Civil Court orders police to reinstate Chief Superintendent Mohamed ‘MC’ Hameed

The Civil Court has ordered the police to reinstate former Chief Superintendent Mohamed ‘MC’ Hameed – one time head of police intelligence – who was dismissed by the institution’s Disciplinary Committee in August 2012.

The court ruling issued today on Hameed’s case declared that he was to be reinstated within 15 days of the order.  He is also to be given back payment of his salary within 30 days.

Hameed today told Minivan News that he understood the court order had called for his reinstatement to a rank equal to that which he held at the time of his dismissal.

The Police Disciplinary Board decided to relieve Hameed and Superintendent Ibrahim Adhnan of duty and to demote Superintendent ‘Lady’ Ibrahim Manik to Chief Inspector of Police, and to remove the disciplinary badge on his uniform.

Newspaper Haveeru at the time claimed that the decision was made by the Disciplinary Board on allegations that the three officers had “worked for the political benefit of a certain party” using their police roles.

Hameed, Adhnan and ‘Lady’ Ibrahim Manik were among only a few police senior officers who did not join the events of February 7, which saw mutinying police officers hand out riot gear to opposition demonstrators and launch an all-out assault on the main military headquarters. The state broadcaster was also stormed during the time of the contraversial transfer of power.