President releases Yameen

People’s Alliance (PA) MP Abdulla Yameen was released Friday afternoon from his controversial detention on the presidential retreat island of Aarah, more than a week after he was taken into ‘protective custody’.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) spokesman Major Abdul Raheem confirmed that Yameen – former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s half-brother – had been released from custody under orders from President Nasheed.

“He was released at his house and we are no longer providing him with security,” Raheem said, adding that Yameen was never “under arrest”.

The leader of the minor opposition party, who was last week released from house arrest by the Supreme Court, had been accused by the government of corruption, bribery and treason alongside Jumhoree Party (JP) MP Gasim Ibrahim, a high-profile businessman thought to be one of the wealthiest men in the Maldives.

Deputy Speaker of the Majlis and PA Deputy leader Ahmed Nazim is also facing allegations of corruption concerning the judiciary, along with ruling party MP Mohamed Musthafa. Both were released by the criminal court last week due to the court ruling that current evidence was insufficient to warrant their detention.

The week prior to Yameen’s detention, recordings of phone conversations between the MPs implicating them in apparent corruption and vote-buying were leaked to the media, prompting both a rise in public anger against MPs and debate over the ethics of tapping personal phone calls.

After taking him into custody following violence outside his house last week, MNDF refused to present Yameen in court despite an order from the Criminal Court on July 15. Parliament’s speaker Abdulla Shahid on Wednesday suspended parliament indefinitely until the release of the MP.

Meanwhile, a coalition of opposition-aligned parties including the Jumhoree Party (JP), People’s Alliance (PA) Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) and Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) appealed to the international community to put pressure on the government to release Yameen.

The government contended that even though Yameen was being held on Aarah against his will, his detention was constitutional because of public anger towards Yameen and the risk to his safety.

Assistant Secretary to the United States Robert Blake, who visited briefly last week, suggested the President “either charge or release Mr Yameen.”

Speaking to Minivan News this morning, Yameen confirmed he had been “fully released”.

“I think [President Nasheed] finally realised concept of protective custody was ridiculous,” Yameen said, adding that he felt safe walking the streets.

“I have personal security in my house, but I can’t afford more than that,” he said, adding that he expected the police and MNDF to protect his home from further mob violence.

“[Otherwise] I’m perfectly capable of defending myself,” he said, explaining that he had “followers” who would protect him at the price of continued street violence.

Yameen said he was unsure why the government had sought to gain by detaining him, as the opposition parties were “already engaged in dialogue with the government two days before my arrest.”

“Perhaps the President thought it was the only way I would cave into his demands. Otherwise his actions are incomprehensible – he certainly hasn’t gained anything from this,” Yameen suggested. “International reception has been bad and locally very hostile.”

Yameen further added that the President’s comparison of him during a press conference last week to former President Amin Didi, who was assassinated by a mob in Male’, was “grotesque”, and that Male’ was not suffering from such a degree of public disorder.

Of his custody, Yameen described the physical conditions as “OK”, however “nobody except my wife, children and my lawyer had access to me.”

Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, Leader of the major opposition party, the DRP, said last week that Yameen’s custody was the “essence” of the present deadlock as the government had “not followed due process”.

A rare press conference to be held at the President’s Residence Muleaage this morning at 10:45am was cancelled at the last minute.

The President’s Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair was not responding to calls at time of press.


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  1. “[Otherwise] I’m perfectly capable of defending myself,” he said, explaining that he had “followers” who would protect him at the price of continued street violence./??? is he admitting to having paartey's under his command???

  2. I personally likeminivannews but this site is super slow in updating current news.
    Hope your speed inproves

  3. they are all Mohamed Nasheed's propaganda drama,

    Look the whole thing, happened since 29 th of June after the cabinet resignation please anyone can explain me what was the outcome of that stunt has achieve any success.

    please think twice before you arrest anyone for protection or custody what ever you call for that. we have constitution that has guidelines of what you can do and you can't do. so do as you have told on that. do not try to do out of the Maldives law.

    From the beginning of 2008 election i personally thought that Anni will be a very great and a historical leader for the nation.

    but after he came to Office he was started doing things totally different then what he said before the presidential election. i think he forgot everything...... where is the Midterm election ... for god sake he does not have common sense. politices is dirty game playing against each other. i hope no one will ever come as a president who does not know how to speak own language who does not know how to respect opposition decision.

    Anni should stay as an opposition leader at all the time. he does not deserve this position.

    if he did everything as he said before the election people will support him and MDP will be strongest party in the Maldives.

    thank you

  4. anni was so stupid to make public see the small timer yameen as the next big person after maumoon. so the maldives list of great three stands in the desending order of: no. 1: maumoon abdul gayoom, 2: Yameen abdul Gayoom and 3: Mohamed Nasheed. sad anni was stupid to make such a thing

  5. Is this big crook pretending to be some kind of a hero?

    For the love of God, the international community fully understand who you are and what goes on within the Maldivian judiciary, parliament, etc.

    If you know anything about diplomatic meetings you would know that what a diplomat says within closed doors are totally different from what they say to the media.

    For the moment keep your 32 for sale, chest up and butt out and eat your favorite meal.

    I'm counting the time before your kingdom gets bulldozed.

  6. If Yameen is corrupt, why is he released.

    If Yameen is not corrupt, why was he arrested and what was all the drama for?

    Surely a no confidence vote against Luthfy and the opposition's antagonism to the GMR deal were not what lead to this messy state of things. Then why was the country brought to a standstill?

    Where has the 'eradication of corruption' slogan gone? Are all corrupt souls washed with a magical cleansing agent?

  7. Unfortunately the government has given this moron and thug free publicity. He's sure to make most of it.

    Still, leopards don't change their spots. Crooks will remain so. So the masterminds of corruption and filth, are once again free to do as they wish! Nice democracy we have got!

  8. Is the current executive power so weak that they have to always resort to outsiders, like the president of Sri Lanka or US officials to solve our own domestic and by it self created problems. Never in the history of Maldives has this happened before!

  9. This master thug and corrupt gang organiser becoming popular cannot be absorbed easily by Thasmeen and Shahid(master player). Lets see how it goes.

  10. Definitely this guy is most corrupted and Gunda style guy. He is admitting that he has flowers who will defend him. What this proves? He is a Gunda and is ready to go for street fight. I am not sure why Anni has released him. May be he is powerless as the court has ruled out of his detention

  11. @ mindless
    Yes this had happened before during the 30 year regime! British mediated talks in colombo between the then opposition and the regime

  12. I don't know why the government is making a hero out of this zero!. Mind you for many of us the big fool Umar Naseer is more worth as a leader than this idiot. He may think he is a loved leader but he is just nothing without his money bag to buy to votes. None with a right mind will trust this guy. there is no need to be fearful of him cause he is not a leader and he cannot convince people to anything except violence as he has his own gangs.

  13. why the writer says president releases yaameen? is it the president who captured him? like a policeman? no its not the president. The authorities captured yaameen and the same authorities released him.

  14. i really like this heading. PRESIDENT RELEASES YAMEEN - lesss than 12 hours after a very public warning from US to charge him or release yameen.


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