Police promote one thousand officers, recruiting further 200

In a ceremony to celebrate the 79th year of the police service, Police Commissioner Abdullah Riyaz and Minister of Home Affairs Dr Abdullah Jameel announced the promotion of around 1000 police officers – approximately a third of the force.

The appointment of four new Assistant Commissioners was also announced, more than doubling the previous number holding this rank – the third highest position in the service.

Additionally, the police have revealed plans to recruit 200 new officers to the force this year.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef said that these promotions were in line with normal police regulations, and were awarded “based on performance, merit, and number of years served.”

The weekend’s celebrations continued as President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan announced plans to allocate 74,000 square feet of land to develop homes for police personnel.

Dr Waheed also expressed his gratitude for the police’s actions on February 7. “I state that the police worked on February 7 to uphold the constitution of Maldives,” he said.

The anniversary of the police service comes after months of intense scrutiny in which it the service been accused of brutality, human rights abuses and complicity in the downfall of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

On Saturday, Commissioner Riyaz stated that he did not intend to pursue an internal investigation into the alleged events of February 7 and 8, citing the lack of credibility that such an investigation was likely to have.

The unrest on February 8 saw a Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) protest swiftly suppressed by the security forces while the footage of police aggression was beamed around the world.

Instead, Riyaz declared his decision to focus on repairing the organisational damage done to the institution.

“I can’t just come in here and investigate the alleged police brutality as the first order of business. It is essential to establish who was occupying which post first by assessing the organizational structure. The whole institution had been politically influenced,” the Commissioner told Haveeru.

“We all know that the positions within the police institutions had not been assigned in accordance with police regulations and had functioned in violation of the police system. Hence, I am compelled to drag the institution back into its proper system,” said Riyaz.

He also stated that he had discussed any potential investigation with the President and the Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) shortly after taking up his post, requesting that the HRCM take up the responsibility.

Amnesty International had last week criticised this method of investigation after having spoken to HRCM regarding the investigation of alleged sexual abuse of female detainees.

“HRCM has told Amnesty International that they have serious limitations in terms of trained investigative staff and dealing with human rights issues in a highly politicised environment is an overwhelming challenge for them,” said Amnesty’s representative in Male’, Abbas Faiz.

“By referring cases of police abuse of power to the HRCM, when it is clear that such investigations are beyond its capacity, the government is in effect forfeiting its own responsibility to enforce respect for human rights within the police force,” said Faiz.

President Waheed’s speech at the anniversary’s official function event focussed on the difficult environment the police had found themselves since the upheavals of February.

Waheed called on public to show respect for and cooperation with the police while urging all officers to respect human rights and human dignity in the course of their duties.

The strong public discontent with the police’s role in, and its reaction to, the events of February 7 and 8 has led to simmering tensions which have erupted in sporadic violence.

The President also expressed his sadness at the physical and emotional distress suffered by the police in recent weeks.

The opening of the people’s Majlis on March 19 was accompanied by clashes which saw the police suffer multiple casualties. This was followed by a series of attacks which saw four police officers hospitalised in five days.

Popular discontent also saw the staging of a large rally on March 15 in support of the International Day Against Police Brutality.

Both Commissioner Riyaz and President Waheed have been reported expressing concerns that people in the media were attempting to defame the image of the police force, expressing concern that this was damaging the country.

“I am aware of their contempt towards the institution. I will try to resolve the matter. The biggest challenge would be to win back their trust and confidence,” Riyaz told Haveeru.


26 thoughts on “Police promote one thousand officers, recruiting further 200”

  1. This is a police state now. Increasing police numbers is to ensure that the country remains a police forever. Waheed is a dictator.

  2. This is far from a police state! look at the all the casualties in the mdp led demos? most of the victims are police. Tell me one country where this level police casualties are tolerated? Just one! Our police are by no means saints, but they have shown exemplary discipline far beyond their training.

  3. @ Police Guy: Oh come on! Who are you kidding? No one can deny it is a Military Government with a Puppet Dictator! And you call the police brutality against civilians exemplary discipline? You should open your eyes and have a clearer look!

  4. This is stop the dissent in police ranks against the Baagee government! I think reasonable minds within the police and army will not be bribed by this kind of acts by the regime!

    They will need to remember the prime responsibility lies towards the people!

  5. This Riyaaz is the most dangerous man in the country. He can order his forces to do anything. He can ask them to torture rape or kill. We have to remove him as the first order of business.

  6. What will be the burden on the government budget now? WE've been hearing constantly about the debt and the growing deficit. This surely will not help the cause. This government constantly engaging in statements regarding the economy and end up doing the opposite.

  7. Oh please! Media is defaming the police? Waheed and Riyaz need to stop.

  8. Police Guy,

    Not to worry dude, help is available.

    Psychological counseling and potent anti-psychotic drugs will surely make the voices go away.

    Good luck and be brave. Just remember, they are not real.

  9. Do we really need this bunch of crazy police? Education and democracy is what we need. Every minute we lose without democracy we open the windows for police pariah state. We never had police and crazy arms in the Maldives before crazy dictator gayoom. The Maldives need a complete cleansing of madness we have inherited from Arabstanic culture that was indoctrinated by this mad man Qayoom and from Talibnism and Mullahrism

  10. Any one who does not share Anni, Maria and Reeko's view is a Bagee and that include Dr Didi and me...... Welcome to democracy.

  11. This is unbelievable. Anni never needed huge police numbers because there was a calm respectable society. Now, it is the vicious police state once again. Who has ever heard of promoting 200 people at one time.? How much will that cost??

  12. Sorry, promote 1000!
    Who is paying for this! Welcome back to the Police state. Horrific!

    they are the best friends of the new regime but not a peep? Have they been used and then gagged?

  14. @Backwards: where is adhaalath party u say? well, last time i heard they are trying to get Jabir in the parliament. now, about Jabir, we all have seen him with beer and wine and all that...

  15. If Adhaalath's stance is to help Maldivian leadership practicing Islam, it's so sad to see the current leadership because these one's are real DRUNKARDS....why they are not NOTORIOUS is because they are doing it in the same way they did the police MUTINY

  16. Promotion of one third of the force? More Chiefs than Indians as the old saying goes..I am a retired Police Officer, and this is obvious politically inspired nonsense

  17. Waheed obviously enjoys big numbers. Probably making up for the lack of support.

  18. Police guy! Who are you kidding?
    You guys get promotion for squeezing only!
    The more you squeeze, the better promotion must be!
    You must have got a quadruple promotion from squeezing Anni!

  19. Where Yameen as well??? You know when he is quiet that he is behind things......

  20. By the time they finish recruiting new people, there won't be anyone left except for those who are members of MDP or support the same cause as they do. And then we're all in deep s&*t!
    I don't see how Dr. Waheed's gonna gain anything from this. This move will probably blow right back at them and they probably wouldn't even see it coming.

  21. This is typical order of business for Gayoom and Yameen. They invested relative a small amount (stolen or illegal drug money) in the Baghee force. Now, we the ordinary public has to pay those police thugs for rest of their carriers. Are we paying them to beat us! This is indeed a sad day and a dark time for our country.

  22. Do we really need this bunch of crazy police? Education and democracy is what we need. Every minute we lose without democracy we open the windows for police pariah state. We never had police and crazy arms in the Maldives before crazy dictator gayoom. The Maldives need a complete cleansing of madness we have inherited from Arabstanic culture that was indoctrinated by this mad man Qayoom and from Talibnism and Mullahrism


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