Jumhoree Party MP Abdulla Jabir jumps back to MDP, pledges to oust President Waheed

Ousted Jumhoree Party (JP) Deputy leader and MP Abdulla Jabir has rejoined the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), pledging to oust President Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

The MP for Kaashidhoo signed with MDP last night during the party’s ‘Vaudhuge Dhathuru’ (Journey of pledges) campaign tour near the island of Hulhudhufaaru in Raa Atoll.

After joining the MDP, Jabir told the local press that he had joined the party because he believed it was with MDP that he saw progress in politics. He also said that he would spend all his time committed to MDP and its success.

Jabir added that despite the MDP candidate losing the weekend’s by-election to a Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) candidate, his joining the party meant an addition of one more parliamentary seat to MDP.

Meanwhile, MDP Parliamentary Group Leader MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said the party was working to remove President Waheed and hold early elections, adding that the addition of MP Jabir to the parliamentary group would further this goal.

Jabir’s signing to MDP comes shortly after he was removed from the position of Deputy Leader of the JP in what he described as “a coup” within JP. All members aside from two voted in favor of Jabir’s removal from his position following the vote taken by the JP council.

Previously speaking during an MDP rally held on Ungoofaaru during by-election campaigning, Jabir announced his support for MDP’s campaign to oust President Waheed, and promised to contribute in his personal and financial capacity.

Speaking to Minivan News, Jabir said that he joined the MDP to support its fight against torture and police brutality and to support its democracy movement. He alleged that current government was indulging in acts of corruption and nepotism.

“What we see today is that Waheed’s government is resorting to brutality and torture is run like a corrupt and nepotistic regime that dishonors business agreements,” he said.

Asked why he had left MDP previously, Jabir stated that there was “no need to talk about the past”.

“What happened in the past should stay in the past. This is a new chapter. I look forward to work with the MDP parliamentary group to liberate this country from Waheed’s brutality and his corrupt government,” he said.

Antagonism towards Waheed’s government

Jabir became an outspoken critic of President Waheed after he was arrested from the inhabited island Hodaidhoo and alleged police brutality.

Those arrested included MDP MP Hamid Abdul Ghafoor – also the party’s international spokesperson – along with former SAARC Secretary General and Special Envoy to the former President, Ibrahim Hussain Zaki, former Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair and his wife Mariyam Faiz.

Police claimed they found large amounts of “suspected” drugs and alcohol upon searching the island with a court warrant. The arrests were made “based on information received by police intelligence,” police said.

Recently, resorts owned by Jabir were issued with final warning notices for non-payment of rent. The move came days after he turned against the government, and was described by Jabir as the government’s effort to destroy a political opponent.

“I know following the recent political developments and due to my new opposition to the current government, [President] Waheed has now ordered the tourism minister to issue the repayment notice so as to threaten his political opponents,” declared Jabir.

“This is highly politically motivated. He knew I was the one behind submitting the amendment to parliamentary regulations to make the impeachment vote a secret ballot. It was I who in the first place drafted that amendment and gave it to MP Ahmed Amir. They know this but I will still continue to work for that,” he explained.

Since then, Jabir openly declared his support to MDP’s efforts to make parliamentary impeachment votes a secret ballot.

The first amendment proposed to the parliamentary regulations to bring the change by MDP was defeated on the parliament floor. However, a second amendment has been proposed and the parliament is to take a vote on the amendment on Monday.

Defection history

Jabir is well known for his frequent defections from party to party. His first political party was Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP) during the presidency of Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. He then joined former party of PPM Parliamentary Group leader MP Yameen Abdul Gayoom, the People’s Alliance (PA).

Jabir defected to the JP ahead of the 2008 presidential elections and backed JP leader and business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim.  Jabir was appointed as the party’s deputy leader.

He then went on to join the MDP and hold senior positions within the party. He also announced his intention to contest for the MDP chairmanship.

However, during the protests following the detention of Chief Judge of Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed, Jabir once again declared that he had defected from MDP back to the JP.

In the meantime Jabir’s wife, former SAARC Secretary General Dhiyana Saeed, also resigned from her position in SAARC and joined the opposition movement against former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Jabir became an MP after winning the by-election held to elect an MP to the vacant seat of Kaashidhoo constituency on a JP ticket. He was backed by President Waheed and a coalition of parties supporting his government.

THe PPM who initially had its own candidate for the election also backed Jabir.


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  1. Is it even news worthy covering, the guy is a political prostitute ! Wait & see he'll leave mdp again after mdp fails to pay him back !

  2. Jabir infamously described MDP Leader Ex Prez Nasheed's resignation as "from Hero to Zero" and further declared that Nasheed "will never be a Hero of this nation ever again"!

    Well, it look like the debt ridden MP has been forced to swallow his own words and meekly go and join Nasheed! kekeke!

    Lolly Jabir goes from Minus Zero to Oblivion!

  3. This fellow is acting like a typical Maldivian woman who, on average, has 7 husbands during her lifetime with some of them being repeats. There are no decent words in my vocabulary to describe him.

  4. Jabiru what you did is right.
    Punish Dr.Waheed n Gayoom for what thry did to our Nation.

  5. It just shows the membership standards of MDP.

    No matter how much you are in debt, how low is your reputation, how notorious your character is, how much you abuse you have hurled at MDP, the MDP will accept anyone in their top ranks.

    mi ee MDP ge Hiythiri kurumuge extreme varu. MDP is willing to wipe clean Jabirs a** anytime.

  6. So there is honor among thieves after all. And MDP would welcome anyone anytime regardless

  7. At least this man can tell the difference between a good regime and a currupt one.

  8. "you are not a moments pleasure but a lifetime to treasure". That's apparently what jabir SMSed dhiyaana to get into her pants.

    "the police hit jabir in his man organ" I know it cos I have seen the poor (manhood) bleed" thats what dhiyana said she saw after trying to get into habits pants

  9. Will MDP accept any crook and any criminal thats been busted drinking booze and alcohol ? Isnt that like kicking all the members that dont support drinking booze in the face ?

    Doesnt MDP risk alienating its religion conscious, and morally righteous membership base by letting in crooks such as Jabir who have been caught red-hand drinking alcohol ?

  10. People like Jabir and Alhan pander to anyone who they think might further their goals. If anyone deserves the "Money, money! Yes, Sir!" it's these crooks in Parliament who have no conscience whatsoever. And shame on MDP for accepting Jabir back into its ranks after all the shit he's hurled at them over the last year. But shame on us, the people, for electing baboons like Jabir to positions of leadership. Cream of the crop, my ass!

  11. The whole Maldivian society is the product of filth. Jabir is no exception. What bla bla. The ignorant equals to animal, always go with their instinct; the human instinct is his emotion. This is the way how all Maldivian think and act. I wonder those who criticize Jabir would do anything different. We the few of fishermen who do use a bit common sense would never criticize our folks because we know we would have done the same thing what Jabir is doing. For us his switching the side does not make much difference, because the whole system is filth. The poor guy is switching one garbage to other filth. So what is big drama? Any of us would do the same thing because none of us have any moral value that leads us good behavior. We are just like stray dogs, wandering without any aim.

  12. MDP has to grab on everything to overthrow this government. Be it cow dung!


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