PPM holds first political rally

The newly-formed Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) held its first major political rally last night with a large number of supporters at artificial beach in Male’, vowing to “enter the presidential palace” in the 2013 presidential election.

Following the completion of the registration process with the Elections Commission (EC) on Sunday and pending verification of over 10,000 membership forms, PPM becomes the third largest party in the Maldives with 13,000 members.

As of October 30, 2011, the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has 47,904 members, followed by opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) with 35,260 and religious conservative Adhaalath Party with 6,140 members.

Speaking at last night’s rally, PPM Registrar Dr Mohamed Saud said the party submitted 13,000 membership forms in 55 days, with the number expected to reach 30,000 by the end of the year.

Dr Saud claimed PPM’s membership would reach over 60,000 in the next six months before its inaugural national congress.

Vili-Maafanu MP Ahmed Nihan told supporters that the new party was “the English version of [first Maldivian President] Mohamed Ameen’s party.”

MP Abdulla Yameen, who has announced his intention to contest the party’s presidential primary, meanwhile said the executive was attempting to grab all powers of the state, accusing the current administration of being incapable of governing under a lawful and democratic system without street activism and “intimidation” of state institutions such as the judiciary.

“I would like to tell the Supreme Court, other courts and independent institutions on behalf of the beloved and honourable PPM members in attendance here, we will definitely be the watchers between you and MDP’s activism,” he said. “We will not allow any harm to come you.”

Yameen also claimed senior leaders of the MDP government were “drenched in the blood of the martyrs” of the November 3, 1988 coup attempt with mercenaries from Sri Lanka.


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  1. Bala etha Qur'an kiyevi meha ah rangalha nuves kiyeve eh nu?

    In other words.. this was an okay beginning for a party. I personally noticed that all of those present there were ladies.
    So it is safe to say that this is a ladies man party. xD

  2. "Dr Saud claimed PPM’s membership would reach over 60,000 in the next six months before its inaugural national congress."

    Alhan Fahmy said that if selected to the post of Deputy Leader of MDP, he will make MDP membership reach 100,000. He did get selected. And I am still waiting.

  3. Dear PPM Members,

    There is no way the former crap heads and follower to get back into the power.We all knew they will try it one way or the other.They will form one more party later on but they will fail.

    What a nonsense!!!

    They have not made any progress in last 30yrs.So how they can bring any progress to people in future.Lesson has learned from the past 30yrs.Enough is enough!!!
    Pray to Allah to erase all these PPM heads and bring failure to their plans,due to the fact those people have been brutal and they used to take advantages of the power.

  4. PPM is maumoons baby. All those who hate mammon will hate PPM.

    This is precisely the reason why PPM will fail.

    In previous election, Anni was selected because people wanted SOMEONE other than Maumoon. It has not reached a stage where the same is with the current President.

    Of the worse evils, Maumoon draws more hatred than Anni.

    This is the reason why Anni will not fail next time.

  5. Dear Reality Maldives,

    What's the harm in trying? I mean isn't that what your so-called President is always repeating on his trips abroad? Shouldn't there be an opposition?

    I mean the guy surely gets teary-eyed when its Aung San Suu Kyi in jail but feels next to nothing to lock up his opponents.

    Fact of the matter is reality my boy, a new kid is in town and a lot of people in the establishment are all shook up.

  6. @Rooster

    After Alhan was elected for the leadership, didn't you hear how he planned to boost member to 100,000; every MDP member is to bring 1 additional member.

    So it is not actually Alhan's work or goal. His minions needs to follow his order and that would, ultimately, give you the 100,000 members.


  7. Does Yameen know something happened in 3 Nov. 1988. Wonder if he knows if there is a judiciary. what a butter head.

    For his brother it was "simply not true" for Yameen it is "I don't have to know" which apparently I will take it as an improvement.

  8. Guys, Gayoom is old fox. Just before 2013 elections, he will play "Islamic Card". On the other hand, Anni is accumulating cases against Gayoom that may all be filed in 2013. Thasmeen and Gasim are businessmen and opportunists. They will support the winning side.

  9. I think you guys are scared that Maumoon is coming back. PPM will win the next presidential election and you all can feel it even now. I think PPM should win, but make Dunya as the presidential candidate, not Maumoon himself nor his brother Yameen. After all Dunya is a well educates person who has served in foreign relations and also learned a lot from her father. She will offcourse be a better president than Anni.

  10. yes yes yes....Dunya is the best and Shah doesn't care. hahahaha. Oh Dunya! How's daughter Saraah?

  11. we dont want a a Women Married to a Bangaali as president,Now also they are everywhere, We cant even visit a park with our kids to enjoy on fridays.

  12. @ziyan. Yes you are right. people are scared that Maumoon or his minions will come to power. You may have a short memory but we do not forget that he was a dictator that ruthlessly supressed any form of freedom of expression and he looted this country in the best economic climate of the world. Had this been Maumoons era you would not be so quick to express your opnions on this forum nor would you have had the opportunity.

  13. guys dont be scared.. MDP will be easil beaten-ed in 2013.. We all wanted a positive chance but things went back ward. Its much better if qayyoom elects in 2013. But the best decision for Qayyoom in to back someone

  14. @ rapid

    I don't care how Alhan plans to boost MDP membership. For all that matters to me, if he said he will increase the membership to 100,000 I expect him to do it. He can enrol members from Mars if he want. Not being able to do it show how utterly stupid MDP elite are.

