Newsweek labels Nasheed ‘Green Guru’ for climate change work

The second largest weekly magazine in the United States, ‘Newsweek’, has awarded President Mohamed Nasheed the title of ‘green guru’ and placed him second among nine other world leaders who have ‘’won serious respect’’ in different global fields.

“As president of an island nation imperiled by rising sea levels, Mohamed Nasheed has become a hero among environmentalists,’’ said Newsweek. “In the run-up to last year’s United Nations climate-change meeting, Nasheed attracted global attention by hosting a cabinet meeting underwater.’’

The paper said that former Vice President of the US, Al Gore, who is also an environment activist, had taken to quoting President Nasheed on matters relating to the human cost of climate change.

‘’In April, the UN elected [Nasheed] one of six “2010 Champions of the Earth,’’ said the magazine.

Achim Steiner, director of the UN Environment Program, praised Nasheed as a politician who is “showcasing to the rest of the world how a transition to climate neutrality can be achieved and how all nations, no matter how big or small, can contribute.”

Britain’s new Prime Minister, David Cameron, tops the list of ‘best world leaders’ in the political magazine, which has a global circulation of 1.5 million.

Newsweek also names President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India, President Lula da Silva of Brazil and President Lee of South Korea in its list of top world leaders.

Image: Newsweek magazine


28 thoughts on “Newsweek labels Nasheed ‘Green Guru’ for climate change work”

  1. and what happens? does it really change anything. oil cartels is still going to sell oil and our ignorance and arrogance remain same.
    awards does not mean anything.
    great work president but that just enough i am willing to give.

  2. The integrity of this award is questionable. It is obvious Newsweek has failed to do any decent research on this.

    The person who championed the issue of global warming and sea-level rise was former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. He was the first political leader to speak about the issue. His genuine effort, spanning for over 2 decades, brought Maldives into limelight.

  3. What is happening to us? Rather than celebrating the fact, our elected leader (the leader WE elected) is indeed a leader recognized for his ability on a global level, we seem to be rejecting the honor. Isn't it hypocrisy?

  4. The corrupt environment we used to live have been changing, when the time comes the wastes will be collected, and Maldives is surely becoming cleaner and greener.
    Congratulations to our beloved president.!!

  5. Its an age of stupidity around the world! World will wake up from the slumber with the nature giving its mighty blow to remind man not to be boostful and wasteful! This would also wake up the adultrators, Gays and all sins warned by all past religions and Islam in its orginal form..before it was corrupted by the greeds among the Arabs, Westerns, Indians, Jews, Maldivians..etc! Lets wait and see the might blow..we got no choice as we are in the AGE OF STUPIDITY!!

  6. @Hameed
    R u talking about that guy who spoke just for name and did nothing? Everyone knows maumoon did nothing great for the environment. He could have started with environment friendly power projects. but all he cared was his big fat dictatorship.

    President Nasheed spoke and acted to save our small nation. Cheers for our president.

  7. I am a Maldivian daily read news papers and follow news and events in Maldives and else where, I haven't heard of any constructive work of Nasheed in the past 10 years in any filed let alone environment. The only thing he did was to destroy the social fabric and harmony of this small nation by spreading rumors in the name of democracy. When he is in office he forgot everything about democracy. If you take small sample of public opinion on any corner you can see where he is in Maldives now.

  8. Maumoon was a wise man. He was educated in Egypt and had a close relationship with the muslim and the arab world. So how could he call for environment friendly power projects that would diminish the oil business of arabs and grant the monopoly of energy to Israel.

    Nasheed is educated in UK and has European links. So he has no obligation towards the interests of Arabs. He became the agent of Israeli backed environment friendly power projects that would ultimately make their prophecy complete. That is world domination.

  9. @Mob
    Interesting observation!! I totally agree! ITS AGE OF STUPIDITY!!! GAYooms regime was all talk and action!

  10. Congratulations President Nasheed.
    Its nice to have a leader who actually matters on the global stage and for the right reasons.

