Parliamentary committee to investigate “resettlement” of Gitmo detainees in Maldives

Opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Ali Waheed has filed a motion without notice at the parliamentary national security committee to investigate the government’s decision to allegedly “resettle” inmates from the controversial Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba that houses terror suspects.

Speaking to press after filing the motion, Ali Waheed said that based on his information, the released prisoners would not necessarily be held in custody, but could be resettled in the Maldives.

“They are to be released among Maldivians and kept under watch in whatever way,” he said. “So while we don’t even have a proper jail and the society is drowning in gang violence and crime, the Maldivian government has reached the point where they are forming agreements with another country and creating a legal framework to bring in people from the jail that has the world’s dangerous terrorists and citizens aren’t aware of what’s happening. The People’s Majlis elected by the Maldivian people aren’t aware of it.”

He added that the government’s actions was “a bit too much”.

“Even if the Majlis is on recess, I ask that the committee look into this and take action against those culpable in this matter,” he said.

The DRP vice-president, who is also the deputy chairman of the national security committee, said the case should be investigated as a matter of urgent concern.

He called on the national security forces, Maldives Police Service and the Human Rights Commission to “stop this from happening.”

“And the Maldivian people should come out and stop this,” he said, adding that the government’s failure to seek the parliament’s opinion showed that personal interest was involved.

Moreover, it was regrettable that the government was planning to bring in “convicts” at a time when the social fabric “has been destroyed”.

“We can’t even properly control the convicts in this country,” he said.

Ali Waheed told Minivan News today that the DRP “fully supported” the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison, but bringing inmates to the Maldives poses dangers to the country.

Nobel Peace Prize

In December last year, President Mohamed Nasheed said the Maldives will receive prisoners released from the jail.

“If a Muslim does not have a place to live in freedom, we will help in whatever way we can. We don’t want anyone to suffer any harm. We know that the Maldives, in helping just three people from Guantanamo Bay, does not mean that either the Maldives or the world would be free of inhumane treatment,” he said. “However this jail, Guantanamo jail, is very symbolic.”

US President Barack Obama pledged to close down the jail in the first year of his presidency. However, the American government now foresees that the prison will be closed at the end of the year.

In his radio address in December, President Nasheed said investigations have cleared most of the detainees of any involvement in terrorist activities, while the others will be taken to trial.

He said most of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay were innocent people caught up in the war in Afghanistan, and that offering assistance to other nations in whatever capacity was “a national duty.”

DRP MP Ahmed Nihan told Minivan News today that Saudi Arabia, Philippines and many other countries have refused to take in any Gitmo prisoners.

President Nasheed was trying to “win the Nobel peace prize” and secure American financial assistance, Nihan suggested.

He further warned that the move could leave the country open to attack by terrorist groups.

Nihan said Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed was the one who came up with the plan.

Shaheed said today that it was important to remember that not everyone incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay prison was a terrorist or a criminal.

“There was once a Maldivian taken there,” he explained. “He is living here and nobody has attacked us.”

Shaheed claimed that DRP’s motion was driven by personal animosity towards him.

Last year, the DRP failed to pass a vote of no-confidence against Shaheed for his part in deciding to establish diplomatic ties with Israel.

On whether he advised President Nasheed on accepting the detainees, Shaheed said he did not have to answer that question.

The president said investigations have cleared most of the detainees of any involvement in terrorist activities, while the others will be taken to trial.

He said most of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay were innocent people caught up in the war in Afghanistan, and that offering assistance to other nations in whatever capacity was “a national duty.”


34 thoughts on “Parliamentary committee to investigate “resettlement” of Gitmo detainees in Maldives”

  1. I am wondering if we are short of criminals and need import more. Why dont our government think something useful to bring in rather than garbage.

  2. Oh Mr.Bull Dog Ali Waheed, aren't you for helping helpless Muslim brothers.

    In what court of justice were these Muslim brothers of ours found guilty.

