VP agreed to bring in Gitmo detainees, claims Reeko Moosa

Maldivian Democratic Party MDP parliamentary group’s leader MP Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik has claimed that it was Vice president of the Maldives, Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan who agreed to resettle Guantanamo Bay detainees in the Maldives.

Moosa further claimed that the government of United States has agreed to assist the Maldives to reinstate the government’s money which was allegedly taken by the former government and stored in bank accounts abroad.

He criticised the way parliament’s national security committee was operating.

”The national security committee works in a different spirit,” Moosa said, ”DRP [Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party] MP Ali Waheed has declined to explain how he became the recipient of confidential documents stolen from the government.”

Moosa said that the case of DRP MP Ali Waheed being the recipient of the documents should also be investigated by police.

”The penalty for his crime should be given according to the law,” he said. ”MDP will also investigate this case.”

He added when parliament starts its session, the MDP parliamentary group will propose a bill to prevent assaults and gang wars in Male’.

Vice President of the Maldives Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan denied the claims made by MP Moosa Manik.

”I did not agree to resettle Guantanamo Bay detainees,” Dr Waheed said, ”But a [US official] I met during my visit to the States proposed the idea to me.”

Dr Waheed said that after he concluded his visit and returned to the Maldives, he had informed the Foreign Ministry of the issue.

”The Foreign Ministry did not respond to my request to give advice about how I would deal with the issue,” he said. ”I have no information on who agreed to bring in those detainees.’


28 thoughts on “VP agreed to bring in Gitmo detainees, claims Reeko Moosa”

  1. Who is this reeko moosa? Can somebody explin to me where he got his education from? Here is a man who did not even complete his primary schooling (cannot even pronounce the letter 'sh') dressed in a suit and tie trying to bring down the VP of this country. pathetic.

  2. why doesn't this idiot shut his stupid mouth and stop scoring own goals for the president. can someone please tell him to SHUT UP. The DRP are the enemy not Waheed!

  3. I think its high time that MDP leadership to understand that we cannot run a nationwide political party just with people like Reko Moosa and Dhonbileiy Haleem. Their intellectual capacity does not meet the challenges of of 12st century.

  4. Reeko's famous sayings
    1. Civil Services Comisun
    2. Anti Corupsun Comisun
    3. Raees Naseedhu
    4. Dr. Saheedhu
    5. Penitensary

  5. President Nasheed has already spoken on this matter with great finality. Reeko trying to square off the blame on Waheed sounds as if he doesn't quite subscribe to the President's views on this.

  6. he has been a smalltime entertainer all his life and this is what he is doing in the parliament. It is true empty vessels make most noise.

  7. Reeko Moosa.... Really?

    This is probably one of the most dim witted moves I've seen in the history of political bickering.

    Reeko attacks Ali Waheed for releasing confidential information, while doing the EXACT SAME THING.

    Whatever documents he has from the Vice President forwarding on the proposals of the American Government is highly confidential and privileged information. That was also only shared with the National Security Committee in Parliament.

    These are STATE SECRETS that Reeko is brandishing to the whole world. And as a result our government is starting to look really bad. No one is going to trust us anymore, and potential allies are being turned asunder. This is not a little thing. The Maldivian people are actually going to suffer repercussions because of this complete lack of thought.

  8. Few things come to my mind after reading this article.

    1. MDP is jumping up and down with this Gitmo issue trying to blame someone else for their secretly created mess.
    2. Reeko Moosa is unqualified and not smart enough to be in his post. Does he even know what he is doing or not doing to MDP?
    3. This is a very poorly structured article. It has ideas all over the place. Sorry Ahmed Nazeer.
    4. Why did this take so long to appear on Minivan News? This is not the latest development on the Gitmo issue. Minivan News has become stale news.

  9. Reeko Moosa manik, here is an advice for you. If you want continue to be a viable player in politics pack your bags and go to school at least to complete a secondary education because no university in the world will accept you. At least think before you lash out in public.I think stupid moves like this begs the question about your integrity and capabiltiy of been the parliamentry group leader of a ruling party.

  10. I think this guy is far worse than Qasim Ibrahim. Atleast he behaves like a politician.

    Got his money through running a business with Notorious Adam Zahir, who is he to open his mouth.

  11. Please someone restrain this moron. But who can? Zaki cant do it, Maria cant do it, Afeef cant, Dhon biley cant...not even the President can.

  12. This Govt is loosing credibilty not only in the eyes of public but also globally.
    Reeko is too late to twist the whole issue now passing everything to VP just because he has become a problem to MDP.
    We have a problem and now its not the time make things worse by trying to find fault of who is responsible. We all know mjority of the public do not support Gitmo issue so what best Govt can do now is to apologise to the public and quit about this resettlement issue.

