MDP announces preliminary election results

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has announced the preliminary results of its elections held to appoint the President, Deputy President and other special posts of the party, after vote counting was formally completed.

Former Fisheries Minister Dr Ibrahim Didi successfully challenged acting President of the party Ibrahim Hussein Zaki and won the top post of the party, with 10600 votes against Zaki’s 9519 votes.

Current Environment Minister Mohamed Aslam, former Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Alhan Fahmy and Hussein Adam ran for the Vice President’s post.

Alhan won the post by 12225 votes while Environment Minister Aslam won 7230 votes and Adam 158 votes. Both Zaki and Aslam have conceded victory to Didi and Alhan.

Shiyama Adam was elected as the leader of Women’s Wing and Khadheeja Abubakur ‘Aniyath’ was elected as the deputy leader of the Woman’s Wing.

Five members for the MDP Religious Council were also appointed in the election: Mohamed Farooq, Ibrahim Shafeeu, Ahmed Zanin Adam, Ahmed Zaki and Hussein Ibrahim. The former leader of the Religious Council resigned after claiming that he was unhappy with the party’s religious policies.

Nine members for the Appeals Committee were also appointed:  Mohamed Mahir Easa, Hassan Ahmed, Ibrahim Rasheed, Ahmed Siraj, Abdul Hameed Abdul Kareem, Mohamed Falah, Imtiyaz Fahmy, Ahmed Rasheed and Nazil Afeef.

Former Minivan News journalist Aiminath Shauna, now working in the President’s Office, was elected as the head of Youth Wing and Hamza Hassan was elected as the deputy head. Shauna won the post challenging Lufshan Shakeeb ‘Looppe’, a well-known local actor.


6 thoughts on “MDP announces preliminary election results”

  1. Incompetent Shauna in Policy office of the president office. A lot of policies have failed due to the lack of knowledge and experience of Shauna. Especially the Public Health policy of the transition from the public health deparnment to the councils. The whole public health system is at risk.

  2. now it is Shauna's job to calm down zuvaanun and bring an end to protests.

  3. This election and its results are an epic failure of leadership, now MDP elected leadership is mostly failed zealots without credibility in general mass other than hardcore MDP,particularly in Southern Maldives. People like Shauna, who has no experience whats so ever try to make policies. Alhan who has failed even to get a basic university degree,he himself wanna be an usthaz and lawyer for former President, and now in MDP,shows the disarray of MDP apparatus.

  4. Am I the only one who has noticed Zaki's absence in the MDP meetings and rallies held after the elctions?

  5. What I cannot fathom is why over 10 thousand people would vote for Didi and Alhan. Is this the best the country has to give?



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