President Waheed appoints ministers of foreign affairs, finance

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has appointed Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Abdulla Jihad as Minister of Finance and Treasury.

Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla was Gayoom’s Envoy to Bangladesh and is a member of Gayoom’s Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM), and was observed by Minivan News inside the parliament chamber on March 1 during the obstruction of President Waheed’s presidential address by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs.

Abdulla Jihad was previously a member of the Civil Service Commission. He resigned from the post today.

Jihad was Gayoom’s last finance minister prior to the election of Mohamed Nasheed in 2008, and was appointed to the CSC in 2010. In their transfer of executive functions to the Majlis, the DRP-PA amended the Civil Service Commission Act to remove the President’s prerogative of nominating members.

Jihad replaced Jumhoree Party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim as Finance Minister on July 15, 2008, after Gasim quit to launch his presidential campaign and stating that he did not want to be blamed for economic collapse. Jihad was MMA governor prior to his appointment as finance minister.

The appointment ceremony was held on Monday afternoon at the President’s Office, where the two ministers took their oath of Office before the Supreme Court Judge Abdulla Areef.


22 thoughts on “President Waheed appoints ministers of foreign affairs, finance”

  1. ... and so completes the takeover of the country by Gayyoom and his cronies.

  2. This is very irresponsible reporting. Dr. Samad was one of the first Maldivian doctors and have served with great distinction.
    He has also served in various senior position with the WHO (World Health Organisation) and was based in Colombo and then later Delhi.
    He actually served much more time with the WHO than he did with the Gayoom Government.
    It would be rare to find someone of that age who has not served in the Gayoom government. If you look even at Nasheed's government there were many who served in Gayoom's government.
    He is also a man of ethics and moral and for you to say that he was observed inside the Majlis, implying that he has no right to be there is simply extremely poor journalism.

  3. Maai Allah ah biruvethivey Addu Moya.

    Kaleyge MDP ge dhuvas hama vejje.

  4. ...and so completes the end of the undemocratic, corrupt to the core rule by Nasheed and his cronies.

  5. ....and DMHM the complete puppet of the Gay yoom who treated him and his family in the most kind and respected manner!
    DMHM, a sad son, of an unfortunate mother!

  6. Amazing, the people who lost the last election have no taken power the only way they know how, with guns!

  7. A mild mannered front man, who really is not in his area of expertise to be the face while dunya maumoon is the real boss

  8. This is surely a coup based government so don't expect it to be clean.

  9. WOUW!!!Welcome back to gayoom regime, the regime will fully support corruption..becuz papa gayoom is the most corrupted, so no need to worry he ll protect you
    as along as you can kowtow him well

    court is just a name, you will not find justice there if you are not rich man, cuz they will help you ppl if you bribe them only....

  10. 1) Mohamed Waheed- Former Vice President Worked for UNs childrens fund - UNICEF
    2) Asim - Education Minister - Worked for UNICEF
    3) Dunya Maumoon - State Minister for Foreign affairs - Worked in UNFPA
    4) Samad - Foreign Minister - Worked for WHO.

    I certainly believe that this governemt has no democratic mandate and i wonder what UN values these people imbibed in their term at the good UN offices, that they would happily serve a government that at best Hassan Saeed, advisor to Waheed, describes as having "legitimacy" issues.

    what little credibility the UN offices had in my eyes has gone.

    And these are the people who want to teach Maldivians "good governance".

  11. Typical JJ RObinsion propaganda for his pay master Nasheed his cronies. JJ get a real job! You are much more qualified to lick the ass of nasheed and his corrupt cronies. Get a life!

  12. I suppose Haula Ahmed Didi who was the deputy Foreign minister under Mr. Nasheed's rule was so qualified for the job just because she happens to be Mariya's younger sister? Haula has never served in the government prior to her appointment as the Deputy Minister (believe me i checked), much less in the diplomatic service. The record card number stated in the list available from President's Office website also belongs to someone else. Is that a coincidence?

