President calls on political parties to strengthen internal democracy

President Mohamed Nasheed has highlighted the importance of internal party elections and expressed hope that political parties in the country will be able to consolidate internal democracy in his radio address.

‘’One of the main aims of party system was to identify qualified people for public offices and build future leaders,’’ said Nasheed. “Such candidates must have a consistent political philosophy, purpose and perspective.”

Nasheed said that election procedures may differ from one party to another adding that It is something that have to be decided by the party members.

Nasheed also congratulated Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) leadership for their recent party elections.

Meanwhile, Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP), led by Dr Hassan Saeed, has issued a press statement responding to the remarks of President Nasheed.

‘’MDP has so far conducted no work to promote and uphold  democracy and has never tried deliver the benefits and advantages of it to the citizens,’’ the  statement said. “Former MDP memebers who attempted to strengthen internal democracy in the party have now left due to the dictatorial characteristics of Nasheed.’’

The statement also claimed that ever since Nasheed became the Chairperson of MDP, the party was a ‘’one man show.’’


5 thoughts on “President calls on political parties to strengthen internal democracy”

  1. Nasheed who came to power posing as a champion of democracy is today one of the biggest obstacles to democracy in the country. Sad

  2. It is up to the Maldivian people to make sure that they elect people who "have a consistent political philosophy, purpose and perspective.”

    Let us try to be clear on the kind of people who should be candidates. This may be a first step towards a more responsible cast of vote which is in our hands

    Anyone has a better idea what to look for in the candidates and what kind of people should run for the positions.
    If so lets hear it.

  3. Look who is talking.
    This time to keep Maria as the Chairman of MDP, they decided that they won't be electing senior positions (including Chairman)in this Cogress.

  4. No matter who the President is, given the tense, 'violently' impatient hunger for power in political circles, the most democratic spirited president will very easily be pushed to resorting to undemocratic behaviour to maintain even an iota of political stability. One wonders if Anni had been overly optimistic in terms of how democratic he was capable of being? At least, one excellent thing about him is that he is still passionate about maintaining democracy and building a democratic culture. I suspect, anyone else would have given up on trying to be democratic in the face of its seeming impossibility. yes, Anni may have done some undemocratic things. Yet I still believe he is Maldives best hope for the achievement of democracy. I could not even imagine that a Machiavellian such as Yameen (to quote Dr. Hassan Saeed's description of Yameen some few years back ironically enough!) would even attempt to foster a democratic culture!
    A functional democracy is not all about what is written on a piece of paper called a constitution. For a democracy to function, the people have to have open hearts, a willingness to compromise, they have to have motives for the welfare of the ppl rather than for themselves. Maldivian political life is so ecstatic, leaders are so worshipped that once the sweet taste of power has been had, thats it, it takes over the mind and it becomes very difficult to remain a true servant.

    No matter how intelligent Yameen or Hassan Saeed are, both have had a taste of power, Yameen as the former Finance Minister and Head of STO, plus the power he derived from his notoriety as well as his being Maumoon's Brother, and Hassan Saeed as attorney general. Yeah, they have tasted it, and they want it again, ten times stronger! I think Yameen finds it difficult to breathe if he does not have power!


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