People’s Alliance splits from DRP

The People’s Alliance (PA) party, headed by the former President’s half-brother MP Abdulla Yameen, has broken its coalition agreement with the main opposition Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP).

“PA MPs decide they were unable to continue working within the DRP coalition, as they were not receiving support from the DRP,” said the PA’s acting Secretary General Ahmed Musthafa.

“The PA’s Council and MPs felt that [DRP leader] Ahmed Thasmeen Ali’s faction was not cooperating with the PA. The Z-DRP faction also urged us to break the coalition agreement,” Musthafa said.

The Z-DRP is a faction of the DRP affiliated with former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, which split from the party following the DRP Disciplinary Committee’s decision to oust then Deputy Leader Umar Naseer.

Musthafa added that the party was not yet sure how the decision to break the coalition would affect the opposition’s narrow operating majority in parliament, “although we will still be working with opposition MPs and the Z-DRP.”

The decision would require that the committee allocation decision in parliament, which resulted in parliamentary deadlocks last week and ultimately the removal of disruptive Z-DRP MPs by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF), be revisted, Musthafa said.

DRP MP Dr Abdulla Mausoom told Minivan News that the PA’s breaking of the coalition agreement would “break the hearts” of the DRP’s support base in constituencies with a PA MP.

“In the Majlis election [the PA] in Meemu and Laamu Atoll asked for DRP support. These [constituencies] have a huge DRP support base and people there will be very uncertain because of today’s decision. They are very loyal to the DRP but voted for the PA tag,” Dr Mausoom said.

He suggested that the PA’s decision “could be a way for those people with discontent about the committee allocation [in parliament] to bring the issue back to the table.”

Dr Mausoom declined to speculate on whether there was now potential for the formation of new coalition between the Z-DRP and the PA, but did make one observation: “I think this is the beginning of the road to 2013.”


10 thoughts on “People’s Alliance splits from DRP”

  1. Well, the next thing that will happen will be Z-DRP will form a new party. Then, PA will form a coalition with the Z-DRP MPs. Jumhoory party may also join them. I wonder how long that coalition will last. This will probably not be a matter of concern for the Z-DRP-PA guys. For all they want seems a reshuffle in the committes formed by the parliament. They want to keep the work done at the parliament under the MDP majority as little as possible.

  2. Just a drama! Just an part of the greater series of drama thats played with the leaders of DRP, MDP, all other so called parties! Who are you guys trying to fool? A GREATER MISSION A MEGA MISSION (perhaps part of Mega Maldives mission too) is ahead of us!! Don't be fooled..

  3. Yameen is another bafoon with no lobe to the country. He wants to be the next President. Dream on buddy.

  4. My questions why all these fusses; it only shows these so called political parties have no firm ideology. The only things they wish are to get previous jobs in the government and steal public funds if they can!

  5. Yameen is a pathologically vengeful, demonically jealous, murderously ruthless, viciosly derogatory, violently arrogant, cold hearted, souless, selfish tyrant, and when he has been in power for three or four years and the real Yameen comes through, only then will you Maldivians have some respect for political freedom.

  6. @ Ben Plewright

    Excellent description of Yameen. But we need to a little bit more on him. Yameen is corrupt to the core and basically a thief. He is a looting ultra smart gangster who had amassed millions of dollars through international fraud and embezzlement using STO's National Oil Company as a vehicle for this massive fraud.

    Yameen should be named "Feyrey Yameen" for his obsession with creating endless illegal schemes to amass illegal wealth.

    Basically Yameen is driven by a desire to accumulate wealth by any means. His desire to rule this country is only to make himself even more rich by looting this country dry.

    Yameen is the first Leader of a Political Party (PA) who had announced that he will run in the Primary of another Party (DRP)! LOL!

    Yameen, Jangiya Nazim and Maumoon - is Axis of Evil & Corruption in the Maldives. Without eliminating these three Mafia Leaders, this country will not be able to solve its political problems.

  7. Sorry..missed a word in typing my post of 1:05

    But we need to add a little bit more description on him.


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