Parliament cancelled after MPs clash over Yameen detention

Today’s sitting of parliament was called off after opposition MPs vocally protested the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) refusal to allow detained MP and opposition People’s Alliance Leader Abdullah Yameen to attend sitting.

Speaker Abdulla Shahid revealed that neither MNDF nor the Defence Ministry had responded to his letters requesting an explanation or an arrangement for the Mulaku MP to attend today’s sitting, adding however that he was constitutionally obliged to ensure that sittings go ahead.

MPs of the main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) raised numerous points insisting that sittings could not be held while an MP was “unlawfully detained” by the military.

“Since the Majlis is not an enforcement agency I do not have a way to go and bring the honourable Mulaku member here,” Shahid responded.

A press release issued by parliament after today’s cancellation states that Majlis rules of procedure requires that MPs in detention over a criminal investigation must be allowed to attend sittings and committee meetings and “this is how it is in other democratic countries.”

It urges the MNDF to respect the constitution and the parliamentary rules of procedure, which was formulated under article 88(a) of the constitution.


Shortly after the sitting was canceled, a confrontation occurred between Hulhu-Henveiru MP “Reeko” Moosa Manik, parliamentary group leader of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and Galolhu MP Ahmed Mahlouf of the DRP.

Moosa claims that Mahlouf struck him on his legs with his shoes.

“After the sitting ended, Ilham [Ahmed, DRP deputy leader] and another MP came at me,” he explained. “Ilham was shouting at me very rudely and the other MP was filming it with his mobile phone.

“He was holding the phone very close to my face, I told them to go away, but they did not. When the camera came close to me I pushed the camera away from my face.”

Mahlouf was waiting and watching, he added, and came towards him after a while.

“He came and hit me in the leg, [and then] he said I hit him,” Moosa claimed.”That was a drama they played. They have been creating a lot of different stories against me recently.”

However, Mahlouf told local daily Haveeru that Moosa hit him in the face while Nilandhoo MP Abdul Muhsin was filming Moosa and Ilham’s argument.

Mahlouf has not responded to Minivan News at time of press.

A similar confrontation between the MPs occurred during a sitting almost a year ago when both accused the other of threatening violence and using obscene language.

The sitting on July 15 2009 was eventually canceled after the main parties clashed over the cabinet’s decision to investigate Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdullah Mohamed.


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  1. Wow! Minivan news, as subtle as a sledge hammer. I am impressed at your twisted logic.

    Perhaps a better name for Minivan would be "minivan - we've got our heads so far up the government's a*s that we don't see daylight"!

  2. Visit and vote your choice. “Has President Nasheed overstepped the Constitutional Limits”

  3. Shameful that MDP tried to get approval for Nasheed's cabinet while keeping opposition MPs locked. Very sad that Anni has proved to be a Dictator as DRP predicted all along.

  4. Hi Dhivesseh,
    You are right, If you believe Mr. President overstepped the Constitutional Limits” Visit and vote your choice.

  5. Yameen being held up is more important than Maldivians living in slump ruled by thugs. Good priority setting MPs.

  6. what a pathetic state we are in.. just absolutely pathetic. i've yet to see any one more foolish than the people of the maldives. the current politics makes me want to puke!

  7. Reeko Moosa, you would be better off acting for a drama or a song with Niuma if she is still working. You certainly have no qaulities of a parlamentarian. This is not the first time you have been noisy in the parliament. time and agian you have proven your unsuitability as an MP. The people who have elected you must be regretting.

  8. Reeko & Mahloof, the constituency who voted for them must now give a vote of no confidence or a petition to replace them. They dont have the moral capacity to act and represent their people.The are behaving like kindergarden kids.

  9. wait, why did anyone want to use a mobile phone to record Reeko's face, and in the Parliament Office? i think i too would have kicked mahlouf's nads (pardon my french) if i were Reeko...


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