Police ask PG to press charges against motorists involved in Gasim’s death: no mention of police involvement

Police submitted a case to the Prosecutor General’s office on December, asking it to press charges against the motorist and the passenger on the speeding motorcycle involved in the death of bystander Abdulla Gasim Ibrahim on August 17.

In a press release issued on December 15, police stated that the persons alleged to have caused the death of Gasim were 21 year-old Ahmed Nadhee Saleem, of NooruhSabah on Gemanafushi in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll and an unnamed 17 year-old boy.

Although previous police accounts stated that the two persons had been speeding on a motorcycle after stealing a mobile phone from an expatriate, the latest press release adds that the motorcycle being driven by the two was also stolen property.

The statement reads: “The request to press charges against these two persons has been sent to the Prosecutor General with relation to the events of August 17, at a time of which day these persons stole a motorcycle parked in front of Twilight Rivery in Henveiru ward, drove it at very fast speeds, stole a Nokia mobile phone from an expatriate who was standing near what was formerly known as the Bond Street shop, ignored orders from police at the scene to stop, and continued speeding despite attempts by police officers to stop them, resulting in a collision with a parked motorcycle on Orchid Magu near the Justice Building, causing severe injury and the ensuing death of the motorist on the parked motorcycle.”

The statement makes no mention of the police officer who was shown in leaked CCTV footage of the incident to have struck the fleeing suspects with his baton, causing them to collide with Gasim.

Police cover-up

The leaked video of the incident, which has been making rounds on social media since the beginning of December, shows a policeman stepping in front of the speeding motorcycle and hitting the motorcyclist on the head with a baton.

The victim’s family has also previously written to the Police Integrity Commission alleging that there was police involvement in the death of Gasim, describing the event as was later publicly seen in the leaked video. The family has said that it has so far not received any official response from the commission.

Despite the video evidence, police are now pressing charges against the cyclist and the passenger, while no mention of police involvement which led to the death was mentioned in the press statement.

Police Media Official Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef was not responding to calls at the time of press.

Minivan News also tried contacting PIC President Abdulla Waheed, whose phone was switched off at the time of press.

PIC Director General Fathimath Sarira stated that the commission would be able to comment on the matter on Thursday, and that they had no comment for the time being.

On December 3, Sarira had confirmed that the commission was looking into the allegations of police involvement in the incident, stating that the ‘investigations are nearing conclusion’.

Meanwhile, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has submitted a motion to parliament, requesting the Committee on Oversight of the Executive review the case.

Prosecutor General Ahmed Muizzu was unable to speak to Minivan News today.

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) President Mariyam Azra was also not responding to calls, while HRCM Vice President Ahmed Tholal and member Jeehan Mahmood had their phones switched off.

Warning: Some viewers may find the following footage disturbing


12 thoughts on “Police ask PG to press charges against motorists involved in Gasim’s death: no mention of police involvement”

  1. Yep. Need to present video evidence. It was not the speeding that killed an innocent man but the actions of the policeman.

  2. Look at how they roughly manhandle the victim - dropping him in their clumsy effort to tamper with the crime scene. That alone can kill.

    And he died of 'brain death', most possibly caused by such rough handling.

    The police are guilty.

  3. MDP wants to blame the police officer. And MinivanNews, an MDP based news website, wants it to happen. Members of the Parliament who belong to MDP have already filed a motion in the Parliament regarding the incident, where no clear article of any law stipulates the Parliament has the jurisdiction to investigate the matter.
    Why should police include the incident in the statement?
    A guy, who had stolen a motor-bike and also snatched a mobile phone, should be left to flee? Gasim was waiting in an unauthorized place and his distance to the road behind him is closer than what the law says?
    I’m sure if the incident was happened during Nasheed’s administration, the cyclist will be liable for everything?

  4. look guys, we are not talking about police integrity here or MDP's wide asses farting on the situation.

    The problem here is that the policeman hit the driver with a baton and this evidence was hidden from every one until this video footage was seen. humph..

    imagine without the leaked footage, it all was a mystery of how he collided with a parked vehicle after evading many driving vehicles???? ironic..this is called influencing evidences. So far as I am concerned, both drivers are free to go. Thieves do theft, what else do you expect.

    now lets look at the police man. If any one can identify this guy, then I am sure he is a "fu(#king recruit" as they call themselves. (have not done Basic training). Cz when they do their training, it covers un armed combat, combat physics etc etc... an educated person would know what would happen if a speeding vehicle is tripped. yes my stupid friends...consequences as such.

    Today there are 100's of policemen doing hardcore duty without the basic training. Their knowledge is only of that island they grew up in where they can climb coconut trees and steal coconuts.

    May I imply that it was the policeman's deliberate actions that killed the innocent man? Why are the cops running after a speeding vehicle? arent they suppose to ride or drive after it?

    We have seen enough.. heard enough. maybe its the time the country and community make their own police. This maybe new to Maldives. But its happened in all major countries when the police corruption gets extreme, the SA or SS takes the cops down. Show them we will not be tolerant to their lies.

    @ Haneef- Please see the video footage.. Gasim was not parked there but rather seeing the commotion, he took a side to the road and the baton policeman did his screw up.M sure you are a cop.stay off this site if you are tying to prove innocence of cops.

  5. May I call upon our community to vote against the people who were not responding to calls "at time of press"? It is their only JOB to answer to our community and justify the system..??? NO CONFIDENCE YOU IGNORANT LOT. If you got no guts, then let some one with guts sit their. yeah me.

  6. @haneef on Tue, 18th Dec 2012 2:24 AM
    I do not speak for MDP. But as a human being, as @maxed4901 on Tue, 18th Dec 2012 10:02 AM say and on moral grounds:

    I would declare that the Police Officer who yielded the baton to the head of the motorist who could have been a thief or even a murderer, would have other options to stop the motorist and vehicles even before they came to the junction, which is debatable.

    However on grounds of humanity and his duty to protect and serve, he is partly seen guilty of not being there to give assistance to and attend to both the cases!

    He had a moral obligation to be with them even if both them died instantly. Instead he was seen fleeing the CCTV camera, at command or otherwise.

    Had he been there as said, I would rather think he could have some merit there!

    To my belief, the Police Officer and those who could have or would have commanded him to yield the baton, or stop the motorist as deem fit, are perhaps guilty, just the same as the motorist accused of the accident, or to and extend!

    This is a serious matter that need to be addressed, interrogated and punished!

    Let us not bring party politics in to matters such as this. Because we never know when any of us may be or can be subject to a similar incident!

    Also, " Gasim was waiting in an unauthorized place and his distance to the road behind him is closer than what the law says?", is a very lame and absurd excuse in defence of the Police, or the Officer who yielded the baton.

    To my belief, the reason why the deceased stopped there, instead of turning on into a one way road was to give way for the vehicle that was pursuing the motorist with its sirens switched on!

  7. So Minivan webite is still running.

    Dhivehi media says the site is not properly registerd in maldives?

    Statement from Editor??

  8. Gasim was not waiting there instead he stopped there to give space for police. I played the video several times and I found that.

    Please have a look before you people open your mouth and say Gasim was waiting in an unauthorized place.


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