Police push back protesters with tear gas

A third night of protests in the capital Male’ forced the government to deploy defence forces to guard the residence of President Mohamed Nasheed, as hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police following the arrest of Dr Mohamed Jameel, Deputy Leader of minority opposition Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) and Criminal Court Cheif Judge Abdulla Mohamed.

The protesters gathered outside police headquarters following the arrest of Jameel last night, for the second time this week.

At last night’s demonstration began around 9:00pm, as protesters led by opposition MPs yelled for the release of Jameel and Chief Judge Mohamed, who was detained by the military.

Minivan News reporters witnessed protesters continue to penetrate the line of shielded police patrolling the headquarters – ignoring repeated warnings by police. They yelled for the  resignation of President Nasheed, Police Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh and Home Minister Hassan Afeef.

Police responded with tear gas and marched forward, pushing back the crowd to the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), where they continued to protest.

A policeman, who was reportedly injured after being pushed by some protestors, was rushed to hospital.

Minivan News also witnessed crowds apprehend and smash up a pickup registered to Male City Council, which has a ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) majority.

Meanwhile, around 15 or so Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activists faced the crowd of opposition protester, leading to direct confrontation between the two groups.

As some ran away from crowd, a few were seen falling to the ground. Police meanwhile intervened to control the violence and arrested some protesters. Crowds dispersed shortly afterwards.

However, pockets of demonstrators continued to roamed around the streets, uprooting the coconut palms planted by the city council.

DQP member Didi was reportedly attacked by MDP activists and suffered cigarette burn marks to his neck. He was treated at the ADK hospital.

MNDF officers guarding Muleaage

Meanwhile opposition protestors marched towards President Nasheed’s residence Muleaage, which was guarded by the defence forces.

Protestors faced the guards, yelled for President’s resignation calling him a “dictator”. However, they turned back after repeated attempts to break the defence line of defence guards failed.

Few gathered near Home Minister’s house, which was also guarded by police and defence.

The protests slowly receded into the morning.

Police media official Sub-inspector Hassan Haneef confirmed eight were arrested last night, including a woman, and all were released afterwards.

As political parties’ vowed to continue protests as long as the government pursue actions against the opposition leaders, Haneef said that “to ensure stability, police will continue to take measures according to the constitution and laws”.


8 thoughts on “Police push back protesters with tear gas”

  1. i cant beleive that anni really started a military government.. but the truth is truth..

  2. Actions of a dictatorship. Current government has put the last nail on it's coffin. Sure will not will 2013 elections. Bye bye dictator Nasheed!

  3. The Executive, MNDF & Polices force has destroyed the delicate so called democracy in Maldives.

  4. "Minivan News also witnessed crowds apprehend and smash up a pickup registered to Male City Council, which has a ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) majority"
    Strangeley one of the very rare incidences witnessed by the so called themselves Independant News Minivan.

  5. We will never learn. Now we are calling President Nasheed a dictator, earlier it was the former President Maumoon who was a dictator and yet our behavior indicates that this country can only be run by a dictator! When people are given their rights and freedom of speech, they obviously are at a loss as to how to use them for the development of the country and ultimately for the people's benefit as well. While there are a lot of people protesting the arrest of the Judge, they are collectively infringing on the rights of the rest of the population for a peaceful and safe society to live in. The protesters have no right to go around destroying public property as it belongs to the people of this country and not to President Nasheed or MDP! The problem with this country is that we don't have the guts to come out and protest for worthwhile causes, such as the escalating violence in the country, and the constant abuse of children and the ongoing corruption at every level, including the Parliament. Why are the opposition parties creating such a mayhem over the arrest of a judge when there are so many other injustices happening in our society? Doesn't look like they are bothered about the society or the people, more like about one of their loonies who may no longer be able to do their bidding for them. Well if the arrest of this guy is going to result in him being replaced by a more responsible and ethical Judge who actually understands the meaning of justice, and thereby keeps our society free from violence and our children safe, well then we definetly won't be losing out!

  6. I just cant understand people like to MNDF, use your brain cells, read, understand,,,,,,,,,arbitrary arrests must be condoned, and the constitution upheld.......a very black day for this country


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