PPM condemns suggestions that tourism minister plotted festival arrests

The ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has condemned former President Mohamed Nasheed’s criticism of the government and Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb regarding the Anbaraa music festival arrests, calling on the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to act more responsibly.

Speaking at a radio show on opposition aligned  97 Minivan Radio yesterday, Nasheed said that the police arrest of 79 people from the two-day music festival on Anbaraa Island was a pre-planned and politically motivated act to suppress the youth.

Nasheed went onto suggest that Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb was behind it.

Denying the allegations, the PPM condemned Nasheed’s comments, describing them as an “uncivilised” attempt to sabotage the implementation of PPM’s youth manifesto as well as the other youth development efforts of the government.

“The young tourism minister is a person who works very hard at national and international levels to bring development to country, without giving any regard to political ideologies,” read the statement.

“This party does not believe Ahmed Adeeb who is also the vice president of the party would do any favors to anyone for his political or personal advantage, or do anything that could harm anyone.”

In the press release, the PPM called on Nasheed to put an end to “the politically motivated defamatory remarks” against the current Maldivian government, PPM and the VP of the party Adeeb.

Nasheed alleged that Adeeb had purposefully put a large number of people into the same place in order to arrest them.

“President Yameen, President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and their partners are once again working to oppress and suppress the youth, and to rule for a life time as they want by keeping them [the youth] from speaking out. This is a political plot,” Nasheed told 97 Minivan.

Recalling an incident from 1979 when then-President Gayoom arrested a large group of youth before allegedly torturing them, Nasheed suggested that the youth did not open their mouths to talk about it until Gayoom’s 30 year administration was over.

He subsequently called upon people to come out in defense of the youth, and warned that failure to do so would result in more hardships in the future.


6 thoughts on “PPM condemns suggestions that tourism minister plotted festival arrests”

  1. Adeeb is a sweetheart, and wouldn't hurt a fly.

    As for Gayoom, he wouldn't torture anything that didn't have a minimum of four legs. It is known.

  2. Adheeb, is one of most corrupt and literally all his dealings are lined with side cuts.

    EVERYONE knows this. It's a fact.

    The fact that government is backing this culprits story, says it all about the ruling party now.

  3. How are the international criminals Arthur brothers doing, Adheeb?

  4. It's a very simple process to keep people on your side and especially appeals to youth: reward those who support you, punish those who are against you. Not for doing anything harmful, but just because they are against you.

    It's done everywhere in the world, it makes many places in Africa into a hell on earth. If you want this place to become a hell on earth too, you should keep regimes in place who rule by these methods. But I do hope people learn from what happens all around the world, now and in the past. Read things about Mao, learn about American History, see how the industrial revolution has affected the worlds population.

  5. As usual police were following a drug trail, listening to their phones, they had no idea who & who were in the island.

  6. The person who wrote that flowery statement about Adeeb must think all Maldivians are as stupid as he or she is.


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