Police summon protest organiser, Adhaalath Party President, for questioning

Police have questioned President of the Adhaalath Party, Sheikh Imran Abdullah, and Abdullah Mohamed, head of the NGO coalition  organising a religious rally on December 23, regarding slogans calling for the murder of “anyone against Islam”.

The slogans published on the website, 23December.com, were subsequently removed by the organisers who attributed them to “a mistake on the technical teams’ side.”

Sub-Inspector of Police Ahmed Shiyam told Minivan New that Abdullah and Sheikh Imran were summoned to the police headquarters at 1:00pm on Tuesday concerning a case under investigation. He did not reveal any further information.

However speaking to the press after police questioning, Abdullah and Sheikh Imran’s lawyer, former State Minister of Islamic Ministry Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, confirmed that police asked them about the slogans published on the website.

Shaheem said that slogans calling for murder were not on the website when it was launched, adding that the “content were manipulated by some people spying on the website”.

Abdullah who is the lead organiser of the the protest, also told Minivan News on Tuesday that they had not seen the slogans calling for murder until the day after the launch. “We corrected the mistake as soon as it was brought to our notice,” Abdullah said.

He said the slogans were earlier attributed as a “mistake on technical team’s side” after they identified some loop holes in the website security, adding that their “suspicions were confirmed” when the website was hacked on Tuesday morning.

The hackers replaced the website with green skulls and a statement reading “We’ll come out against you with machetes if you protest.”

Abdullah restated that the protest will be a “peaceful gathering” and they would ensure “no violence takes place from their side”.

However, he raised concerns over the attacks on their website and groups opposing the protest noting that “they might create violence during the gathering”.

Speaking at a Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) rally last night Mohamed President Nasheed has promised that should the protests target Maldivians, “The government and MDP will come out in defence of the people. We’ll not come out on the streets with the defence forces but with bare hands. No one can confront us on these streets,” Nasheed was reported as saying.

MDP national council has meanwhile passed a resolution today, to stand against the religious rally.

The resolution was passed with 45 votes out of 52 members who participated in the council meeting.


37 thoughts on “Police summon protest organiser, Adhaalath Party President, for questioning”

  1. We have a lunatic as a president.
    How many of our "fellow citizens" have been killed by gang violence, right infront of our eyes in our streets. Yet, the president did nothing. Not even a single word. No extra police to provide us security. Yet the president has posted police to guard the SAARC idols in Addu. and now the president is jumping up and down for a comment an anonymus user sent to a website which was promptly removed by the protest organisers. He is a true lunatic who has fail to run the country. No wonder our economy is on a nose dive, corruption sky rocketting, a failed heath care and a country on the verge of becoming a failed state.
    and btw i'll be participating in the protest and if MDP attack us as they are threatening now, then i'm sure the peaceful protest will turn very ugly, which none of us want.

  2. They hacked our website, and calls for the eradication of anyone who stands against Islam was "fabricated." What blatant propaganda. Blatant lies. It is obvious to the entire country that someone was just over zealous and went too far.

    I have no doubt that neither Adhaalath nor most of the NGOs would support a blatant call for murder (at least not within the next couple of years) - but we all know that some of the conservative "activists" are exactly that radical. So for Shaheem or anyone else to try and spin this with a blatant lie is unacceptable. They are trying to do some damage control with the more moderate community, and cover up the fact that some of them are genuinely psychotic and a danger to everyone. And it was a pathetic cover up at that.

    Yes, "somebody hacked our website." "It wasn't us, just some randome, other, nameless person." "I know, it was the opposition groups to us!!"

  3. This is Maumoons work. Definite his and his family's work.

    Prosecute Maumoon for this!

  4. @Ahmed Nafiz And where is that little coward Maumoon??? Never in Male' when he's organising a protest because he's too scared to go near crowds. Pathetic old man.

  5. No one should dare question the admirable goals of the Adhaalath party!

    Who, but them, shalt keep our women pious?

  6. am i the only one who think its a hoax that their website got hacked

    "The hackers replaced the website with green skulls and a statement reading “We’ll come out against you with machetes if you protest.”"

    i think they r looking for some sympathy votes by creating an enemy

    wouldnt be surprised if they hired people to attack themselves on their big protest day - making a self sacrificing jihad

  7. Nice try, Adhaalath. I told this story to my 7 year old nephew and even he doesn't believe it.

  8. The way president's mouth piece, Zuhair called up each and every news agency in the country and informed that there are "death threats" in the website, before anyone even noticed it, is very fishy. and president and his party gangs reaction is also very suspicious. In this modern age it is easy to hack in and change informations appearing on a website for those with the know how. i wont be suprised to know all of this is a game played by the ruling gang in collaberation with the secularists.
    anyways let the police do their job.

