“Whenever I started something you guys obstructed me”: resort owner Shiyam argues with Gasim in leaked audio

Local newspaper Haveeru has published an audio recording on its website of a dispute between Independent MP Ahmed ‘Sun’ Shiyam and leader of the Jumhoory Party (JP) ‘Burma’ Gasim Ibrahim, both also resort owners.

In the audio clip, Shiyam alleges that whenever he started a business, Gasim and Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, when they were in cabinet, obstructed him.

Shiyam also alleges that all the rights to do business were given to Gasim and Thasmeen at the time, and complains that he did not have similar rights.

He also reminds Gasim of the things former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom had done to Gasim. However, Gasim replies that he only accepted the position of finance minister under Gayoom after the former president begged him to accept it.

Ahmed Shiyam: If Maumoon has done the things that he did to Gasim to me, today also I would have been behind him.

Gasim Ibrahim: Shiyam is going crazy. What has Maumoon done for me?

Shiyam: What hasn’t he done for you? He let you sign the Maldivian currency, he appointed you as the Finance Minister.  So what hasn’t he done for you?

Gasim: That’s what you think.

Shiyam: He made you the Speaker of the Special Majlis.

Gasim: Hey let me tell you, only those who know it knows it Shiyam. Although you were near [Gayoom], you do not know it right.

Third voice: He [Gasim] was jailed [by Gayoom].

Shiyam: Why was [he] jailed? Because he brought the 12th and 13th [Black Friday, a crackdown on a protest in 2004 by the National Security Service].

Gasim: Who was it that brought the 12th and 13th? Shiyam you are not ready to come out and talk about politics. [People laugh]

Gasim: I did everything for Maumoon after he begged me. He took me to the President’s Office for five days in July 2005. Ask that Mohamed Hussain how many times [Gayoom] called me to offer the [finance] minister’s position on July 26, independence day?

But I said ‘no, no I don’t want it’. [He offered me] the minister’s position. I said I did not want it, I did not want itat all. That was after I came out of jail. I said I did not want it, I wanted to work for reform.

After I returned Dr Hassan Saeed [then Attorney General], Dr Ahmed Shaheed [then Foreign Minister] and Justice Mohamed Jameel [then Justice Minister] were always around me. The President’s two [sons or daughters] came to my house and waited for four or five hours on different days to talk to me. When I couldn’t get rid of them I said I had two obligations for them: one was to continue the reform. I knew they wouldn’t spare me and even if I got a little bit away from it they would get rid of me.

I know it because I know who they are. So I said there are two conditions: one is to continue the reform agenda and that if they stopped it, I would leave them immediately. The other is to keep all the staff of the Finance Ministry without moving them elsewhere, as I know how their agenda will be. So [I told them] if it went to the worst case I am not a well-educated person so I will need educated people and I have a brain so I know how to do it.

I told them that the staffs should be there the way I want, and after they pledged to fulfill the both conditions I said all right, I will accept your offer. My friends at the that time told me not to do it, the country’s situation is like this and that but I did not listen to them. Two of my friends told me like that but I did not listen to them. Why did I go? I did not join them because I wanted to do many things, there would be nothing that I did when I was there or nothing that I gained.

Shiyam: I believe that when you people were in the cabinet, while Gasim and Thasmeen was in the cabinet, the rights given to citizens to do business was given all to them and whenever I started something you guys obstructed me.

Gasim: You have such a crooked mind Shiyam.

Shiyam: No this is just experience.

Gasim (furious): We don’t care about you man. You know we don’t care about you. Who are you? This man always comes up with something like this. You can’t do everything you want, there are laws and principles.

Shiyam: You did not do everything according to the laws and principles. You did not have your lands and things according to the laws and principles.


18 thoughts on ““Whenever I started something you guys obstructed me”: resort owner Shiyam argues with Gasim in leaked audio”

  1. Theres is nothing sensational in this.
    I don't know why people are so interested.
    I, for one, am not interested in hearing this dialogue between the two businessmen.
    The two may be MPs.
    But, so what?

  2. This game is a womanizer. You cannot reason out with him. My way or the high way

  3. just two womanizing narcissistic rich jerks playing politics! nothing am surprised about and nothing we all should care about

  4. it's not surprising even gayoom's associates don't trust him

  5. MN I'm sure u hv heard this. However I disagree with ur understanding as I don"t agree with ur so quoted Haveeru's (youngsters in H, beware of the the loyal Fah Kdaa name and loyalty attached)

    Haveeru's local Dhivehi language versions of present gov accepted by other govs. Hilariously, they forefronted German gov, with pics, but let us all know it was the German gov who questioned this, even b4 the other majors.

    In this particular case of idiosyncrasy, the writer (with little clue of the conversation), just posted it.

    Shiyam wins in education qualifications:-? plus being with Yameen n Gayoom. Gasim wins in wealth n some bruisedly won wisdom n age. We know who will win if they r one on one. But when greed in both money n power in stake, any Abulho is on the card.

    Seems like a domestic fight between Jabir n mirror while Dhiyana is watching

  6. The snakes are fiight ing in the nest! Gasim is the most poisonous of the two! Pretending he is innocent, incredible!

  7. "I knew they wouldn’t spare me and even if I got a little bit away from it they would get rid of me."

    One thing for sure, that he'd go to any length to save his own backside.

  8. @susan. Some of us have got something called integrity. If I would, I wouldn't be preaching national interest.

  9. Gasim, do the right thing now. Get away from the Bagee team. especially Maumoon and Yaameen. Continue you reform work. We are still not free. Look at how scared people are since Feb 7. I think you have a good heart. Please please get away from them.

  10. My question is how can owners of resorts have positions in political parties. Is this not a huge conflict of interest ? Is it not obvious that they will sway the rules to favour themselves ? To think they wouldn't would be completely naive.
    Politicians should be in favour of the people and not there own interests whether it be religious, financial or whatever. Maldives is so full of corruption it is ridiculous.

  11. @Rania
    Right you are, nothing sensational in this. I don't know why this is such a big deal. This is every day stuff in the political arena.

  12. The leaked love conversation of Mariya and Nasheed and also drunck video's of Rekko Moosa is yet to be launched! Wait and see

  13. Its not right to transgress the civil liberty of anyone else. You are not supposed to record phone calls and conversations of other without their knowledge.

  14. Videos like leaked love conversations and drunkards shall be of little important for a country but the leaked videos and live telecast mutiny shall not be forgotten for a country to remain as a country


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