PA dismisses “impossible” pact with MDP

A coalition agreement between the government and the opposition People’s Alliance party is “impossible”, Secretary General of Peoples Alliances Adam Ahmed Shareef has said.

”Our stand is very clear,” Shareef said. ”We work in the opposition and we do not support the current government’s policy and the way they are treating people. In the current situation it’s impossible to join with them.”

He added that the current administration was unable to “cope with” the other parties in the Maldivian Democratic Party-led (MDP) coalition.

Shareef dismissed rumours that the party was in talks with the government.

”I do not think Yameen [PA leader] would shift to a position where the president can dismiss him anytime,” he said. “People are spreading rumors just to gain political support and to harm PA.”

Saareef also denied rumours of a rift between PA and its coalition partner, the main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP).

”What PA MP Ahmed Nazim said was that PA MPs should not have to follow the DRP whip line in parliament without prior consultation,” he said. “In such cases, hereafter PA MPs would vote according to their own views in a manner they think would be beneficial for the people,”

MDP Spokesman Ahmed Haleem told Minivan News earlier this week that the party had begun talks with PA to seek support in the confirmation process for a new economic minister.

“DRP are always against us and they have control of a lot of the media,” Haleem said. “But [PA leader] Abdulla Yameen has some commitment to the people – he was trade minister in 1998, he is an economist and he is well educated. I think he is OK.”

The Maldivian economy was sorely troubled “and a lot of people are suffering very badly and are very poor,” Haleem said. “[MDP and PA] have the same goal, we want to stabilise the economy and we are looking for support. Yameen’s seven members could support the parliamentary approval of a new minister.”


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  1. PA has no credibility infront of ordinary Maldivians. perhapes PA-Yameen Abdul Gayoom's Cow boy's such as Jangiya Nazim may working with Yameen in the dream of 1990's Trade ministry and Yameen's control! Yameen only know to control street mobs and heavy corrupt big businessmen whome he have created..he has no experience on the economy nor on the general well being of Maldives citizen's! Ask him when he smiled or got along with ordinary folks? MDP should never make a pack with so called PA (yamin nest)!! Yamin must remember that its totally against the very principle of MDP to colide with Yamin or his "kind". Yameen (PA), Thasmeen (DRP) and Dr.Waheed (GIP) represent DICTATORSHIP & NEPOTISM!!

  2. PA has no political identity and would not exist if not for DRP. The seats PA holds really belong to DRP. If DRP organizes itself well, PA cannot take seats from DRP again.

    So come next election, there may not be a PA. This is why PA needs MDP.

  3. Gayoom, .... and MDP is a party of Hoori's, Angels and Mullah's

  4. "Haleem said. “But [PA leader] Abdulla Yameen has some commitment to the people – he was trade minister in 1998, he is an economist and he is well educated. I think he is OK.”"

    I think Abdul Gayyoom is more OK.
    Why don't Haleem ask DRP to give them their zaeem?

  5. Since PA spokesperson Shareef has been hopping from job to job his mind may not be alert to the real situation that is before him. For the record Shareef failed as a principal, then as an Atoll Chief then as a Permanent Secretary before he became PA spokesperson.

    PA members may not join MDP or they may not even form a coalition. However, have they said that they will not follow the MDP whip line. I can see a possibility reading in between lines.

    Yameen and Nazim may not want a job but they sure would want to save themselves.

  6. Yameen is the biggest crook in town. His personal ambition to become the President will not lead him anywhere. He doesn't have the support of the people. He is person of arrogance,vengeance and just plain cruel.

  7. PA is not that stupid to join a party like MDP. We have seen how they treated their coalition partners. MDP have no respect for their partners or for the people.
    This country is in a desperate state. Economy is ruined, crime rate so high, drugs everywhere, terrorists hubs in the islands, politicians changing sides all the time, Mullahs slowly taking over and a drunk as president.
    The way things are going in this country, its likely that Mullahs will take over this country and turn this place into another Afganistan.
    People voted for change and this is the change.

  8. People will again vote... Maybe for the Mullahs who'll have the last laugh if the secular politicians cannot get their act together in the political arena: the Majlis.

  9. Its a good move by PA,Yameen can play as a king maker like Nick Clegg now. MDP lead government has may comparable results as of UK Coservative government of David Cameron now. Nasheed and Cameron came to power without anything other than pledges alone. Both couldn't had absolute majority or mandate. Before Cameron Nasheed is in power with a coalition in the brink of collapse. Analysts believe after 18 months even Lib/Con coalition will also break and there might be early election even in UK. Nick Clegg had a golden opportunity to reform the electoral system, but he also gave up and joined the elite. I hope Yameen will not get in the trap of MDP. Lets wait and see the drama and how it unfold,one thing is sure conservative playbooks need to be changed to get majority.

  10. It is highly likely PA will join MDP. Mr. Yameen and Nazim are being blackmailed by Anni. Makun Naeem has discovered that Yameen is maintaining large sums of money in off shore accounts and had begun work to freeze them. Unless Yameen teams up with MDP Anni is going to expose these accounts and allow Makun Naeem to initiate legal proceedings abroad to freeze them. So if Yameen is to save his money and intergrity he has to do what Anni dictates. Naazim is like Yameen as well. So when the parliment reconvenes after the recess you will see PA members tilting towards the stand taken by MDP members on issues brought before the parliment. You can call whatever name you like to it but the reality is that it is a marriage of the devils to save their own neck.