    Who the hell are you to call them dangerous terrorist when no judge has found them guilty.

    Dear President bring these tortured victims to our mother land, Our brothers need our help, we'll take good care of them.

  3. Agree to Ali Waheed's concern regarding GITMO prisoners not being brought to Raajje. But i do not agree to his them being "convicts". Most people in GITMO were held illegally, and they suffered unimaginable torture at the hands of people who disregarded humanity and rule of law. Bush disregarded and abused the US constitution...and spread fear amongst the American people to justify treating innocent victims as "terrorists" the name of a "war against terror"...(but we are well aware what he actually wanted...) It is those who allowed GITMO to happen that are the real terrorists.
    Agree to Shaheed's view that the GITMO prisoners r innocent... but do not agree to us having to accommodate them. i think the USA and allies have to find other suitable arrangements for the innocent victims of an era that went mad in the history of the USA...

    NO TO GITMO PRISONERS IN RAAJJE...unless they r own people...

  4. As far as I know none of these men is Maldivian. So I wonder what we stand to gain by accepting them (whether or not they are innocent is a different question)when their own nations have refused them.

  5. It is shameful that President Nasheed is ready to join in the violation of the basic human rights of those detained in Guantanamo Bay prison. They have not been found guilty in a court of law. So what right do we have to incarcerate them here in jail or deny them the right to leave the Maldives.

    If Nasheed cares about human rights he would demand that the United States release them immediately and unconditionally.

  6. Its a good idea to help, but only if truly capable and willing to take the risks. Probably need to decide who Maldives wants to serve... rich tourists or helpless ex cons. If the people of the west who bring millions of dollars a year in tourism think there is a reason to hold these guys in question, they may be a little nervous to hang out with them on their holiday. Just a thought.

  7. I'm starting to wonder whether Dr Shaheed has been planted in MDP to try bring down the government. He joined the party just before the no confidence motion forcing MDP parliamentarians to openly parade their hypocrisy in his defence. Then came the Israel issue which killed the passion a number of supporters felt for the party and drove away several would be supporters. Now this prisoner issue would probably be another serious blow. God knows whats next?

  8. Ali Waheed has every right to bring this issue to parliament. We are a sovereign nation, we don't need to be puppets of any nation. Americans are denying to have a trial of any of them even on American soil, though Obama's government suggested to have trial form some of them in New York civilian courts. But American media and Republicans and most of the Democrats even are so much against Obama's administration. So why should we allow them in Maldives.

  9. GITMO is a mess done by America and former president Bush, who has a trench as huge as seven times the size of Male' in Texas. So why cant he make a house in his Texas land and host all these people. Its Americas problem and they should clean the dirty poo they have made with those people. Why do Maldives and the rest of the world have to take care of these prisoners to please America? We should be ready to take up only the Maldivian prisoners from the GITMO. All others have to go to their own countries or let America to deal with them. Its not our responsibility. We have enough criminals here now and we don't need to import more from anywhere. This is the right of all Maldivians to safe guard our own people. Mr Nasheed has gone crazy in his mind to accept these criminals. DRP Ali Waheed is right in his cry regarding this matter.

  10. cant wait to see these handsome guys..guess they'l be of some help to all the single ladies in town...we can make a better sadhoom with these guys around ..bravo Mr Prsdnt

  11. Because lots of living space is what the Maldives is known for....

    I am not saying those men/women are guilty (just as much as you can't say all of them are innocent); neither am I saying they were treated justly. Guantanamo is an insult to the Universal Declaration and it's sad how easy the US are just getting away with it. I'm just saying that it won't open us to attacks by terrorist groups; as much as it would just give the impression to the average tourist (once this makes headlines) that this is just where they hang out now.

    Perfect for a country dependent on tourism.

    Also a perfect bullet point for the DRP/opposition to drag out. I can already hear them screaming;

    "The MDP promised affordable, decent housing for the average Maldivian; instead they went bankrupt trying to find nice houses for criminals to live in! This would have never happened with us in power!"

