Civil Court rejects case against Home Minister

The Civil Court has rejected a case accusing Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed of influencing the ongoing trial against former President Mohamed Nasheed.

The case was filed by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Mohamed Rasheed, however it was rejected by the Civil Court on the grounds that Rasheed had no connection with the case involving the former president at Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court, local media reported.

The case filed by Rasheed against Jameel stated that remarks made by the home minister on January 29 could influence the judges in their ruling against Nasheed, local media reported.

Jameel – who was formerly Justice Minister under Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s administration – was reported in late January as stating that it was “crucial to conclude the case against Nasheed before the approaching presidential elections, in the interests of the nation and to maintain peace in it.”

He alleged the delay in Nasheed’s prosecution was due to “various reasons”, and would very likely have “adverse effects on the political and social fabric of the nation”.

“If things happen  this way, people will start believing that it was due to the failure to address some issues in the Maldives’ judicial system, which need to be looked into. And in my opinion, the courts will have to take responsibility for this,” Jameel said in an interview with news website Haveeru.

The MDP’s case requested the court to rule that Jameel should not make comments that could influence any ongoing trials.