Police to investigate vandalism of Supreme Court

Police have launched an investigation into the last week’s vandalism of the Supreme Court, the former palace of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, after black oil was sprayed onto  the walls of the building,

The vandalism occurred during a week of opposition-led protests, triggered by a disagreement with the government over the process of endorsing the reappointment of cabinet ministers. The Supreme Court last week ordered the parliament to delay the cabinet endorsement until the court delivers a ruling.

The court also issued a statement calling the act “disgraceful”, claiming that it “tarnishes the reputation of the court.”

The Supreme Court has now filed the case with police. Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said police were investigating the matter, but that so far nobody had been arrested in connection with the crime.

The court also said the official name board of the court was also sprayed with the oil.

DRP MP Dr Abdulla Mausoom said DRP’s protests were not an objection to the ruling of the Supreme Court.

“We protested to express our concern over the actions of the government for disrespecting the constitution and deliberately attempting to delay the cabinet endorsement,’’ said Mausoom.

Mausoom said DRP’s protest last week was concluded “precisely on the decided time”, and that it had no connection with the act of vandalism.


6 thoughts on “Police to investigate vandalism of Supreme Court”

  1. Yes Mausoom,
    You are a party with no concern for the thousands of students sitting for O-level exams. Shame on you.

  2. 5th gear maldives police will investigate this horrendous crime against the wall of supreme court very seriously, but not minor crimes like gang killings, stabbing, drug dealings, robbery, rapes .. will be in 2nd gear .. Maldives Police the greatest police force in this globe, which only has a minor ornamentation problem

  3. Dear Supre Court,

    This horrible crime was done by MDP thungs. I did not send mine.

    My brother Yamin and I don't operate thugs. Maybe the personal body guards of both Yamin and myself may look like very dangerous gangsters. But infact they're all very innocent. If any one of these young gentlemen of us are seen with swords or in the act of any violence; then they surely must be MDP imposters wearing face masks just like them.

    While I was in reign and when MDP was the opposition there have been many similar incidents. All the oils were thrown at MDP houses and people (including Sara Mahir's face). Back then people accused of me. But even that time it was MDP guys doing it for sympathy. If Sara Mahir got hit in the face she surely would loose her eyes. But still people say that I did it since she was working her tail off gaining EU support on MDP as she lives abroad.

  4. In defense of the oil-artists, the Supreme court doesn't have much of a reputation to tarnish in the first place.

    Our Judges do a much more thorough job of discrediting justice and the courts than any mischievous citizen possibly could.

  5. I still say it was a DRP thug trying to burn down what his Dear Leader will never have again.

    Screw that - that place is the site of my new nightclub/disco, "The Presidential." It'll make more revenue than the morons at Finance could ever dream of.

    "Frustrated? Take a dump on the Legendary Golden Toilet of Maumoon!. 3Rf per use!" (Please flush after using.)


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