  9. "lets start burning mosques..." was a message appearing on one of the islamophobes website. and after a few days mosques in addu were damaged.
    "i will send my drug partey friends to each and every mullah (in other word muslim) who oppose me and will physically harm them" was an article appearing on an apostates blog. and after a few days the president and vice president of adhaalath was threatened with death.
    inspite of all these, the president nasheed didnt start jumping up and down and didnt force the police to start an investigation.

  10. Just to let everyone here know that I'll be participating in the mega demonstration and will be proud in making history by being involved in the biggest ever gathering for a single cause, in the whole history of maldives.
    Yes to Islam, Yes to Islam!

  11. I heard that many boys disguised with veils will be in the gathering with the women , it seems even sheik fareed will be one of them

  12. Maldivians do not support extremists. Lunatic Mullahs disturb this peaceful country.
    I believe our ancestors were Muslims and they did not have these kinds of problems than. I suppose we have a new kind of Islam after lentil soup drinking mullahs came from Pakistan.
    Anyway I will never follow their version of Islam.

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgLNyMGo-tY&list=UUi5XMqPwgaCN-GpNbkFrERw&feature=plcp

    this video shows some surprisingly beautiful views on political tolerence from Salaf ON a program last ramadan on POLITICAL DIVISION IN THE COUNTRY. i hope they'd see and apply the same to the religious division they are making in this country.

  14. maldivian, u will burn in hell mega for taking part in a mega protest calling and intending to kill innocent Muslims, u idiot, and yes to Islam mega.

  15. Maldivians should learn something from history if they want to keep religious harmony in the country. Great Muslim leaders like our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Calioh Umar bin Khattab, Great Warrior Salaahuddin Ayoobi, Otoman Emperor Suleman have all maintained freedom of religion during their times and thus great muslim civilization and harmony. They never called for killing of non muslims and strict establishment of muslim only citizenship. The first crusade was incited when a stupid muslim killed one christian warrior and Cengez Khan attacked and ruined Baghdad with century old muslim knowledge when anpther stupid muslim attacked and killed a companion of Cengez Khan. These are not just history, but lessons to learn. If we want the muslim civilization to rise again, we have to first give freedom to our brothers, no matter which religion they are from. Then we have to prove them we are better in many other ways like peace keeping, fairness in justice, eliminating corruption, trade, arts, science, mathematics, medicine etc etc.

  16. No one is threatening/ intending to kill anybody from the protesters side. Its you, secularists who are threatening to harm people. Its you secularists who are involved in prostitution, homosexuality, drug abuse, gang violence and most of the social crimes happening in the country. Shame on you people. This country will be better without your filthy presence.

  17. Salim waheed is a dangerous person like his father. They both aid Asia Foundation to monitor Islamic Scholars and try to frame Islamic scholars as terrorists! salim Waheed is just the tip of the ice burg. We have very high level group both in government and in DRP, PPM, Adaalath, and QP who are secret agents of Zionist groups across the world who is determined to distort Islam and portray Islam as a very voilent religion!! Salim Waheed and nor his gay group doesn't know Abc of Islam. mariya is another extremist who is awarded by US to do the job in Maldives. Let's wait and see

  18. Yes. I believe.

    we all have officially lost it!

    In a country with the population smaller than a minority group in most other countries - what possible gain is there by dividing it further into smaller groups.

    Each political party is made up of interconnecting families and friends fighting against friends n family of other party! One group aligns with another and then gangs up on an issue. That's what this is. The real minorities in this democracy are the families involved in politics.

    At the end of the day, we don't have ethnic races, different religions, so we need to constantly invent some issue to not make it so bloody obvious that each group is trying to secure their families future.

  19. Yep... caught out with their true colours... nice try digging out of the hole but the truth is that you just can't respect people who are not like you...

  20. @mdl..the Press Secretary is sharp..and yes he got it before anyone else even noticed it coz he's on the job..the whole time...while others sleep even...and he (or his office) usually gets it first...eat yer heart out man..these guys up top represent civilized values and are there coz they're the best. Period.

  21. Blame Adhaalath Party.
    Everything else will be solved then.
    The irony is, this protest is not organised by Adhaalath alone. There are several stake holders in this. Why give the credit to Adhaalath only?

  22. The moment you start an investigation about Gayoom, Kulhi Hameed or Ilyas, this what MDP should expect. These guys think they are above the law. If these religious idiots do anything to disobey the law enforcement officers, they must be prosecuted to the fullest of the laws.

  23. you f**king lair!!! the site was not hacked, you people pulled that stunt so you can say this regarding the slogan you posted

    “peaceful gathering”

    yes we have seen how you do things peacefully, the people who attacked Hilath was so peaceful that they were yelling out "PEACE" while bashing him with stones. and the individual that busted hilaths head open is the same freak that was marching in front in the recent protest you people were asking to "ban UN" (LOL such stupidity)

    yes you are the same people who organized to attack Hilath, and now your after the organizers of the silent solidarity protest.

    you are calling in thugs and money is being poured to fund the hunt for the apostates.

    you dont know the meaning of PEACE!!! peace does not mean people swimming in pools of blood. peace dont mean to kill those who oppose you.

