Police send case concerning MDP MPs Hamid and Bonday to Prosecutor General

Police have sent cases concerning opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs Hamid Abdul Ghafoor and Ibrahim ‘Bonday’ Rasheed to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

An official from the Prosecutor General’s Office has confirmed to matter to local media today and has said the PG Office was currently researching the case.

Local newspaper ‘Sun Online’ reported that police have requested to press charges against MP Hamid for obstructing police duty and requested MP Rasheed be charged for obstructing police duty, assaulting police officers, threatening and creating unrest.

On August 4, Ibrahim Rasheed was arrested and the Criminal Court placed him under house arrest for five days on charges of threatening and attacking a police officer and obstructing police duty.

According to a statement issued by the MDP, Rasheed was taken into custody at 12.30am from a popular cafe in the capital Male’ by “20 militarised police.”

“MP Ibrahim Rasheed was arrested under a warrant obtained by the police relating to an incident two days back on 30 July when it was reported that the MP was ‘bitten’ on his back by a policeman in the process of being arrested while participating in a protest rally,” the statement said.

Photos surfaced on social media showing bruises on the MPs’ back and the prescription letter from private hospital ADK where he was treated.

On July 22, Hamid Abdul Ghafoor was arrested after he broke through the police barricades near the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA).

“We warned him and let him go as he first broke through the police barricades. We arrested him for obstruction of police duties after he broke through again,” police said in a statement.

In a statement following Hamid’s arrest, the MDP said Hamid and other protesters were arrested in violation of the laws stipulated under the constitution and international covenants Maldives is party to.


5 thoughts on “Police send case concerning MDP MPs Hamid and Bonday to Prosecutor General”

  1. I don't think I eve met 'Bonday.'

    But Mr. Hamid Abdul-Ghafoor is one of the most sincere, warm hearted people I have ever met. I can guarantee you that whatever he may have done, he did it with the purest of intentions, believing it to the best thing for social justice and the Maldives. He was NOT acting out of greed, or selfishness, or hunger for power unlike others who create hatred and social discord out of evil, selfish intentions.

    IF it may be, over zealous, it is pure hearted. I really believe that about this man, and I sincerely Pray the Judges take this into account.

  2. How about the brutal assault case on Bonda by rogue policemen. Prosecute them first and then try this . Cowardly and spineless PG.

  3. lol

    Maldives Police are busy chasing the Maldives Parliment members

    23 December Galhi(Dumb) Ittihaadu...do they know the international consequences…lol even now Sheik Bon Aqua bin Shaheem and Baghee Waheed are begging in Saudi Arabia.

  4. Police could play both law enforcer and mafia. what are the police good at? It is one of the two, not either of the two nor both.

    Far from the signs of a people's government. As usual under the regime a government for their own benefit bereft of people's interest and welfare. Solution - people must give an absolute majority to their favourite party to purge out filth detrimental to this country operating only with vested interests.

    Obey laws spread peace and accept truth without prejudice regardless of the origin.


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