    One of the several under secretaries of Nasheed, Ruqiyya Ahmed didi is also Mariya's sister. This is just 2 examples of nepotism during Mr. Nasheed's term, people given political jobs for their family or party relations rather than qualification & suitability. Maumoon practiced nepotism, but Nasheed takes it further by doing it in the name of "democracy".

    Responsible & true Journalism would be to inform & educate people about the truth...not be a PR activity to build image for a particular party.

    How about informing/educating the public on the new ministers' qualification & experience rather than whatever political party affiliation they had or if they ever spoke to Maumoon in their life.

  13. I think Minister of Foreign Affairs should be a SEAMAN. He/she too will have foreign experience.

    Is this why Jagiya Nazim wants a UN staff to mediate the all party talks? Hoping that all these UN friends can influence.

  14. @Ahmed
    You mean those in the current government are democratic and uncorrupt? Wow...we may need to redefine "democracy" and "corruption"...

  15. If Waheed is claiming he is bringing players from the original Wathan edhey goi ithuhaadu from 2008, then he shouldn't be appointing people from DRP PPM PM right. What a joke Waheed has become

  16. Mariya Didi is the cause of MDP distruction! Believe Nasheed was distroyed by this lady!! this lady is so powerful, when she speaks Nasheed gets @@@@@ed! my God!

  17. To be fair he did offer important Ministries to MDP who refused. It is because they refused that he appointed others to portfolios.
    Dr. Samad is a good person who may have served in Gayoom's government. I thought people like Zaki,Shihab,Naseem, even Maria Didi served in Gayoom's government.
    So serving in a Gayoom government should not be used as a tool against someone.

  18. c to the fact. what is truth will remain as TRUTH. though u belong to BLUE, YELLOW ,or any Party.once u passe the line of Fact you are misleading.

  19. Commonsense
    It is clear that the opposition agrees that President Nasheed lost his Presidency. The big shots are openly saying that President Nasheed lost his presidency or that his government has been overthrown or toppled.
    This is plain from what we have witnessed in the media. Why do they say he has lost his Presidency? What are the ways for an incumbent to lose his Presidency. How could a serving president avoid resignation when the armed forces and armed police mutiny and demand resignation of the President. Only mindless poodles would deny that duress and compulsion are not involved in such a resignation. It is peoples’ ballot that bring leaders to power in democracies. Not intervention of armed forces. Why are they so fearful of elections. Because in October 2008 Maldives had the only free and fair election in the history of the Maldives that toppled the brutal regime. Still they fear a free and fair election. Why? Because they are addicted to their ways and they do not tolerate humiliation and exposure and election victories are alien to undeserving dictators under a free and fair election. Just could not wait till the next elections. Thus it is crystal clear that this fledgling democracy is yet to be liberated from the clutches of the old dictator. This is no surprise as it takes years even for political rebuilding after decades of centralized power structure that emerged through patronage and consolidation of power as the sole objective with nothing to deliver as an election manifesto.
    Anni symbolizes true peoples’ power . This is sacred to the young Maldivians and all for Islam and nationhood to the coming generations. He is to be given a full term as people’s vote mandated. If not the whole purpose of the constitution and democracy is defeated.
    Appearances are deceptive
    How would you rate killing of a lawful owner or obtaining a will forcibly in such a way that appears as if it is a legal will. Once the owner reaches safety and security and openly declares that he wrote the will only to save his life. The situation is such that by writing the will he did not stand to gain anything but the apparent heir did gain. What is the motive to write such a will when the owner clearly loses what he most dearly valued. This is about who benefits most by creating the false circumstance. Do you doubt? Some silent lawyers in the Maldives need to go back to lawful school and free themselves of ulterior motives. The greed will never leave integrity intact and there is no end to such a thirst. Where lawyers and learned fail, commonsense prevails. The scheming lot will miserably fail, they are doomed to fail.

  20. Jihad resigned from MMA governor when dictator Gayoom asked him to accept finance Minister post. and Gayoom fell! And now history in making! Jihad hardly knows basics of finance and economics. We are going to see the fall of this government. Hoorrey! Dictator Nasheed!


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