Police Superintendents ‘MC’ Hameed and Anees relieved of duty

The Police Disciplinary Board has decided to relieve Chief Superintendent ‘MC’ Mohamed Hameed and Superintendent Ibrahim Adhnan of duty, according to a statement issued by police.

The Disciplinary Board has also decided to demote Superintendent ‘Lady’ Ibrahim Manik to Chief Inspector of Police, and to remove the disciplinary badge on his uniform.

The statement said that the Disciplinary Board summoned the senior officers before making the decision, and that they were given the opportunity to speak in their defense as well as appoint lawyers.

However, the statement did not specify the allegations against the officers, or why the Disciplinary Board took action against them.

Newspaper Haveeru claimed that the decision was made by the Disciplinary Board on allegations that the three officers had “worked for the political benefit of a certain party” using their police roles.

Hameed, Adhnan and ‘Lady’ Ibrahim Manik were among only a few police senior officers who did not join the events of February 7, which saw mutinying police hand out riot gear to opposition demonstrators and launch an all-out assault on the main military headquarters. The state broadcaster was also stormed.

In June, Anees sued the Maldives Police Service seeking compensation for medical treatment of injuries sustained after mutinying police officers allegedly attacked him in Republic Square and inside police headquarters on February 7.

Adhnan Anees, Ibrahim Manik and Chief Superintendent Mohamed Jinah were among senior officers allegedly assaulted on February 7.

Meanwhile on June 14, police arrested Chief Superintendent Hameed, former head of police intelligence, following his contribution to the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s report into the controversial transfer of power on February 7.

Following reports that police who cooperated with the Ameen-Aslam report were being rounded up and detained, police initially denied allegations of a “witch hunt” and issued a statement accusing the media of “circulating baseless and false reports”. However court warrants for the arrest of Hameed and Staff Sergeant Ahmed Naseer were subsequently leaked.

The Criminal Court arrest warrant stated that Hameed was accused of “misusing” or leaking information acquired through his position for “the political gain of a particular group”, and participating in the compilation of the “misleading” Ameen-Aslam report, which undermines “the public’s respect for the security services.”

It justified his detention on the grounds that Hameed might influence witnesses and attempt to get rid of evidence as “others are suspected of involvement in the case.”

Police issued a statement that day confirming that Hameed had been arrested on charges of leaking “important information collected by the Maldives Police Services intelligence related to national security” as well as providing “untrue and false information” intended to benefit a specific [political] party, which could pose a threat to national security and create “divisions between the police and the public.”

Hameed’s actions were in violation of the Police Act, the statement insisted.

Following his detention in July, the family of Chief Superintendent Hameed expressed concern over his detention and noted that he was widely respected in the force as “a man of principle”. He has been in the service for over 17 years and has a masters in policing, intelligence and counter-terrorism.

Following the raid and extrajudicial dismantling of the MDP’s protest site at Usfasgandu on May 29, Hameed tweeted: ” Called a ‘baaghee’ [traitor] on the road twice today. Rightly so when our own actions are unjustifiable and thuggery like!”

After his dismissal last night, Hameed tweeted: “Ayan: Daddy, why were you fired from your job? My response: Because I did not join the bad guys.


13 thoughts on “Police Superintendents ‘MC’ Hameed and Anees relieved of duty”

  1. Ha ha the infamous ‘Lady’ Ibrahim Manik is a hero to mdp just because Anni met him in jail. This man is probably the most notorious sadists ever to have served in the maldives police force. if yameen abdul gayoom joins mdp tomorrow he will also be as clean as a hounds tooth. Anyone remember what happened to the name calling mdp was doing to balak ali waheed and Ahmed janaza shaheed before they switched sides?

  2. No doubt about it,Hameed is a hero. Better to stand by your ethics n principles and refuse to join the bad guys even at the expense of loosing your job, then loose your own self respect and that of others towards you.

  3. @rameez and other haters of democracy and dictatorship lovers (along with Abdulla Hameed boys too).

