Protesters call for DQP to be abolished, after Civil Court overturns Addu City Council ruling

A group of protesters last night gathered outside the residence of Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) leader Dr Hassan Saeed, demonstrating against the party’s support of a Civil Court ruling preventing Addu Atoll being granted status as a city.

Saeed himself is a prominent Adduan, however the case in the Civil Court was filed by the DQP’s Deputy Leader of DQP Imad Solih. The party argued that President Mohamed Nasheed did not have the authority to declare Addu a city council.

With over 30,000 inhabitants, Addu Atoll is the second largest population centre in the country. However, as much as 60 percent of some islands currently reside in the capital Male’.

Most of the protesters claimed to be from Addu, however Minivan News also observed many Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) supporters at the protest, including MPs Alhan Fahmy, Ilyas Labeeb and Mohamed ‘Colonel’ Nasheed.

Protesters burned an effigy of DQP Deputy leader Imad Solih, and called for the party to be abolished.

Riot police attended the area and blocked the road, however, confrontations between riot police and protesters occurred when protesters attempted to breakthrough police lines.

Police arrested some of the protesters and protesters shouted at the police accusing them of torturing peaceful protesters.

The local media have reported that similar protests were held at Addu, in Hithadhoo near the island office, led by people who supported the City Council idea of the government.

Hassan Saeed had not responded to Minivan News at time of press.

Attorney General Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad has said he will appeal the ruling.


17 thoughts on “Protesters call for DQP to be abolished, after Civil Court overturns Addu City Council ruling”

  1. MDP has become a big joke. Anni tries to rule like a dictator but the system he himself helped to put in place is crushing the President's every effort. Demonstrations and effigy burning is all they can do now. What a shame that Anni got the opportunity to rule as a democrat but chose to try copying his predecessor.

  2. As an Adduan, it is a sad day for me today. Specially being a member of the DQP who seems to be blocking the progress and development that Addu deserves.

    I hereby announce withdrawal of my name from DQP registry and wow to take every possible measure to confront Imad Solih and Hassan Saeed and his clan whenever I see them, be it in Male' or else where.

    As an Adduan i would also like to remind my other fellow members that this is one of the parties that fought in the Peoples Majlis, together with the PA to take out the budgeted portion of money budgeted to build the convention centre in Addu to host SARC summit in Addu and Fuvahmulah in 2011.

    Hassan & Imad. You have no place in the hearts of true Adduans anymore. You are both gone losers!!!!!


  3. Everything President Nasheed does seems to be illegal or unconstitutional. Now its obvious that even a nut case can rule Maldives.

  4. This is funny. It was a court ruling that decided Addu’s fate not Hassan Saeed. It is sad that MDP Mps use their activists on these kinds of political stunts.

  5. Mr Saeeds sole aim is to disrupt ANY development activity by the government towards the islands of the Maldives.

    By preventing the development of Addu, their financial backers in the capital benefit from enslaving islanders into paying exorbitant rents!

    They have absolutely no shame calling themselves "Dhivehi Qaumee Party". Their actions from day one has been towards the exact opposite; to destroy the country.

    They shall face the power of the people. Who do they think they are?

  6. Lol, a bunch of "QAUMEE" politicians burned a huge megaton wad of US$.

    A megaport in Addu would turn us from backwater third world country into rising trade centre.

    But nooooooooooo.

  7. with common-sense and investment Addu should and could become the "new face of the Maldives""

  8. A city is a densly populated urban area which Addu is not. So what's the big fuss about the court decision ruling against President Nasheed's decision to declare Addu a city. What does Addu loose due to this decision? As for gains I hear that Addu will get some 56 people elected in the local council elections to represent Addu compared to 6 representatives if it is considered a city. MDP should stop trying to harass and intimidate everyone who do not agree with their views. I mean the death threat by President Nasheed to against Maumoon; the call by Reeko Moosa yesterday to arrest Maumoon, the detention of Yameen etc.

  9. @ Larry[geordie]Dodds

    40 YRS and still nothing changes regards MALE versus ADDU !!!

    Larry, you're absolutely right. When you were in Addu in the 70s, the people of Addu had access to better healthcare and education than they do now, 40 years on!

    The medieval views of certain powers in Male will try anything to prevent the development of Addu.

    Why are they doing it? Some of it is ideological. Most of it is economics. A properly developed Addu means, a huge exodus of very high rent paying Adduans out of Male, impoverishing these guys.

    Male's economy simply relies on thousands of Maldivians being enslaved in its shanty town.

  10. Ahmed,,I understand exactly what you are saying..The 5 times I've been on Male,the worse it gets each time,,goodness knows what would happen if an epidemic struck the place..I think now is the time for the government to open its eyes and realise that there needs to be new horizons opened up for the benefit of the Maldivian people and ADDU is the only place large enough to allow expansion/industry/cruise ships etc..I don't understand your politics,so I can't comment,,but looking in from the outside,,someone is going to have to do something,and quickly, before the Maldivian people take action themselves..

  11. Have you been to Addu? Their living population density is no higher than an average island. If you put all islands togather, there are other atolls that will meet the same criteria. So why Addu is so special? Isn't it time we started looking at Male vs the rest instead of Male vs Addu...?

  12. I agree with your last statement. I like this area of developing cities across the country. So Addu being a city would be a Good start. Why should it be only Male' where essentially the Basics are provided only!! This also serves towards DECENTRALIZATION! and spread rescources and wealth across the country!

  13. The issue is simple and twisted by politicians and ignorant followers. The issue is Addu must be developed like any other part of Maldives and if the idea is to make it a city it is a good start to call it one so that the focus is only developing it in the way a city does. The population numbers now is not important. What is important is the potential it has for development which is great. Adduans and other sincere Maldivians should hail the idea. Stop trying to discredit it because one does not like the President or MDP. Think deeper what it implies.

  14. As someone who considers herself an 'honorary'Maldivian and returns for months at a time I have a passion about Addu (my husband was in RAF there)and in small ways I try to help.I have always said that Addu has great potential,so I was very pleased to learn on my return to UK in January that Addu has been designated a city.It makes sense, as Male is overcrowded and Addu has space but planning is essential,with the airport becoming used more for flights from Hong Kong/India etc it would make an ideal place for head offices etc.It needs everyone to work together to make this work and I agree with other comments that it is not Male v Addu but an opportunity for all.The Adduans deserve it they have waited long enough.


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