President Waheed forms commission to investigate transfer of power

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has formed a “Commission of National Inquiry” to investigate the events that unfolded in the Maldives during the period from 14 January to 8 February.

The inquiry was created by presidential decree as per the article 223 clause (d) of the constitution.

The President’s Office stated that the commission was established to make “an independent impartial investigation” into the change of power and surrounding protests.

President Waheed nominated three members to the commission: former minister of defence and national security during President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom’s administration Ismail Shafeeu, Gayoom’s former minister of tourism and the first president of the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) Ahmed Mujuthaba, and Dr Ibrahim Yasir.

Shafeeu was nominated to chair the commission. Mujuthaba is also chairing the cross-party talks concerning Dr Waheed’s “Roadmap for a Possible Way Forward”, which the MDP has boycotted due to the involvement of un-elected parties without a democratic mandate.

President Waheed has also requested Prosecutor General Ahmed Muizz oversee the legality of the inquiries and investigations as per the article 223 (d) of the constitution.

The commission has been given the mandate to compile a full report on the outcome of the investigation and submit it the President, the Prosecutor General and the Attorney General – Gayoom’s former lawyer, Azima Shukoor.

Dr Waheed’s Press Secretary Musood Imad was not responding to calls at time of press.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) spokesperson for International Affairs, MP Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, questioned the impartiality of the commission.

“How can [the government] carry out an impartial investigation, when they themselves were involved in the actions during that time period?” he asked.

“This is exactly the same type of commission that was formed during Gayoom’s regime to look into the events that unfolded in Maafushi Jail in 2003, including the custodial death of Evan Naseem,” Ghafoor said.

“Look what happened to the report they published then – people questioned it, and part of it was censored. We are calling for a third party consisting of international experts  to come and  into look into the matter. We absolutely do not believe that this commission will be impartial in investigating the matter.”

The legality and legitimacy of the transfer of presidential power in the Maldives should be determined by the independent impartial investigation, and the make-up and mandate of the investigation must to be agreeable to all responsible political parties, the MDP has said, acknowledging the European Union (EU)’s statement on the current situation of Maldives.

The investigation “must include international experts and should deliver accountability for all human rights violations,” MDP’s statement read.

Police and protesters attack the military base on February 7:

Police, MNDF and opposition protesters break into the state broadcaster on February 7:

A police crackdown on MDP demonstrators and supporters followed on February 8:


47 thoughts on “President Waheed forms commission to investigate transfer of power”

  1. We don't want foreign intervention in our domestic affairs. The Maldives have enough qualified people to do a good job. We don't need foreign advice and as we know our country better than any foreigner.

  2. I voted for you MDP last time but now I have to say MDP, bark as much as you want but you are not coming back and there will be no elections before 2013. We have begun to see the mess you have done in the last three years. The country's debti went up from 9% to 27% during your power, the over 5000 housing units you said you have started was proven to be just 150 units which itself was in a mess that work was about to be stopped, you have sold island for resort business against the tourism act without proper bidding etc etc. So its time we first know all the details of hanky pankies you guys have done and find out the corruption you have done in these things before we can even think of holding an election which includes MDP in it. So dance as much as you can yellow boys, but there will be no music to entertain you. Long live Dr Waheed and Long Live Maldives.

  3. The old dogs are back. They seem to have been waiting for just the right conditions. Mr. Ismail Shafeeu I wonder why they did not give you Defence Ministry. Or is your protege Naazim more brutal and cunning than you.

  4. @yasir, i didnt vote for MDP last time but this time i will vote for MDP. when one goes the other comes along. deal with it, budd!!!

  5. Yasir, its not just MDP that's barking, its the Maldivian people too! Good, lets bring out all the hanky pankies, starting from Gayoom's rule of 30 years, if people like you will have the guts too see the true picture. If the Criminal Court's dismissal of all the corruption cases of Nazim isn't enough for you to believe in the sorry state of the current government, you are living in denial and you can continue to do so. Truth will prevail and all those guilty of corruption should be punished, be it MDP, DRP, PPM etc. If you are willing to turn a blind eye to all the corruption in Gayoom's regime and focus on MDP alone, then we know what your agenda is. Yep, Dr Waheed should have a long life, a quick death would be too easy a way out for him, for all the atrocities he has committed against the people of this country, to come into power. Long live Dr Waheed, indeed!

  6. I am not convinced that this Commission of National Inquiry would be able to investigate and prepare a report, impartially! They would probably be asked to endorse a report prepared by someone else!

  7. itoo didnt vote for MDP last time but this time i will vote for MDP. when one goes 2nd wll join comes along. deal with it, budd!!!

  8. @Polly on Wed, 22nd Feb 2012 3:35 PM

    "Maldives have enough qualified people to do a good job."

