Judge claims “suspicious issues” with evidence reason for alleged drug lord’s aquittal

Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed has cited “suspicious issues” relating to the evidence presented by the Prosecutor General’s office as reason for the acquittal of Hussein Mohamed.

Hussein was labelled by the government as one of the top six drug dealers in the country, prior to the court finding him innocent of  importing drugs. He was arrested at the airport on April 9, 2009, where police alleged he was awaiting the arrival of a couple carrying a drug shipment.

Judge Mohamed said the evidence presented was inadequate to rule Hussein guilty.

Hussein was the first to be arrested of the six people President Mohamed Nasheed has previously labeled as the top six drug dealers in the country.

Deputy Prosecutor General Hussein Shameem described the verdict as “regrettable”, adding that the PG’s office would consider its options once it received the case report from the court.

The second of the six arrested, Adam Naseer, was also ruled innocent by the Criminal Court after police searched his home in Addu Atoll on June 30, 2009, where they found over Rf6 million (US$461,500) in cash and a tin containing drugs outside his house.

Naseer was arrested several days later on July 2, 2009.  However, the Criminal Court ruled that he was innocent because evidence presented by the Prosecutor General’s office was inadequate, and failed to prove that the money found with Naseer was obtained through drug dealing.


13 thoughts on “Judge claims “suspicious issues” with evidence reason for alleged drug lord’s aquittal”

  1. The inability to jail top drug dealers is a problem every country faces. Heaps of guys like that living above the law in Australia which is a liberal democracy with so called separation of powers and an educated independant judiciary.

    . It is so tough because, the anger and the rage of the oppressed does not count as evidence in a court of law... The tears of a woman whose son was slain in drug fuelled gang wars is not proof. The broken hearts of mothers and fathers whose son or daughter whom they suffered so much for wastes their lives and repays their parents by killing themselves with drugs, is no witness.

    HOWEVER! If these pains are not enough for you (expletitive removed by commentor) who do have evidence against these (further expletitive, chose not to tarnish the "good name" of Maldivian media by writing trash) to come out into the open and help this case, then I am sure, there will be divine reckoning... YOU KNOW IT...

    I am a Muslim,,, I was one before I married or met a Maldivian. I reverted from Christianity to Islam. Before I went to the Maldives, I was also being told how I was going to this pure, Holy 100 percent Muslim country and I was so excited that I was leaving the decadent evil immoral west behind at last... I sat in Perth Mosques being told how evil us wetsrners were for months, so you must imagine the excitement I felt when finally coming to a morally pure country! I was going to a place where, so I was told, everyone was a brother and sister, where everyone loved one another and suffered for one another as you are 100 Muslim, which means, follow Qur'an and Sunnah and all. I could NOT WAIT!!!,

  2. So Mr Plewright must have been shocked to discover this 100% muslim (and what he thought morally pure) country is as evil and immoral as the West. Wonder if such a morally pure muslim country exists.

  3. Where is our beloved PG, Muizz? Why is he staying quiet? I'm sure he can file a case against a corrupt judge, just so he did file a case to release the keys of Supreme Court. Will the hypocrite keep his mouth shut, to please his brother Shaheen Hameed?

  4. Ben Plewright was duped alright.

    “We have, in fact, two kinds of morality side by side; one which we preach but do not practice, and another which we practice but seldom preach.”

  5. I am so sorry to inform you, Ben, that you made a navigational error and ended up in somewhere worse than the crack-addled ghettos of Los Angeles.

  6. Correction - The money from Naseer was discovered at his home in Male'. He was arrested in Addu.

    And a tin containing drug outside his house?

    Is that all?

    Fact of the matter is that its not only the judiciary to blame. This is a million rufiyaa business we are talking about. So the reach of the net work is broad.
    High rank people who are working in the police, PG and the courts are linked by a network. And you know who will be the middleman among them. It should be the lawyer of the drug king who is part of the ring and distributes the money proportionally among them. Am I right?

  7. Case after case has been thrown out by the courts for lack of evidence or case "not being adequately prepared" by the Prosecutor Generals Office. . However, we have not heard a peep from our Honourable Majlis members regarding this outrageous state of affairs. Nor have we heard them calling for the resignation of the Chief Judge, The Prosecutor General or the Minister of Home Affairs responsible for Police matters. The Opposition in Majlis claims its role is to make government accountable. I thought the Majlis is also tasked with making all independent structures accountable. After all wasn't that why the Auditor General was sacked? Perhaps the time has come to call for the resignation of the Majlis members!!

  8. this case should be appealed and government should hire top prosecution lawyers becasue drug money can pay for good lawyers

  9. Minivannews, is there any possibility for you guys to find out about the assets of these judges and report them?

    The public will be so shocked to see why these drug lords are released.

  10. We need jusges who are able to evaluate evidence and not judges who only know how to reject it!!!!

  11. lets try to be reasonable. i regret that these drug lords are being released by court due to lack of evidence. but i cant blame the judges ONLY. what i cant understand is why police or PG cannot make a firm case against them.

    If the government knows these people and each time police say that they were arrested after a long operation, but the evidence they collect is so weak. unfortunately no one can take the law into their own hand.

    even if i know my friend is a drug dealer, it has to be proven beyond reasonable doubts, otherwise innocent people can be put to jail for political or improper reasons.

    Police makes news headlines with how well they did the job, after arresting some of them. IF the court system and judges are really corrupt by releasing them while the evidence is there, then tell us publicly on TV the evidence being presented and ignored by court. THEN we will get to the streets and throw these judges from their benches. But, otherwise it is the police and prosecutors to blame.

    it is unfortunate that the system is making these people better in their tactics because of the weaker cases. each time they are arrested and released, they learn the tricks to get away. IS THIS PURPOSEFULLY DONE BY CORRUPT OFFICIALS, I DON'T KNOW!

  12. @ M.A
    Sometimes its really hard to believe the truth. Or else we just want to ignore it in hope that the situation is not so scary. But when you have had an attorney general who have been investigated( according to the police integrity commission the case isn't closed)for attempting to change the testimony of a state witness while he was a lawyer for a drug dealer, what can we expect from other lawyers.

    This incident is not just an accusation but the former ag himself admitted this on a live interview on VTV recently.


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