“Politics” behind attack on Adhaalath party president

President of the Adhaalath Party Sheikh Hussain Rasheed Ahmed was attacked on Monday night in an incident he believes “was politically motivated.”

The attack occurred near Masjidhul Sulthaan Mohamed-bin-Abdulla at around 12.30 am.

Speaking to Minivan News, Rasheed said “I had just finished up at Television Maldives (TVM) and was on my motorbike on Ameenee Magu. It was the third night of the Torture Victims Association (TVA) rally but I didn’t attend it that night.

“Just as I neared the mosque, they came from behind me and someone grabbed my shoulder. I lost control of my motorbike and was flung off, while my bike crashed under a lorry.

“I think there was two of them on one motorbike. It happened so fast, I didn’t get to see it properly”

Aside from a bruised hand, lost spectacles and a wrecked motorbike, Sheikh Rasheed escaped the incident in good health.

Maldives police confirmed the attack had occurred but would not comment on whether it was random or politically or religiously motivated.

Rasheed responded: ” It’s because of my involvement in the Torture Victims Association rally. It’s a political issue – I haven’t been able to walk on streets lately because of the verbal abuse.”


“I don’t believe it was a random attack,” said the president’s press secretary Mohamed Zuhair, pointing out that Rasheed was the head of the Presidential Commission investigating the alleged embezzlement of state funds by the former government.

“It’s the same kind of thing that went on during elections,” Zuhair said. “It’s been alleged that this [attack] is linked to parties opposing the government.”

DRP member Mohamed ‘Mundhu’ Hussain Shareef told Minivan News: ” This is the first I have heard of the incident. I hope that [Rasheed] is safe and urge him to be cautious. Given the political situation even I have to walk around with body guards now. If us politicians get hurt, we can no longer provide our services to the people.”

In response to Zuhair’s speculation that the attacks were prompted by the opposition, Mundhu said “If the government is making such accusations, they should specify which party and who.”

“I believe that all these rumors are being spread to shift public focus from the real issues. The MDP is only being held together through its hatred for Maumoon. They have lost their popularity, people want their basic needs satisfied, and so now the government is using these rumors to shift the focus.”

Mundhu also mentioned that DRP members had also been attacked, such as Madd Saleem.

“I am not accusing the leadership of committing such acts of violence. Rather it is unruly elements within the party. It is important that the heads of the parties control these elements,” he said.


4 thoughts on ““Politics” behind attack on Adhaalath party president”

  1. Mundu and DRP should really worry about the amount of support they are able to garner during very trying times. Would you imagine, a government of coalition only winning by 54%, parts of which has already retracted, running the govenrment with a firm stance. On top of the broken coalition, they have reduced Civil service salaries, increased Electricity fares, started charging fees from local hospitals. And all this done in the first year in office.

    In other words, could you imagine where would DRP be, if there was no economic crisis.

    As most would agree, this would be the bottom of the crisis. By the time next election come, I doubt DRP would stand a chance.

  2. this incident could very well be that there were two punks on a harley davidson racing down the street as the sheikh was leaving the mosque. he might have fell off the bike because of the speed the guys took him over. i mean, who wants to hurt this guy? he's no threat even to a dictator.

  3. the fact that MUNDHU considers himself is hilarious.....and the fact that he stated he walks with bodyguards is even more hilarious, as if anyone wants to hurt him....hehe

  4. I am very disappointed by Minivan News' news coverage of late. All news is either two-three days old and important events are not covered.


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