Principal accused of physical abuse at Lale Youth International School

Police and the education ministry are investigating reports that pupils at Lale Youth International school in Hulhumale are being subjected to physical abuse, including by the school’s principal.

A concerned parent spoke to Minivan News about the abuse her 13 year old son was suffering.

“He would come home and tell me about the beatings. He told me it depended how angry the principal was – sometimes a leather belt was used.

“To discipline a child is one thing. I totally agree with that. But using physical force is not acceptable,” she said.

Another source linked with the school claimed the allegations were true.

” The principal and assistant principal of the school have been physically violent with boys in grades six, seven and eight,” the source said.

“[The violence] has only been towards the boys, but they have done it in front of the girls as well. Just recently a pupil was held by the neck and put up against the wall. Many pupils went home and told their parents they were so scared they nearly wet themselves.”

The principal of Lale Youth International School told Minivan News “there is no need to comment on this right now.”

The assistant principal has since gone home to Turkmenistan.

Deputy minister of education Abdulla Nazeer was unable to confirm the reports  “as we have no solid evidence”, but said the ministry has “sent a supervision team and we have now submitted their report to the police.”

“We have been getting complaints and the ministry is concerned about the children. But it is important not to assume anything. Both sides have rights, and we must wait for the police to investigate,” he said.

Police spokesperson Ahmed Shiyam confirmed police were conducting an investigation at the school.


8 thoughts on “Principal accused of physical abuse at Lale Youth International School”

  1. i am surprised that the media is so slow to pick on this. i know of people who informed of the abuse to education ministry last year around august or so. from what i have seen, i believe that there are some people at education ministry deeply involved with the school in a corrupt manner. this is precisely why our kids have to suffer and education ministry pretends they havent heard of it. how can they allow the principle to be there when there are such allegations? now they have started lale kindergarten. how can the kids tell even if someone beats them up? the school itself is run in quite a corrup manner. please check more details on this. until recently there were no maldivians working there. its just couples and their families and few odd teachers from some countries. eg. the principles wife is head of lale jindergarten. also some teachers were not paid for months and they had repressive contracts. also lots of financial issues while the school took money from the charity sulpposed to run the place as school rent,the school was infact given free by education miinistry. the ministry alos never tendered the school..and it is not given to a the lale operators. originallyy it is given to a maldivian party....we need more info on this please

  2. there was also a maldivian teachers strike at Lale school recently. maldivian teachers proteested as they were offerd lower pay. now a copromise has been reached.


  4. I used to be a student of Lale Youth International School. We were questioned by the supervision team. We wrote lots of things about the teachers and how we were scared of telling our parents. Now the Turkish people as I here dont hirt children that much.

  5. Hassan Rasheed Hussain is right. I was and still am a student of Lale School. I was also there in the meeting with the supervision team, the assistant principal has left to Sri Lanka and the beatings have stopped.

  6. I was also one of the students who wrote about the abusing! YES! It is true that the principle abused some of our schools students! A lot of students saw him hit a ghaazhee school student because he was at the lobby area! He was talikng to one of the girls in our school, and the principle came with a huge stick(it looks much bigger than a cricket bat) Just like that he hit him without warning! But he is also a student, even if he was from another school. I saw him use that bat to hit one of our own schools student. Though i don't remeber the reason he did that! BUT USING A BAT TO TA TALK TO STUDENTS ISN"T THE BEST ANSWER! And it is also true that he uses unappropriated words when he gets mad! and there were even times that he would use bad words for no apparent reason! He even sometimes uses the "F" word! Getting angry is one thing but for no apparent reason is really LOW!

  7. I have 3 kids studying at LALE and they love their school. LALE is the second home for my kids.
    A school is where we educate and create civilized quality citizens and i see that in the making.
    A principal who prays 5 times a day and has Tea parties with students cant be the same.
    False allegations on a school.


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