  12. Well!, As Muslims we have an obligation to help fellow Muslims. Moreover this is an act of humanity.Why does it matter if they are not Maldivians. Aren't we having foreigners living among us. Why does people think so narrow. It is just because president Nasheed made this decision that it became such a big "haa hoo". If it was from Golhabo he will be considered as an angel. But is he!!!?

  13. Just because British sent all their criminals to Botany Bay in Australia we are not letting Maldives to become America's Botany Bay.

    Formaru Moyamoon!!!! I wonder whats wrong with you. If you want to help these innocent muslims why not send them to their families instead of locking them up in the Maldives. By holiding them in the Maldives you are denying their human rights. Please tell your Culty ie. Alfaalil Nasheed that to hell with his noble peace price.

  14. The REASON why most of these prisoners' home countries aren't willing to take them back is that they fear that even the non-guilty inmates have become radicalized during their time in Prison.

    It beats me why we have to accept these radicals into our country.

    The only reason offered is the emotional 'our Muslim brothers' sob story.

    I'm afraid that doesn't convince me one bit. This DRP backed committee needs to investigate and do all it can to stop this from happening.

  15. I think it would be better if we exchange Ali Whaheed,Nihan & Mahloof with the three GITMOS.It would we much better for the whole nation.

  16. I agree with C & G. It would be whole lot better for this country if we were to get rid off this hair-brained Ali Waheed, Nihan and Mahloof and get some others to this country.

  17. why america cannot keep prisoners in
    Diego Garsia?it is very near air base!

  18. i just love to laugh at their stupid excuses. the guys dont even know how to spin a story. if they want to take gitmo inmates just because they are 'our muslim brothers' someone need to tell them there are more than four million muslim brothers AND sisters in refugee camps in places like lebonan syria and jordan.

  19. Agreed we shouldn't bring these people.

    But Mr. Ali Waheed, didn't your precious Maumoon government did the same? Why didn't you rally out then?

    And besides, learn to peacefully do things. Its very stupid of you to call out for protests and such without even trying to speak with the government.

  20. OK bring all the GITMOS here and take all the Maldivians to GITMO. Is that what MDP wants?

  21. Maldives is 10th smallest nation, on earth, so American found Maldives the only place to send ,whom they called terrorists. America is one of the largest country by all means send them to Alaska or Arizona. There is enough space for them to live and make more legal fights to take revenge from US because these people have been tortured by US security guards for over 9 years now for nothing did.

  22. Mr. Nasheed, you doing a great job. Everyone knows GITMO prisoners aren't terrorists. Not even 10% is. Its just a place made by Bush Administration to create FEAR among his nation and the world.

    By the way Maldives will be much safer with even terrorists open in public than the crazy maldivians who are drug addicts or alcoholics who has made the nation dangerous.

  23. one more thing, as some of the comments noted above, there are already ex-GITMO prisoners in Maldives who happens to be very simple and so far did not kill anyone, no plans of attacks. The attacks on senior officials, businessmen are by addicts, alcoholics, and the similar kind...

  24. i'd like to note that its not ali waheed but dhunya who wrote the letter to investigate.
    Maldives being small poor or what ever has the international responsibilities. these ppls lives are at stake,
    i was in exile in lanka and uk fleeing for my life from this country. lanka or uk has their own prolems. but they accepted us.
    i feel its our moral responsibility help make this earth a better place. Gitmo prisoners are yet to be investigated in any moral way.
    i am sure the government will do whats necessary

  25. President Nasheed seems ready to do anything for money. He does whatever his crooked mind pleases. Parliament needs to find some way to check this guy.