    Really? Care to name a few? I can't think of any!

  9. What is there to investigate, this whole scenarios unfold in front of all Maldivians on live TV. President Nasheeds incompetency lead him to a corner. His psychological weakness and emotions he couldn't control in a crisis situation lead him to resign. Every Maldivains know ever since MDP got some majority in parliament they were hell bent to destroy the judiciary of Maldives and install their own judges.

  10. In my home more people will vote to MDP this time. Now or 2013 make no difference to us. But giving time to the robbers are bad for the country. How can you run a country with some one else pulling the strings.

  11. It is not possible to be impartial if you are Maldivian. I have never heard so much nonsense in my life.

  12. Waheed n croinies r doing their best to show they hv some names in the committee. But just like Waheed, the other names r also come n go. Where were some of them last couple of years?

  13. Ekola, you are right, there's nothing to investigate. The double talk by defence minister Nazim and the confession by Umar Naseer, says it all, it was a coup! Maybe you have been watching the wrong channels, have a look at Raaje TV for the truth!

  14. EU, CW, UN, UK, US, India... You must intervene about the impartiality of this so-called commission, if you seriously blv that the lives of 350,000 citizens must not rot in slavery under a Mafia state, otherwise bound to end in authoritarian rule.


  15. Yeah Elections now, let see who wins. These sort of commisions never achive anything, and this has become a big joke now. How many more trick would these clowns play. This evening they came out again on that pickup calling out loud, to gather for the occasion of maldives embraced islam. But people from my neighbour hood was yelling behind them specially the women. How many more time will they try. All these clowns have a few bucks and some rougues with them. The real people are calling out for elections. There is nothing to investigate, every single person of this country know that this is a bagavai. But few circles around this rot, and live in denial, only pray can save them.

  16. What a joke. Who the hell is puppet Waheed to impose Gayoom's ilk to rule us again. We didn't vote for this people.

  17. how can ismail shafeeu who was the home minister during the custodial death of Evan Naseem and the defense minister during the murder case of hussain solah investigate anything? We need a tribunal to investigate ismail shafeeu

  18. Ismail Shafiu is the defence minister who arrested Anni at Jumhooree Maidhan in 2005. How can we expect him to be unbiased.

  19. @Yasir, I can actually think of FIFTY people who will vote for MDP who DDNT vote for MDP the last time. When one idiot turns judas, FIFTY others will turn awesome and vote for MDP. And HAHA to YOU! Anni did more for this country in THREE years than maumoon did in his THIRTY years! Face reality buddy, we're never gonna get a cooler president than our elected President Mohamed nasheed. xD

  20. They knew what they did and we know what they did. It was a COUP - they should be on trial for treason. Failing that an election tomorrow.


    We have taken a massive step backwards from 7th and so has the rest of the new democratic world!

  21. Lol......The mutineers themselves conducting the investigation....I just cant biliv it...I m too much worried if it be unbiased... This must be the joke of the century.....Lets all wait and watch this fun....

  22. Yes. The old dogs are back. This time with their off springs trying to justify the coup and pointing fingers at everyone but those who were behind the coup.

    Soon after the coup a face book group was formed in the name of colorless. Looks like the true colors of colorless have finally emerged.

  23. Finally some ground breaking decision to be made by the Judas Waheed's Government.

    Working hours to be change.

    Addition (+) sign to be changed to a crescent.

    Yeah Yeah you need a double PhD to fix this.

  24. I never thought MDP was telling the truth. Im in tears for not believing what President Nasheed was saying. Now im ready to give up my life for a leader like Mohamed Nasheed. Never thougth this would come out from me!! I really dont think this investigation committee will be free and fair since its contents are cronies of former President Maumoon, who supports this coup government.

  25. Judge, Jury and Executioner. Congrats, you are a dictator, u just haven't come out of the closet yet.

  26. Demands of the Maldivians are very very Simple the Following Persons who paid and carried out the coup on 7 February 2012 to be tried for treason and declare them Bankrupt and all their Assets to be seized by the state and these people should never ever hold a Government Post or Civil Post.

    Those bandits are:

    1.Muamoon Abdul Gayoom
    2.Yamin Abdul Gayoom
    3.Gasim Ibrahim
    4.Thasneem Ali
    5.Gadhagey or Conrad or Crown Company Saleem.
    6.Bandos Waheedheen.

    Above persons have destroyed a new born Democracy and future of all our children and Grand Children.

    and as for those Army and Police men and women who took part in the coup they must never ever wear the proud uniform or wear our proud emblem of our forces and they should never hold a Government or Civilian Job ever.

    These traitors of our nation must never ever take part in any activity of our nation.