  11. Only crazy people will join MDP and their cronies......PA will never joinj MDP< MDP is getting isolated by the day..we are waiting for the next elections.

  12. MDP got this weak only because they have clowns like Reeko Moosa on the top posts. This country is on the verge of collapse and it seems nobody can save it. Mullahs are likely to take full advantage of the situations.
    The biggest mistake this president made was the bring the mullahs and the activists closer to him and leave behind the educated and the rich people. God same this country now

  13. hey mariamaa, you seemed you dont know much about shareef sir well,
    by the way, are you accusing the government of blackmailing such people like yamin and nazim,

  14. To Ekaloa

    When you compare Anni & Tories, you should understand these two personals are heading two different types of Governments.
    Anni is running apresidential system of Government and Anni is elected by the people for the people to run a peoples government.Anni needs the majority of the Parliament only to pass bills to Govern the way he wants to. Anni also can use the Article 115 of the Consititution of the Maldives (7/8/2008).With the number of MPs MDP holding in the Parliament, no Noconfidence Vote can be taken to remove a sitting President as it needs to have 2/3 majority of the House.
    David is running a Paliamentry system of Government and David is Assigned to the post of PM by HRM Queen Elizebath II. Here David need to have majority to pass his policies to Govern and can be removed from the post of PM by 2/3 majority in the House and david's party holds 308 seats and which is impossible. The other fact is David can govern as a minority Government.

    So before comenting on politics please get polyically matured.

  15. I am convinced that it would be morally neglible, an abuse of Maldivian dignity to fail to destroy Yameen's power base and prosecute him... If Anni wishes to embrace Yameen, Anni himself will prove himself to be a selfish tyrant.

  16. Yameen is the political player, he has some in MDP believing he is secretly supporting them, Anni has believed that for years I think. Yameen had (has...) Maumoon believing Yameen supported Maumoon, but Yameen has for a long time not supported Maumoon, much longer than I think most could imagine. Yameen supports Yameen, full stop!

  17. I just wonder why there is so much of allegations about Yameen when he has not found guilty in a court of law yet even in this MDP government. I can see that he is one of the ablest citizen in this country. I am perceived that he played an instrumental role in the development of STO & STELCO. And I dont think he is someone who blabbers and need praise like other politician in the Maldives.

  18. Sarippe said“People are spreading rumors just to gain political support and to harm PA.”

    POLITICAL SUPPORT???!?!?!? such arrogance to think tht MDP members would blindly follow and be naive enough to accept PA (AKA the MOB) as a partner. partnership with these mobsters is a sure fire recipe for political suicide.....
    ....just like empty pledges....
    Mr.Prez, plss stop talking then maybe the lies may stop. we understand the current economy is unstable due to "incidents" in the past. Let tht be tht and move on without aimlessly pledging harbour after harbour for people.

  19. PA and DRP can do magic with our economy, there's no doubt about it as they've controlled our economy.They've purposely driven our economy into total ruins in their last days to make life difficult for the current government.They've controlled foreign currency circulation to create chaos within the public and use it as a platform for criticizing against the government and campaign agenda for coming elections.The present government is struggling to increase it's revenue to help run this country but the socalled "gauma heyo edhey" people with their alliance are keeping our legislature occupied with useless bills rather than attaining to these tax bills that we desperately need.More to that they are criticising the government of doing not anything.Come on .......tell us something else.I call Anni to arrest all these people who've got rich sucking our blood and still continue to decieve the public by portraying the present government incompetent to deliver anything.....:-)

  20. To Who
    I just compared very casually as per media perspective, but looks like you are very serious about this. Looks to me you are also coalition denier like Nasheed himself now, as last week he said as I quote" as per Maldives constitution, this is a government of Mohamed Nasheed". So do you believe that even on first round he went on election with a coalition partner as vice president. Dose that mean even then its unconstitutional . For second round he went with much larger coalition as 'Wathan edhey gothah"

    You are saying Anni is running a government for the people elected by people. Then why he made a coalition to get elected. Why his coalition partners left him by saying he is a dictator. Why the country is never stable if he is running a government for people. Looks like in Maldives every day its a election day now, every media its like there is campaign. Is this how government for people is run in democracies.

    Conservative governments in Uk always care about rich, they ignore the poor, same thing happening in Maldives, in the name of democracy, poor is denied for everything. Corruption and nepotism is every where in Maldives then and even now. We are experiencing one mane trying to built an emperor of power. Without any deliberation no any public participation on anything.

  21. I was depressed at the rumor of MDP and PA coming to be an alliiance. A bit relieved this might not happen. PA is ahead of even DRP if you count the amount of money looted from the government coffers during Maumoon. No deal with PA. Recover the stolen money now...

  22. To Ekaloa
    Did you cast your vote during the 2008 presidential election? In the second run did you see those coalitions names as you and others claim? The people voted for Mohamed Nasheed of G.Keneryge, Male & not the coalition of Names as you and others claim. Mohamed Nasheed of G,Keneryge was elected for the President of the Maldives and he will run this country for the 5 year period ending on November 11, 2013. If you and the people of Mladives give another 5 year term if he contests the 2013 presidential election thats another story.
    I am very greatful to Nasheed for bringing this country back to usbefore reaching the status of Zimbabue. I feel and understands the status of this economy when the change happened.

    i have no doubt with or without the support the oppositions Nasheed will fullfil his promises and Nasheed will go into history books as a president who gave us our country in a prosperous economy.



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