  26. MP Ali Waheed (Bull dog of Maumoon and his family) is a disgrace to Parliament!! He and his thug team (Mahloof, Umar Naseer, Banana Nihan and many more) are trying to be top politician..BUT we all Maldivians know that they simply street thugs and criminals! Anybody who knows Mahloof would know..when he was in Majeediya he stood on the table and showed his private parts to the whole class and teacher! You can see the arrogance and his stupidity!! FOR GOD SAKE..some real DRP members who truely love this country..Please stop these thugs from controling your party and make some reform!! We can't allow these thugs to get out of control!!!

  27. DRP MPs would always have something behind their moves.. something wiered or cruel..

  28. News:

    China opposes any country accepting the Chinese Uygurs held at the Guantanamo Bay, said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu on Tuesday.

    Jiang's remarks came in response to media reports that said some countires are considering taking some Uygur detainees from Guantanamo.

    China had always resolutely opposed the United States release of the Chinese detainees on their transfer to any third country taking them under any name, said Jiang.

    She said the detainees were suspected members of the "East Turkistan Islamic Movement," listed as a terrorist group by the UN Security Council, and should be dealt with by China.

    According to UN Security Council resolution 1373, all states should prevent those who finance, plan, facilitate or commit terrorist acts from using their respective territories for those purposes against other countries and their citizens.

    All countries, had obligations to fulfill their international commitments, she said.

    The detainees, from China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, were held during the Afghanistan war launched after the terrorist attacks on the United States on Sept. 11, 2001.

  29. Ali Waheed somehow says he supports the closure of Guantanamo Bay, but not the release of the unconvicted prisoners to Maldives where we can gurantee them not being tortured unlike other countries including western countries who has been accused by the European Union head to have secret U.S prisons where torture is taken place. Maybe Ali Waheed needs to be tortured by Maumoon and his gang in order to know how it feels. Maybe those who disagree with bringing them to Maldives should feel torture before they talk also. Some people have the idea that they are planning to bring thousands of them without knowing the facts. Then they exaggerate the story to get others to support their view against this. Only people who have been tortured without being given a court of law to defend themselves knows the feeling of the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay. Torture is not a few slaps on the face or a few punches or cuts only. Especially without being giving a chance to defend themselves first.

    I for one would go around asking my good friends for donations just for the purpose of taking care of any inmates from Guantanamo Bay. I already give donations to the poor when ever I a can, but for this I am sure I will need donations from others too. The point that Im trying to make is that.. just like me, there will be many that is willing to take care of our Muslim brothers who have been unjustly tortured countless days. So if others do not want to help them, that is their personal decision, but do not try to prevent the same right to help them by individuals such as me be taken away. If you do not want to help, then it is your right, but I want to help them solely because they are my Muslim brothers.

  30. I do agree with hassan Hussain. Why should UK and Sri Lanka have taken us as political refugees during Maumoons rule of Maldives? They had plenty of problems. The UK had a huge rising deficit and an unpopular war which Tony Blair led them to which cost them billions (not millions). Sri Lanka had an internal war going on.. yet they helped Maldivians in need. What proof did we have that we were more special then those in their own country? Their own people? I am sure many would have made a fuss about it for political reasons, but yet Maldivians were given safe haven and protected. The UK has a huge rise in the number of people going to prisons, but why did they take someone that Maldives government labeled as "terrorist" at that time? Shouldnt they be worried that we were labeled terrorist? Yet because we were not even given a chance to defend ourselves in a court of law.. they gave us the right to stay in their country without being scared of torture or violence. What more could we have asked for that time? Yet now, people do not want to help others in need. Shame!

  31. Can we at least have Umar Naseer sent to Gitmo in return to keeping the terror suspects?

  32. If these detainees are innocent people, why cant US intergrate them into US?

    why do they need to send them to a third country?

  33. Gitmo suspects in Maldives! Anni is worse than Gordon Brown. MDP like UK labour party is working very hard to make them as unpopular and unelectable as possible. Grass root supporters or someone should wake up and communicate this to the top. I know that DRP rule most probably will be worse but I doubt they will make such a stupid public relations error.


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