Parliament has confirmed government’s legitimacy, says President Waheed

Parliament has confirmed the legitimacy of his administration, President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has contended.

Addressing the Majlis on April 2, Deputy Speaker Ahmed Nazim said, “President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan took oath of office in Majlis on 07 February 2012, and has delivered the presidential address as per the constitution on 19 March 2012. Hence, the People’s Majlis believes the transfer of power on February 7 was constitutional.”

The ousted President Mohamed Nasheed said he was forced to resign at “gunpoint,” and has raised questions over Waheed’s legitimacy. Nasheed has called for early general elections.

Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) sought to obstruct Waheed from addressing parliament on March 1 and March 19. Waheed only managed to deliver a shortened version of the presidential address amidst loud heckling by MDP MPs in the Majlis chamber while MDP supporters and police clashed violently outside. During the speech an MP held up a placard declaring Waheed a ‘coup boss’.

In a statement on Monday, Dr Waheed said he welcomed the decision and “called on all parties to redouble their efforts to bring stability, security and prosperity to the Maldives.”

However, MDP parliamentary group’s deputy leader Ahmed Sameer said the deputy speaker had no authority to make rulings on behalf of the Majlis.

“The Majlis makes decisions after a debate and a vote. There has been no debate and no vote on the matter. A debate on the legitimacy of the government hasn’t even been put on the agenda,” Sameer said.

“That the deputy speaker can unilaterally rule on this matter is a joke and is against the Majlis house rules,” he added.

Majlis minutes reveal Nazim only made the ruling after MPs repeatedly debated the transfer of power instead of addressing the issues on the agenda for the day. Nazim repeatedly asked MPs to return to topic, but to no avail.

During debate over an amendment to the Judges Act to include retirement benefits and privileges, MDP MP Ali Waheed expressed concern over the events surrounding the transfer of power on February 7, and called on the Deputy Speaker to pass a resolution for public referendums to establish coup had taken place and to hold elections.

In response Nazim said, “Since some MPs are addressing the Speaker on the transfer of power, I believe I now have to issue a ruling on the matter.”

After claiming Waheed’s administration was legitimate, Nazim asked MPs not to address the Speaker any further on the matter.

MDP refuses to recognise Waheed’s administration, and have called for an impartial and independent investigation with international oversight into the transfer of power. The Commonwealth, the EU and local civil society groups have supported the call for investigation.

Dr Waheed instituted a three member Committee of National Inquiry (CNI) to look into the legality and legitimacy of the transfer of power, but the CNI has come under fire for unilateralism and lack of independence. Moreover, the CNI has said it will not be conducting a criminal investigation.

Waheed told local television station Villa TV (VTV) he would resign and reinstate Nasheed if inquiry established a coup.


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  1. What is in question is not the swearing in of Dr. Waheed. What is being questioned is the circumstances on resignation of Nasheed.

    So long as this Administration( I do not call it a government as what we have is a Presidential style administration) fudges this issue, the question would not go away.
    As the independent MP Nasheed says it is time the Majlis got involved in this and conduct a through and open inquiry into this immediately.

  2. Just because Naxim says so, it dosent make rhe goverment legitimate.

  3. Beyond belief! corruption and dictatorship is back!

  4. Just because the impulsive liar and coward Anni says so, it does not mean we should be allies with Israel, or several other shitty crap he spews.

  5. Presidential elections.....not general elections..Pls make that correction at the end of para 2. Tks

  6. Without having any investigation mp jangiya nazim said dr.baaqee waheedu government legitimacy is big joke for the century. My concerned is how mp mr.jangiya nazim answer these question there any space for the police personnel just call for head of state resignation?
    2. How could Maldives national defense force disobey their commander in chief?
    3. How civilian retiered army guy command the mnd?
    4. Why police group surrender the national bro caster mnbc?
    Without giving any answer how jangiya say so

  7. The real coup leaders were MDP Mp's who hijacked the House. There was no coup its just another made up own story of Nashee's verson. There is no consistency of Nasheed's daily update of his resiognation.
    * I resigned for the best interest of "THE PEOPLE"
    *I was forced to resign at gun point.
    * I never said "gun point" its meadia who said that.
    *They were goint to kill me
    *I cant remember i wrote the resignation letter before or after cabinet meeting.
    *Gayoom is behind the coup
    *Police tried to cut the throat of former assistant poilice commisoner
    la bla bla bla....

    What nonsense is this.
    Now if NCI fails to find it was a coup or Gayoom was not involved he will be back on street and promote act of terrorism.

    Thank GOD Allah chose to remove him by whatever means. Today we on the path to peacfull passage. We will have election 2013 and Nasheed will loose. Peace be upon us and save us from this shaithan.

  8. Sameer is correct! Deputy Speaker of Majlis is not authorized to make such rulings unilaterally on behalf of the Majlis. As a Citizen of this Country I reject his illegitimate ruling!

  9. This is outright daylight highway robbery!
    We are being had by a gang of thieves!
    Golha is back to claim for time lost!
    This gang deserve nothing but the flag post!

  10. First of all, let us see if there is any legal ground on which we can base an early election. Even if there is, by all means we should not allow former president to contend in the election, early or late. Nasheed should be locked somewhere, if we are to have free and fair election. What a disgrace he is to Maldives!!!

  11. How many times a thief would say I am a thief? Not once!
    Would a rebel say I am a rebel? Never!
    Why does Waheed have to claim his government is legitimate?
    Because it is illegitimate! Simple!
    Keh keh keh @ Radhun!
    A thief is a thief is a thief is a thief................

  12. The deputy speaker has his own interest to keep the judiciary that favors him just like all the others who brought about the coup. If the judiciary is reformed, him and all those who were involved in the coup will face charges with hard concrete evidence against them.

  13. The legitimacy of the Maldives goverment was hidden to the international community by the indian highcommisioner for maldives his family and former dictator gayoom son inlaw (the bangaalhi shuaib)has bussiness relations

  14. i was at a coffe the following day after the coup in male, in City Garden Reataurant, very close to indian highcommision of maldives. i met a supporter of former gayooms regime. He very clearly told me that Mr. Muley the highcommisioner of india for Maldives told him that "We" that means the Indian Goverment or His Family never supported "this Guy", That's President Nasheed, the first democratically elected President of Maldives.and he told that Mr Mohamed Nasheed was an Idiot
    This person was told me about this was belonging to Gaumee Party before and now his boss and they are all supporting to PPM the Dictator Maumoons party

    please post this comment

  15. It was not a coup, fine I agree. But how should we name the activities and vandalism ochestered by police and some. MNDF elements on the 7 th of February? Was it because President Nasheed decided to resign much earlier before his term ends? Were they not happy with " voluntary resignation " . However, a justification is needed on this matter.

  16. People of Maldives, If you want peace prosecute the terrorist in MDP.

  17. Good riddance of Dictator Nasheed!
    Thnx Doc. May this country forever be free from Judge kidnapping Nasheed.

  18. majlis did not endose the goverment but they rejected the Baaghee waheed and the drama of march 19 was the biggest joke of the histry of maldives politics


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