No-confidence motion against Attorney General will not succeed, say MDP Chairperson

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik has said that the no-confidence motion opposition parties were trying to file in the parliament against the Attorney General Abdulla Muiz will fail.

“We will not let the no-confidence motion succeed, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) is attempting to terminate anyone that works for justice,’’ Moosa told MDP Official website.

Moosa said that the no-confidence motion was planned to save Gassan Maumoon, son of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, who is currently being investigated for allegedly hitting a 17 year-old boy with a wooden plank.

Recently, interim council member of PPM Mohamed ‘Mundhu’ Shareef told the local newspaper that he was concerned about the revision of prosecution guidelines, insisting that it might force Prosecutor General Ahmed Muiz to press criminal charges against Gassan Maumoon.

“His decision to revise prosecution guidelines concerning a single individual proves that he hasn’t been carrying out his responsibilities,” he told newspaper Haveeru, adding that Muiz had violated the Supreme Court ruling issued in September 2009 in Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) President Hassan Luthfy’s case that the AG cannot appeal verdicts delivered by lower courts.

Shareef told the media that he will submit a resolution to PPM Parliamentary Group to forward a no-confidence motion against AG Muiz.

Meanwhile, the government has said that it will forward a no-confidence motion against Prosecutor General after he allegedly forced a police senior officer’s team to leave his office when they went to see the PG for advice on Gassan’s arrest and the Criminal Court’s ruling.

When police arrested Gassan for investigation of the case where a 17 year-old boy was injured, the Criminal Court ruled that police have violated the criminal justice procedure in arresting Gassan and that he cannot be held in detention.

Later the police said most of the criminals arrested in the past were arrested in the same way as Gassan and that if Gassan’s arrest was unlawful so will be all the arrests made in the past.

PPM Spokesperson Ahmed Mahlouf and Media Coordinator Ahmed Nihan did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


5 thoughts on “No-confidence motion against Attorney General will not succeed, say MDP Chairperson”

  1. Hey Moosa you and your MDP lead government said to go on a no confidence vote on prosecutor general, Don't you know that current AG and PG they are brothers. If you can go against PG and do you think you can save AG.

  2. I think we have to seriously think how to get rid of Gayoom and his cronies. We are going nowhere and they won't let us see any progress in this country. All what they want is power and to build up their depleting bank accounts

  3. This is hilarious from the clown in chief. The moment the PG did not do what they wanted they were salivating for his head. This Gassan thing is nothing but a facade to distract the masses from the current governments disastrous economic and social projects that has gone no where and only has served to line the pockets for select like owner of Heavy Load and et al.

  4. @Hameed Zaki
    I can't agree with you more. In all honesty, this government - given its shortfalls - nevertheless has achieved so much within such a short time.

    Today, it is far easier for the most common man to grab an opportunities previously unimaginable.

    There is no ban on the press. Anyone can say whatever that they want to say.

    No matter how much we blame or criticize this government. Its policy is to build more houses, better transportation, lower food prices - wouldn't even the harshest critic or opposition leader dispute these are harmful policies!

    Maumoon and his power hold is lusting for the power that they previous had and is finding it incomprehensible to live lives as mere mortals. They are obsessed by it and even at the expense of progress, by hook or crook they are willing to grab the power seat.

  5. @ahmed: What conduct of this government has led you to believe that their policies and their practice have ever matched.

    Yes, they have made loud declarations that they want to lower food prices, build houses and set up transportation networks BUT declarations do not amount to policy.

    Look at their party and its institutional structures. Its full of madmen, children, two-bit shills and god knows what else.

    Their is NO policy direction whatsoever in this government and no focus on developmental issues.

    If you like politics and fervent side-taking then by all means just say you like the color yellow and the sound of Anni's voice. Please leave technical stuff like policy to the experts.


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