PPM approves party constitution, council and logo at inaugural convention

The incipient Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) approved the party’s constitution, manifesto, interim council, leadership posts, logo and colour at its inaugural convention last night.

Party figurehead former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was elected acting leader while his half-brother MP Abdulla Yameen was elected parliamentary group leader.

Gayoom was the only candidate who stood for the post of party leader.

The convention took place at Dharubaaruge with 971 delegates and was assisted by officials of the Elections Commission (EC). A minimum of 300 participants were required for the inaugural meeting.

Large number of supporters queued outside Dharubaaruge before 8:00pm while registration difficulties caused a delay of almost two hours. As voting went on late into the night, the convention concluded shortly before 6:00am this morning.

Prior to the inaugural convention, the EC had verified and approved the membership forms of 3,019 party members.

The convention was chaired by former Speaker of Parliament ‘Seena’ Ahmed Zahir, who also served as Justice Minister in the previous government.

PPM logoA crescent and palm tree logo designed by Hussein Mazin and MP Ahmed Mahlouf was adopted with 751 votes while the colour magenta was chosen with 603 votes.

The senior members elected to the interim council were Umar Naseer (fromer Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party deputy leader), Mohamed Hussein Shareef ‘Mundhu’, Aishath Azima Shukoor (former Attorney General), Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim, Faris Maumoon, Aneesa Ahmed (former MP and minister), Ahmed ‘Maaz’ Saleem, Ibrahim Nazim, Rashida Yousuf (former minister), Dr Aishath Shiham (former minister), Ahmed Siddeeq, Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla, Mohamed Nimal, Asma Rasheed, Ibrahim Muaz Ali and Ahmed Naseem.

A provision in the party constitution required that at least four women be elected to the council.

Eleven MPs were meanwhile elected to the council through the parliamentary group. They were Abdulla Yameen (Mulaku), Ahmed Mahlouf (Galolhu South), Ahmed Nihan (Vili-Male’), Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Laamu Fonadhoo), Hamdhoon Hameed (Raa Inguraidhoo), Ilham Ahmed (Gemanafushi), Ahmed “Redwave” Saleem (Eydhafushi), Dr Afrashim Ali (Ungoofaru), Mohamed Mujthaz (Hanimaadhoo), Ali Arif (Vaikaradhoo) and Abdul Muhsin Hameed (Nilandhoo).

In his closing remarks at the end of the convention, former President Gayoom insisted that PPM “does not belong to a particular person.”

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom enters the meeting to a standing ovation.

“PPM is not going to try to create opportunities in the political arena for a particular person or group,” he said. “PPM is being formed for the whole nation. It is being formed for the holy religion of Islam. This party will always serve Islam and the Dhivehi nation.”


23 thoughts on “PPM approves party constitution, council and logo at inaugural convention”

  1. Yameen would be the leader of the Progressive Party in practice - Maumoon is spirit, is that it?

    If I understand the usage of the Progressive correctly in the context of this party, it is in reference to the application of a certain sort of progressive, liberal Islam to Governance?

    Maumoon could do that, maybe... possibly...

    But Yameen???

    Yameen knows absolutely zilch about Islam, progressive Islam, seriously!

    Also, if Maumoon was so progressive, how could he align himself with Yameen and his gang?

  2. I meant to say, Yameen knows nothing whatsoever about Islam, and it is not that I really care about that... if it were an isolated fact... But if the Party comes into power, imagine what the progressive party would become, its liberal version of Islam would be replaced by Yameen by a vague people's ideology meaning NOTHING but money for Yameen. Yameen would rule according to what he believes in, a dictatorship...

  3. It is quite clear to everyone that this is a family affair, regardless of what Gayyoom says. The reason is also clear. Gayyoom cannot trust anyone but close family and that was the case during his 30 year rule as well.

    Sure, there are a few side liners like Umar Naseer in there, but they are there simply because they are guaranteed to be "yes" men to Gayyoom and his whims.

    To my mind, this is a very Regressive party and I cannot see anything progressive about it. Unlike others criticising Gayyoom for coming back into political life; I do not consider that to be a problem. Gayyoom has every right to engage himself in political activity. However, the particular brand of political activity he's now creating is just the same tired 30 year old mantra. Enough said.

  4. the logo is crooked - and on the side of pink. It's not surprising that no one at PPM noticed anything odd about it - so this is what PPM is about

    Hoped at least PPM will have a straight logo

  5. People, Now what you are seeing is the looted money of FPID in action. Former Defense Minster Illiyas Ibrahim brother in Law of the Former president Maumoon Abdul gayoom thinks now the citizens have forgotten the money stolen.

  6. Seems like they passed the colour based on what Dear Leader was wearing. Calling this party 'Progressive' is a big joke.

  7. A Progressive platform linked to a pink logo indicate homosexual influences.

    603 people must be garroted on the spot!

  8. Same old same old. We have had enough of you guys. We will never let this monster back again. No way. I hope some one bump this old man before the next election. Give him to the sharks.

  9. I think this is the sign of the end of this world. When men stat wearing pink! This is a bunch of gay people.

  10. Maumoon DID have a considerable amount of support back in 2008. But not now. DRP has broken up, Ali Waheed and Alhan are in MDP, and many ordinary members also have signed onto MDP since then.

    I think it would be a mistake if Maumoon OR Yameen tried to compete in the coming elections. We all know Thasmeen won't get a significant amount of votes, and Seyku Shaheem would probably run for president too. MDP might not be the best government around, but they do have a political advantage over the others, who are in even deeper shit.

  11. Why moon is so important symbol for Islam? Are we still worshiping same moon god Arabs worshiped before advent of Islam.

  12. It give me goose bumps to think this Maumoon and Illiyas might come to power makes me pee in my pants out of shear fright.

    This thought really frightens me. only I know what they put me through in Dhooni dhoo.

    People like this shouldn't walk this Earth. to say they are evil is an understatement. I really don't care how much they looted from us poor Maldivians, to think what torture they put us Gentle, soft spoken Maldivians is simply scary. If it is not such a evil thing to commit suicide in our religion, if they come to power I will commit suicide

  13. Magenta is nothing but hot pink. PPM stands for Pink Pather Maldives. Td td, td td td...tdtdt.

  14. crescentMOON = mauMOON
    logo says the whole palm (Pink Party Members=PPM) are taking care of the crescentMOON aka mauMOON.

  15. With that logo brightly lit at the entrance along with the words "Progressive Party", a gay tourist could be forgiven for seeking some fun in there.


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