    Btw, rapid, your logic is faulty. If that is the logic, no political party in this country should have less than their desirable number of members. Why can't PA for example, ask every member of theirs to bring in 100 members? Then all Maldivians will be in PA and other political parties will have to be dissolved. lol

  15. Yameen said that Gov. leaders were: "drenched in the blood of the martyrs...” In the Semitic culture of Lebanon where Yameen spent time, this is a typical proclamation of intent to apply the death penalty for the vengeance of the blood of the oppressed which "Cries out to God for Vengeance..." to use a Biblical expression derived from Ancient Near East Culture.

    I don't know if this expression has the same meaning in Dhivehi or not...

    Since learning many things about the 1988 coup a few months ago and about a great deal of other things, I have learnt that it was extremely naive of me to take sides with any side of this political spectrum, I realize I have been extremely stupid and have said many things which I deeply regret saying against Maumoon and others, which I had no proof for, and I actually AM SORRY!


    It is extremely detrimental to the development of a liberal democratic culture to awaken the spirit of vengeance in such an emotive manner, violence producing manner, it is feeding the demon in the Maldives which is the culture of hate, hunger for vengeance which has to be killed through acts of forgiveness and love, not made more powerful than ever!

    My Prayer for Maldives is...

    MAY the trail of the bloodshed of the martyr's inspire grief which leads to compassion and love, forgiveness and healing, reconciliation and union of hearts, NOT hate and hunger for vengeance...


  16. I meant… I pray that the blood of the martyr’s cries out, not for vengeance, but cries out against needless pain, against hate, against vengeance and against violent death… “No more vengeance, no more hate, no more violence… Please, we never want anybody to experience this kind of death again!”
    This would be the cry of any soul killed through violence, I believe, and I believe humanity will become stronger when we hear this cry…

  17. Anni will win the 2nd term of office......there is no doubt my dear friends!!!

    then lalalalaaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. @Afraid: Its better for Maldives to be under that so called Dictator than todays tyrant who is an animal. The ordinary maldivians had a better life under that dictators rule than now. The basic needs of life was not a struggle at that time. Plus your so called freedom of opinion was given more openly by that dictator before the tyrant came. Infact the tyrant has controled the freedom of speech now in this country. One example isyou cannot give these opinions on our nation MNBC channel. I dare you. Get as jealous as you can, but after 2013, Anni and his puppets will all be out of the government. We the ordinary maldivians will kick their butts with a big NO vote.

  19. YES we are afraid that if PPM wins and Gayoom becomes the President, then we may not see democracy again for next 30 years. I may be wrong here becoz he may not live that long. But still, why take chance. Let Anni continue. At least, we see so many developmental projects going on, tourism is increasing, Anni is champion campaigner for global warming, our standard of living has increased. More & more students are going for higher studies to Singapore, India, Australia instead of Pakistan. Besides, we should not forget that he was given empty treasury, biased bureacracy and judiciary. Despite all these, Yes I think Anni is going fine.

    Dunya? Yes, she will do better than her father but let PPM declare her Presidential candidate first.

  20. Anni is taking us towards a secular nation. That is good for the nation. People of the Maldives must acknowledge that there are other religions (or lack of, to say) out there in the world.

    And we are tightly integrated into the globalized economy.

    The one thing I hate most is the religious intolerance Maumoon had sown in the Maldives. I would never vote for him or any who has similar thoughts.

  21. @ Zeenat:

    Our standard of living has increased?!??!?!

    What are you on? I would definitely like to smoke whatever bong that makes you think that of all things!!!

    The price of everything has gone up tenfold since Nasheed took over the government. I accede that factors other than mismanagement, corruption and lack of direction (which is a huge issue with the Nasheed government) may have contributed to the current economic situation BUT it would require a complete suspension of logic and reason to claim what you have claimed.

    Rents have skyrocketed, staple diets have been reduced to ghetto-levels and public health has deteriorated to the point that we would have an extremely sick generation on our hands in the future.

    My god! Deny what's right in front of you why don't you?

  22. @Ali Bassaam
    I second you. Freedom of religion is a fundamental right. Maldives should move towards secularism. The sooner the better.

  23. @ tsk tsk

    Inflation has increased - I agree but that is global phenomenon. Prices of crude has increased by over 35 percent in the last 3 years. With increase of piracy in international waters, every shipment has to be insured. Pl do not forget that we totally depend on imports. Anni has no magic wand. But, his contribution towards development of the country cannot be denied despite anti-govt attitude of judiciary and some bureaucrats. As for rents, so many Maldivians have given their properties on rent and are living in Trivandrum and Bangalore. Compare to 2007-08, employment has increased.

  24. @tsk tsk

    The world economy is not doing so well. Look at Europe, where much of the tourists to Maldives comes from. Massive protests around the world going on because of dire financial conditions in a lot of countries like Greece, Italy etc.

    Common sense dictates that Maldives, a country which entirely relies on almost everything being imported from elsewhere would be greatly affected. Considering all of that and the huge changes being implemented at the moment and the undertaking of massive projects, the country isn't actually doing so bad actually.

    "Rents have skyrocketed, staple diets have been reduced to ghetto-levels and public health has deteriorated"

    You are largely exaggerating and none of this is new to this country anyway. You are just better informed of it now than it was ever before.

  25. yes yes yes yes

    anni brought everything to this poor nation. democracy came only after he came to power, despite serious claims that a dictator was in power before him, heh..

    also all economic development came after him in 2008, despite everything taking a u-turn, and despite the maldives economy withstanding many disastrous global events before anni came to power (SARS, tsunami, 9/11 etc etc)...

    at the rate at which anni and this wonderful government is performing, if anni wins another term we will easily supersede the US in terms of economy and socio-political development ...

    so yes, no doubt, yes to anni, no to anyone else! 🙂


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