“No grounds” for “unacceptable dismissal” of DRP councillor: MP Rozaina

The main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) has strongly condemned the dismissal of Baa Thulhadhoo Councillor Umaira Abubakr yesterday, accusing four councillors of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) of conducting emergency meetings in her absence in a deliberate attempt to remove her from the post.

Article 119(b) of the Decentralisation Act states that a councillor can be removed if he or she misses seven consecutive meetings “without offering a valid reason that is acceptable to the council.” Umaira did not attend ten meetings which took place while she was ostensibly participating in a workshop in Bandos Island Resort.

If the council’s decision to dismiss her stands, Umaira Abubakr, the sole representative of the DRP on the five-member council, will become the first councillor to be removed from her post since the election of local councils in February.

Speaking at a press conference today, DRP MP Rozaina Adam alleged that the four MDP councillors actively plotted to dismiss Umaira from the council.

“There are a number of things that prove that she was dismissed without any grounds and that this was planned by them,” she explained. “Up until May, the Thulhaadhoo council held 23 meetings. However during the period when Umaira went to the workshop, they held ten meetings, four of which were normal meetings but the other six were held as emergency meetings.”

She added that the emergency meetings were conducted to decide trivial matters. “For example, an emergency meeting was held for the sake of changing the days where normal meetings take place.”

Umaira missed the meetings as she was attending a workshop for councillors in Bandos, said Rozaina, claiming that the atoll council had informed the island council of her intent to participate while Chair Ahmed Rasheed had granted permission.

“Moreover, other councillors [who attended the workshop] did not inform their councils in writing before leaving nor did the chair ask Umaira to do so,” she said.

The DRP MP for Thulusdhoo claimed that Umaira was not given notice for meetings nor sent agendas two days in advance as stipulated by article 115(a).

Umaira has since lodged a complaint at the atoll council. Rozaina vowed that the DRP would appeal at the High Court if the atoll council upholds the decision.

Thulhaadhoo Council Chair Ahmed Rasheed told Minivan News today that the decision to dismiss Umaira was taken after consultation with the Local Government Authority (LGA) and based on legal counsel from the Attorney General’s Office.

“She did not inform in writing as she was required by law either before she left or during her holiday,” he insisted.

While confirming that six of the ten meetings in question were emergency sessions, Rasheed however denied the DRP allegation of a deliberate attempt to dismiss Umaira.

Rasheed further denied Rozaina’s claim that police were called in this morning when Umaira came in to the office: “I saw two police officers at the office but we didn’t call them or ask them to remove her.”

On the emergency meetings and their purpose, Rasheed said that he could not recall the agendas.

“It is not up to Rozaina to decide when we should hold meetings,” he said.


6 thoughts on ““No grounds” for “unacceptable dismissal” of DRP councillor: MP Rozaina”

  1. By the way, are these councilors worthy of their job?
    Fools have elected them; now we see egomaniacs are in full force to meet their selfish ends.
    If a harbor is constructed it should be in front of house, if a hospital is constructed the site should be in front of his wife’s house!
    Ridicules morons!

  2. the rest of the councilors should stop wasting everyone elses time. If she got elected then deal with it or quit. Maldives has a dengue epidemic to deal with and more important issues to deal with than your squabbles. Furthermore the court should fine these stupid councilors for trying to pull a stunt like this and set an example. This is not kindergarten for crying out loud :S grow up and be responsible politicians !

  3. This is the fist time these coucillors have got a chance to hold any power. So they are using their power, left and right. Does not matter what they do.

    Reminds me of DRP's Zfaction statements. They also go on TV and talk whenever they get the chance. They will not mind even if what they say does not make sense. This is epecially so for Maumoon's kids. The kids do not realise that their talks reflect what Maumoon did in his 30 years of ruling the ountry. They will be quick to come on TV and critisize Anni's government.

  4. It is time to review the number of Councillor's, their mandate and the actuat cost of de-centralization to the State. MPs must justify to the public why we need 22 Councillors for Male'.

  5. We need twenty councilors to try and get a DRP majority.
    DRP leader is a brainless Jug head!

  6. Can anyone explain why we need councilors in Island offices?
    There is a permanent secretary in each Island office that is doing all necessary administrative works coordinating the Islands and then government.
    At present time we see that the councilors making havocs in their respective communities. The only work these councilors do is to try and create work for their personal benefits and paves ways to get benefits for their relatives and friends.


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