    This is an excellent article. Those who’re directly or indirectly involved in the coup and brutality would always try to write against such truth with lies, just like themselves. These ppl are filled with evil of all sorts -lies, hatred, jealousy, animosity, brutality, tyranny, etc. They just can’t accept it to see another person get elected but anyone of their evil allies such as Gayoom, Yamin, Tasmeen, Gasim, Hassan Saeed and any other with equal evilness, wickedness, greediness, viciousness and deceiving nature. These are the very characteristics we all see form these ppl and their boys like Mahloof, Riyaz Rasheed, Jabir, Seik Saheem, Seik Ilyas and lying comment-makers.

  4. Your son and we the majority of Maldivians are very proud of you for not joining the bad guys. May you have success in this world and live long to serve the nation honestly because your brand is now becoming extinct in Maldives.

  5. hats off to you for standing up to the bad guys.. insha Allah you shall be able to serve your nation in a better capacity in the future. Wish you much success

  6. Hameed is not a patriot. He is not a Maldivian but a MalDeviant. How predictable that the enemies of God and the Shar'iah would greet him with open arms.

    I shudder to think of what the day of judgement has in store for the likes of the MalDeviant Democratic Party and their deranged sympathisers.

  7. Who in the Maldives decides the enemies of God. Mohamed Rasheed Ibrahim??? Shaheem???? Imran ??? Or Mr. Kamineegey Golhaa Boa himself??? The last comment sounds as if Jibreel is his bro-in-law

  8. Wish there were more men of principles. Must teach the nation how to spell that word first...!

  9. the real dictatorship lovers are MDP members and Anni is the worst president and he a dictator.

    Anyone who does not agree with Anni , he /she will be" Baaghee" and who ever support Anni is hero.

    Common, I do not support MDP neither I support PPM but am still a Maldivian and I do not belong to any political part.

    I blame Anni and Maumoon for what is happening in this country today and both need to be jailed for the crimes that they had commuted and should not allow them to walk freely on the road.

  10. Hameed is the worst kind of opportunist.

    Look at respectable officers like the previous Police Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh. He has lost a lot more for merely occupying a post but has not uttered a single word in public forums.

    Hameed truly does not deserve his post as a uniformed officer. He can now pursue his dream of becoming a career politician.

  11. An opportunist (according to the dictionary) is "a person who takes advantage of opportunities as and when they arise, regardless of planning or principle."

    If Hameed was a true opportunist of the worst kind, he would have taken full advantage to join the police mutiny, commit treason, tell lies and do whatever was necessary to further his career, regardless of the damage it did to the credibility of the Police. Take his bosses as an example.

    The fact that he did no such thing is a sign of his integrity and he brings some credibility to a discredited force. No self-respecting opportunist would even think of helping the useless Nasheed now that he has been kicked out.

    For an example of the worst kind of opportunism, look at the behaviour of so-called "independent" MPs who claim to be neutral because they don't want to take sides and then prostitute themselves at the first chance there's the possibility of making some quick cash in return for crocodile tears and getting intimate with people in power. I hear it's even worse when they claim to be lawyers as well. These opportunists will be willing to lie, cheat and do anything without any regard for any principle. You should be careful not to listen to a word of what they say.

  12. What Hameed should have tweeted if he was tweeting the truth: “Ayan: Daddy, why were you fired from your job? My response: Because I joined the bad guys and leaked sensitive information of the state to the bad guys."

  13. @Shah:

    Oh my interpretation of your definition is slightly different.

    I do not know this Hameed personally and therefore there is nothing personal in my remarks. That is why I named former CP Faseeh as a fine example of upstanding service.

    He was appointed CP by Nasheed during his Presidency and served according to Nasheed and Afeef's whims and fancies for the most part. He even remained true to his post till the very last minute only refusing to carry out Nasheed's orders when they were likely to result in bloodshed and strife.

    Why are we not celebrating the unsung heroes like Faseeh? Why are we trying to glorify a man who came to the fore only through his own marketing efforts on social media networks?

    We could draw some parallels with the music industry in this case.

    Faseeh is the Nick Cave to MC Hameed's Nicki Minaj.


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