    @Ekaloa, by reading do you mean label's on products?
    If you had really been keeping yourself abreast of whats happening, you would have realized our president has become quite the green guru over time.

    At the Copenhagen talks Danish prime minister hailed President Nasheed as a hero. Our president stepped in and did a lot to salvage the talks.

    Our previous president he also talked about climate change, but all he did was point finger of blame and say look at us poor victims. President Nasheed has a more 'lets do something about it attitude', then just whining non-stop.
    No wonder he has been hailed for his work.

    I hope we do go Carbon neutral as pledged. Though a lot still needs to be done on the home front, like banning plastic bags and such.

    President Nasheed should pay attention to things like that.
    But still its so cool to have a president who has made Maldives matter in the world.

  11. Wow. This is great news for us Maldivians.

    Obviously there will be some who wouldnt be able to digest this news. Most of them who are hungry to bring down the best president that the country have ever seen. In his short term in office, he has started projects that Gayoom was unable to start in his 30 years at office.

    Look at the approach of Nasheeds government in completing projects such as land reclamation. If you keep track of whats happening in Maldives, you will know that in teh past to reclaim a piece of land it takes almost 6 to 12 months in any island. However, such projects at much bigger scale now takes only 3 - 10 days. also sand is pumped from ocean and not from the island lagoon??

    Mr. President. no matter what these DRPA, ROSE Party, Jasim Party & Judges say, you rock!!!!! you are the best we have ever seen.... SALUTE!!

  12. I can't care less about Newsweek polls since it's probably all based on majorities and majority of people are terrible at judging. Plus, if Nicolas Sarkozy is the 3rd, I am highly doubtful of this 'award'. Like Shlo said, Obama got the Nobel PEACE prize (I don't know how a US president, no matter how good, can ever deserve a peace prize).

    BUT, President Nasheed is probably one of the most genuine, humble and passionate person when it comes to his work. He is someone who truly LIVES the change he wants to see in the world. Unlike Mr. Maumoon, the hyprocrite, who preached environmentalism while driving a huge car even from his bedroom to the kitchen. Absolute greenwashing! Such a shame he was! Ah, I cringe even at the thought of his big, round, insincere face!

  13. an award from News Week is nothing. what is important is the real picture in the country.

    the more he talk environment and religous freedom westerners will present him such shit!!

  14. These "awards" are sounding funny!


    Ekaloa! If you are amongst one of them "benders" for the Gayyoom regieme, you cannot see a tenth of what is happening. Because you have been blinded so much!

    In the past 30 years, Gayyoom (your mentor perhaps) had tried to do many things and could not do what President Nasheed has done in 2 years, believe it or not!

  15. Congrates Mr President. We maldivians are forever in your debth for bring our nation to the 21st century. In our dictator era our nation was nothing more than just islands with babarins but now we are islands with modern people.l Thank You President Nasheed. We wish you and the govenment success..

  16. Oh dear Hameed.. this is "Newsweek "we talking about do u know wht it is here let me me tell u or if u have the mental capacity try and find out for your self
    Dear Lovable one word his royalness ME i did this and that and those are mine too Dictator Moumoon Abdul GAY YOOM couldn't have been near to a swim pool or could not have gone diving or taken coral underwater to plant them breath hold so there you see my frnd going to meetings and teaching everybody how to count time is not changing the world
    Well Done President Naseed !!!It takes courage to do stuff like wht President Nasheed has done including bring down the 30year all government that you probably thought would never fall tattaaa have a grate day cos i am sure i am going to have a grate one

  17. shahid are you the speaker of the majlis or one his brothers. We know who you are.

  18. Absurd that a brutal dictator like President Nasheed who has destroyed the Maldives is considered one of the best leaders.

  19. Are we going to have a public holiday and invest on face lifting for him. He is well trained by Super Star Reeko.

  20. It's not a surprise for Newsweek to reward Nasheed for his close ties with Zionist Israel.


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