the streets.. starting from feb 7th intervention of country's army and police affairs to corruption carried out in the years hes been alive.. umaru, we MDP warn you. do what you have to and do what you can.. flee da nation cz u already know all this.. from a corrupt policeman to a corrupt business men and then to a corrupt politician bought and sold for money.... what education do you have compared to nasheed? fire extinguishers? that also you or ur company are unable to complete to client expectations.. ur company has been on the roll out the past few years. months of salaries unpaid. services pending.. just do what u can and leave the rest. ur a lying face.

  13. I aren't ppm but if he gets the ticket... I would vote for him.

    He is the only corruption free person in the political arena.

  14. Big picture is Umar is some ones puppet.. But the puppet master is very smart

  15. Would you put your country's future in this man's hand? Would you buy a used car from him even?
    Best thing this guy can do is to give himself away by speaking. Enough said.


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