  13. I think Dr Waheed has lost all his credibility. It is time for him to go back UN where he is entertained. He had been total disappointment for party members like me. I think it is time for him to shut up or join DRP. A useless character who only wants be the president.

  14. come on reeko. we know you too well mr. filmustaar. when it comes to lying vp cant beat you.

    its the likes of reeko, dhonbile & juhaa who tarnish the good name of our president locally. lucky him reeko and dhonbile dont speak english so they cant give such stupid statements to foreign media.

  15. "Maldivian Democratic Party MDP parliamentary group’s leader MP Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik has claimed that it was Vice president of the Maldives, Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan who agreed to resettle Guantanamo Bay detainees in the Maldives."

    I wonder whether this is the official MDP position on the matter or whether this is what Reeko Moosa Manik personally believes.

    If this is the official MDP position, then this is another pathetic attempt to shift the blame from MDP.

    If this is what Reeko Moossa Manik personally believes, I would think this is nothing more than his wishful thinking.

    Either way, this sort of attempts to 'shift the bame' shows lack of professionalism on the part of MDP.

    I strongly feel MDP needs to let ONLY SMART PEOPLE talk on behalf of them. Otherwise the public is getting the message most MDP leaders do not want to give.

  16. Where is Maria? Can somebody stop this moron called Reeko? He is destroying our party single handedly. No truth is coming out of this guy at our Haruge for a long time now. I was waiting to see what lies he was coming out on last Monday and it’s no longer surprising to me. We need educated and decent people like Dr Waheed in our government and it’s about time we remove all the uneducated people like Reeko and Haleem from the top posts of MDP. These people will destroy MDP big time if we don’t tape their mouths now. MDP is almost alone now. The only partners we have are the beards who we really don’t want to be partners with but we are forced to.

  17. I totally agree with you. Being activist doesn't mean that the person is qualified to speak on behalf of the party. If its the case in a long run party will suffer. This is what exactly happening out there. In recent radio address the president confessed that VP is very supportive to him. Then why should a film-star suddenly appeared out of darkness and claims that its VP created this mess..... Hello Film-star a brother of loan-star and porn-star please please keep your mouth shut.

  18. Reeko needs to shut up, doesn't he know he is only need at election times..

  19. For thirty two, he will say Thaarty two, to firm it will be farm and vice versa, for heart it will be hurt and for hurt it will be heart. Well done Moosa

  20. it hink it is better this pathetic idiot shut up his mouth. this blunder was done buy your gang and now there is no escape. hehe

  21. Reeko, why dont you go dance with Niuma and Jamsheeda. Leave Maldivian politics. Its not for people like you. Leave the VP alone.

  22. it hink it is better this pathetic idiot shut up his mouth. this blunder was done buy your gang and now there is no escape. hehe

  23. Euppe and Niuma are scoring hits, but there you are scoring fits!
    Better go behind the camera and flick a buri foto!

  24. Unless the general public is educated enough to know their rights and who is who to be elected, we will see these morons are elected for public offices.

  25. Reeko Moosa should be voted out of Parliament in the next election. People should inform their relatives and friends to not vote for him. He is making Parliament into a circus.

    He is a nice guy to have a talk with, but politically he is using his personal views instead of representing those that voted for him. (Something which is wrong with many politicians)

    MDP and other parties should all be VERY careful of who they allow to represent their party in election time. We can easily vote for an independent next time instead of going with any party if parties cant stop acting like children in parliament.

    If Reeko does not like Muslims in Gitmo, why does anyone think he might like the God fearing Muslims in Maldives? He has forgotten that once he is elected, his personal views should come second. Being voted out should teach MPs such as this a lesson from the people.

  26. I read recently that "Whenever tragic loss occurs, you either resist or you yield. Some people become bitter and deeply resentful; others become compassionate, wise and loving. Resistance is an inner contraction, a hardening of the shell of an ego. You are closed. Yielding means inner acceptance of what is. You are open to life. When you yield internally, when you surrender, a new dimension of consciousness opens up". We can see this not just in those who have been abused or tortured physically, but also in cases of other emotional distress from various forms of trauma, family issues, etc. It seems that some people turn to religion to seek solace, others to drugs or other 'earthly pleasures' and materialism, others to revenge. Some manage to find peace and move on. But in many cases we see people going to extremes when they are unable to find the necessary answers for themselves. Whatever the case, it is not helpful when a) fact and history is denied or ignored, or b) those affected let their personal grievances affect the progress and well being of the nation.

  27. SO WHAT!
    VP, Dr. Waheed is never a person (however much he may differ with HEP on party or political differences), who will on the sly or on his own will go in to any deal or whatsoever with the US government without due approval of the HEP and the government!
    Moosa apparently is threading into unknown grounds and inflicting more hatred towards MDP!
    It is more than a guess that his constant visits to SINGAPORE is taking its toll!


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