  24. What is this society comming to? I don't beleive for one second that those calls for death was put there by mistake, it was in multiple lines. They had the gall to say or they just published things without looking thats why. And after it was brought to everyone's attention suddenly their website gets hacked and they get threatened. Me thinks that was all part of their plot to gain sympathy and to shift blame. One has only to hear their sermons to realize that calls for death to those who even vaguely oppose anything that they stand for, is the next thing in line for these bunch of radicals.

    Maldivians will never support these extremists and those political oppositions who are using this as an opportunity to demonstrate against the government, they are going to regret this in the long run when they see how far these extremists want to take this country.

  25. I am a Muslim and I will not join the protest. The protest organizers are hypocrites. I wish Sheikh Imran and Sheikh Shaheem rot in hell for trying to manipulate right Muslims. we know what you want. You will never get it!

  26. Islam is not the only religion of the world. Followers of other faiths are not necessarily against Islam as much as all Moslems are not against the rest of world's religions. Most of the billions of world population believe in one religion or other. Incidentally, Islam is one of the minority religions and this does not give Moslems a right to murder people of other faiths but they have to accept the reality. That Islam is not the only religion in the world.

  27. Maldives became a Muslim country by a decree made by a sultan, hence we are Muslims by name only.

    Perhaps someday Maldivians will embrace Islam with their hearts instead of a command.

    Since I was born to Muslim parents, I am a Muslim not by choice, all these years I am a Muslim by name only. Since then I have moved country and I now reside in a multi religious and racial country where there is absolutely no compulsion in religion, I am free to booze, fornication, adultery, visit any temple I wanted and what not, believe me, I did all that cause I thought I was free, but since then I have become even more liberated by submitting myself to Allah and His religion Islam without compulsion.

    As time goes by one begins to wonder about beliefs and creator, hence had to read about different religion and still I found out Islam is the best for me and made a decision to submit myself to Allah finally. Now I can very confidently say I am a follower of Islam and a practicing Muslim without the help of any religious freaks or threats.

    The point I am trying to make is you don’t become follower of Islam just because you are born to Muslim parents or our constitution says so. It has to come out in you without any compulsion. Allah knows best, but as a humble earthling, I can easily say I am a true believer of Islam now without anyone forcing me, with my own free will.

    I wonder how many natives of Maldives can claim to be true submitters to Allah without these outside forces i.e.: parents, constitution, fear of violence etc… and most importantly those who claim to have changed ship and believe other religions, how can you truly say they are Muslims or try to change their heart by force or threat. Maldivian constitution can have very fancy words claiming to be one hundred percent Muslims but it can never be, can it? And these gentlemen who change religion what are you going to do to them without giving them citizen ship, deport them or killed them?

    If these religious men who claim to be such true followers of Islam, has failed big time by calling to kill. I am sure they know and we all know, proper way to go about it is to prove to non believers the true religion is Islam is by explaining the truth, not with threats and if they fail to explain and if those who people do not return back, then it’s the preachers who have failed in their preaching.

    Point is Maldives and its citizens will never be true follower of Allah’s religion Islam as long as there is compulsion in religion by fancy words in the constitution and threats. You people can shout all you want I can never believe Maldives is One Hundred Per Cent Muslim Country and never was.

    I have no doubt there are very very good Muslims amongst us not by name or by a fancy looking appearance but by simple submission.

    All thanks, praise, love and fear are to Allah, who has help me to live in a free society without any compulsion , Oh Allah increase in us true belief and rid us of compulsion in every way make us true believers in you. Amen.

  28. Divide and rule and in the meantime all the countries resources are disbersed amongst party loyalists through a vague vehicle called the planning council, without any bidding process

  29. MDP must show these idiots that they can shout at the top of their lungs that are for Islam. While this government gave them the freedom to yell at each other.

  30. Anyone who protest for the protection of Islam should be clean and complete all rukuns on Islam. If anyone would blame the others that they are wrong, first get cleaned himself/herself from all wrong doings. The characteristic to be fulfilled before you protest should be:
    1. must have truth faith in Allah (Aqidha)
    2. should not have missed any 5 obligatory prayers
    3. should have observed the fasting in Ramadan every year.
    4. should have given zakath without failure.

    anyone who have failed to complete any of the above obligations properly is not qualified to stand up to the rally.

  31. A phantom hacker with an "even more violent agenda" needed to be created to deflect the controversy surrounding the calls for violence in the 23december.com.

    This my friend is damage control as best as these islamists know how!


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