Unknown pills discovered inside Majlis coffee machine

MPs have today revealed the discovery of an unknown type of pill in a coffee machine inside the parliament.

At about 11:23pm Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party MP Rozeyna Adam tweeted pictures of the pills, statng that MPs’ lives were at risk.

According to Rozeyna, after a few minutes a police forensic team went to the parliament to investigate the case, although she went on to question whether opposition MPs could trust them.

Maldivian Democratic Party MP Eva Abdulla wrote on her twitter page that the lady working at the parliament had noticed the coffee inside the machine was discolored. When she threw it away she found the pills in the drainage.

The parliament secretariat has issued a statement confirming the allegations.

The parliament said that police and Maldives National Defence Force are investigating the case.

Speaking at parliament today, Eva expressed concern with similar incidents occurring in the run-up to no-confidence votes against cabinet ministers and called for a prompt investigation.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union has recently written to the Speaker of the Majlis requesting an urgent visit to the Maldives in order to ensure that MPs can  work “unhindered, without fear of intimidation and harassment or attack on their physical integrity”.

Eva noted that the security cameras near the room where the coffee machine was kept has not been functional for some time despite repeated requests to fix them.

A source within the parliament today told Minivan News that the pills appear to be a laxative called Dulcotax.

The incident occurred while MPs were debating the no-confidence motion against Attorney General Azima Shukoor, which was eventually passed.


15 thoughts on “Unknown pills discovered inside Majlis coffee machine”

  1. Looks like the MPs came near to be in the sh** ...

    If all that going on in Male wouldn´t be so funny, one could cry loud and weep ...

  2. Aha ! Now our honourary parliament members will be drinking crap, while talking crap. This is a step in the right direction for them !

  3. must be Viagra, which would explain everything thats going on in that mad house

  4. When just fillibustering isn't enough. Tsk tsk, if this goes unchecked next time the pills would be much more dangerous.

    Ps. if they spiked it with LSD, colourless oderless tastless liquid, imagine lol..

  5. I call upon Mr. Abdulla Riyaz to start turning over every stone... as the police normally do.

  6. All MPs should be subject to urinalysis after every session of Majlis! This episode goes some way in explaining the zoo that the Majlis has become.

    I really do wonder what they take inside that building.

  7. What the hell??what name should we give this episode from the Maldivian Mad house??

  8. may be some mentos like tofees left by some one come down to take cofee... and forensic is investigating the pills... omg..... ask supreme court... they only knows what is that.. if they say it is a coconut then all will say its a coconut..

  9. @hashim..."ask supreme court… they only knows what is that.. if they say it is a coconut then all will say its a coconut..."



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