New MDP President summons political appointees “to make government accountable”

Newly-elected Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) President and former Fisheries Minister Dr Ibrahim Didi has said that he will summon political figures in the current government and question them regarding the fulfilling of the pledges made by the party.

“Those in political positions received those positions from the party. I am legally obliged, and it is also my responsibility, to query them,’’ Dr Didi said, speaking to the people of Thoddu in North Ari Atoll. The island is the constituency of opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Deputy Leader, MP Ali Waheed.

Dr Didi said he will summon senior officials from the Works Corporation to determine whether solutions for Thoddu’s sewerage system of Thoddu had been found, and also said he would summon officials from the Education Ministry to discuss the challenges to improving the education system in Thoddu.

New Deputy Leader of MDP and MP Alhan Fahmy, MP Ilyas Labeeb, MDP Thoddu branch president Hassan Shiyan and Thoddu Council member Ali Naseer spoke at the rally held in Thoddu.

Speaking at the rally, Alhan criticised the oppositio, saying that the biggest challenge for today was that there is no responsible opposition party in the Maldives.

‘’The future of this nation lies in the hands of youths. Ali Waheed is also a person who needs political progression. He can make progress in politics by joining MDP,’’ said Alhan, urging Ali Waheed to join MDP.

Rumors are currently circulating in the Maldivian press that Waheed has already joined the MDP, and that the party was planning to hold a special ceremony to celebrate it, however Waheed was unavailable for comment at time of press.

MDP Secretary General Ahmed Shah said he had no information that Waheed had joined MDP.

”Lately everyone on the MDP podium has been calling on Waheed to join the MDP,” said Shah. ”It may happen – I think that is the reason why everyone is speaking about it and rumors are being spread.”


8 thoughts on “New MDP President summons political appointees “to make government accountable””

  1. Urgin Ali Waheed to join MDP doesn't create a stronger opposition. In fact that would be a step back in terms of the democratic process.

    Of course, Mr Waheed is the only one who can decide what's right for him. However, joining MDP at this time will only strengthen the Gayyoom dynasty that's springing up afresh now.

  2. Anyone who see the difficult and honest changes that are being made must take a decision which party he/ she should work for.

  3. Fie, fie on you all.

    What short memories we have indeed, Professor Mohsin.

    No matter how many pawns and yes-men the MDP forces into its fringe. Its days are numbered as the political and business elite of this country no longer support its reactionary wayward policies.

    We are all for stability but not for allowing the country to stay firmly put in the hands of an unstable administration. Down with the MDP. Down with political puppets. Down with yes-men. Down with communists.

  4. Didi is the president of the party, not of the country. He does not have any rights to question any person in a government position, they are answerable only to the biggies in the government.

  5. Didi must be fully aware of why the development projects are on hold. As we all know the only obstruction is the required funding. The government don't have it and the donors aren't giving it. To win the 2008 presidential election, MDP presented a manifesto to the public with some unrealistic goals under the illusion that democracy to Maldives would make the west more generous to us. It is so funny to hear Didi now saying that he is going to ask his own party people why things aren't moving the way it should be while he knows the exact answer. Perhaps he is trying to show that he is now the new MDP (may be DP, Didi's Party) and is trying to make old MDP more accountable. It is a good tactic by Didi at a time where MDP is very much loosing it's credibility. I hope he'll succeed.

  6. didi i seem u r confused again. u were the person as a fisheries miniter who orderd hulhumeedhoo helth center to off there fan at the front office to cut down cost. while u were in ur office wit air condition.
    and nw ur the president of MDP and trying to summons political appointees “to make government accountable” WHAT A JOKE..
    only ppl who dosnt knw who u r and ppl who dosnt knw the current situation of the goverment wud believe ur fancy stories..

    didi jst cut ur size to ur level!!!

  7. I wrote a comment on MDP website praising Dr. Didi for his efforts to visit different constituencies and meet members. I also mentioned in th comment that earlier we only see the leadership (mariya & Zakee) hovering around president Nasheed and not do anything on their own. (At least I have not seen anything else but now there are pictures of Mariya on the website apparently visiting her constituency and a comment praising only her.)

    Anyway my point is that they did not publish my comment which I thought was very undemocratic. Instead they have published a comment that kind of mocked Didi. Very sad.

  8. Well it's good to REMIND the political appointees of their accountability, however, it is to the country, the president and the constitution. That would be the President of Maldives in case there is any confusion on the part of the good Dr, who should also hold himself accountable at the same time. Tro to focus on serving my friend, what we don't need is simply another bodu mega to feed and wrap in cotton wool. Best of luck and serve well.


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