  27. @Ekaloa
    "What is there to investigate"
    The coup

    "this whole scenarios unfold in front of all Maldivians on live TV"
    You should not be fooled by TV stations owned by the same people who funded the coup. Why do you think MNBC One was hijacked in the middle of the coup. Wake up and stop being so ignorant.

    "President Nasheeds incompetency lead him to a corner"
    Complete nonsense. A coup lead him to a corner you nitwit.

    "His psychological weakness and emotions he couldn’t control in a crisis situation lead him to resign"
    Again, a coup lead him to resign. Stop with the lies dopey.

    "Every Maldivains know ever since MDP got some majority in parliament they were hell bent to destroy the judiciary of Maldives and install their own judges."
    Are you trying to persuade the readers that a judiciary made up of corrupt judges, most with criminal records and hand-picked by Gayoom during his 30 year dictatorship to prevent any convictions against attrocities from those associated with him and his cronies (eg is currently a functioning independent and legitimate body? When you say the MDP want to "destroy" the judiciary, I think you meant "clean up". The judiciary is a mess. Most of the judges aren't even qualified to be judges in the first place. You should read the facts instead of believing the propaganda.

  28. CMAG Statement,a success for democracy and justice! Let the yellow revolution begin!

  29. I suggest Waheed to ask the people who put him there and report their stories. Umar Naseer is a good storyteller.

    You didn't just wake up to be president. We know that. Stop insulting us.

  30. Ladies& Gentlemen,
    Can we all top bla,bla,bla!Was it a coup or was it not? Yes it was, it’s very obvious and it all happened during a broad day light!! Investigation is all over, it’s time for election in year 2012.If necessary amends whatever constitution needs to amend. No one has changed the constitution to change the former government and no one or parties have filed any solid cases to bring down former government. So what are all these nonsenses now…
    May I make it clear for all of you that the current regime is illegitimate and we are against it!!! Current regime is most brutal regime this generation can ever face and it’s time to bring them down on to their knees!!! They are struggling; they have no other choice but face the fair judgment. They all agree that MDP government and manifesto is benefiting citizen of this small archipelago.
    Now the t religion, GMR, Health Insurance policy, GST,etc etc …… is all fine. So what else to talk!!!
    Dear Maldivians please think deeply about all the nonsense of so called “ithihaad” used scream out for all these days. Why they are so quiet now!
    We, most of Maldivians are well aware of their goals and they have reached it and finally it’s time for us to put all of them in peace.Coz their agenda is not for the benefit of general public and it was only a political agenda!
    Muamoon daughter Dunyaa ,try whatever possible to protect your father and ask few more times to international community to stay away from our internal crises .I’m sure this Dunyaa -funny faced lady is completely stupid. But she is working in foreign ministry and asking international community to stay away from Maldives!!!! Useless idiots of dictator. These thugs are not aware of how and whom our life is depending on!!! We will find a place for so called dictator and family a kingdom in African Sahara!! In there they can live happily forever!!!!But sorry they cannot get any chances in Maldives.
    Get Ready for an election in 2012,start your campaign – but those thugs make sure you don’t come out even for a campaign…
    Waheed you cannot scape,you are the one behind the coup!!!!we dont need any commision from you.we have done our investigation already and you are the biggest failure.

  31. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, his fat head brother Yamin Abdul Gayoom, MP Gasim Ibrahim, Sultan Thasmeen, Conrad or Crown Company Saleem, Bandos Waheedheen don't you six bandits still realize what you have done to our nation, what were you six thinking when you six morons planned and carried out this coup.

    You have destroyed our nations future you damn selfish piggy banks.

    This country will never forget you six traitors.

    You six filth bandits please know what you did to our future and our childrens future, what you did will always haunt it will haunt big six and it will haunt your children and grand children forever.

    I really feel sorry for your families how on earth are they going to live in this country ever.

  32. This is really the story of the century(and the next century 2)opposition protest and Ex-president deposed by businessmen and police and army in a coup.His party protest and get him back to power and again the opposition protest and business men and police and army overthrow him and again his party protest and elect him back to power and again the opposition protest and business men and police and army overthrow him and AGAIN........the 'Maldivian story' and The life and times of Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) .

  33. If certain citizen of our beloved country thinks whats going on in our country is a joke than All I can say is I feel sorry for them.

  34. The three videos here tell it all.

    MDP government was overthrown by the non-MDP segments of the society who were fully supported by the Police who were joined by the Army.

    The likes of Ahmed Mujthaba and Waheeduddeen are simply not the type of people who should benefit from this change.

    There will be no independent investigation.

    The present president Waheed is himself not at all independent.

    The way things are going, I would expect the Maldives to cease to be an independent nation-state very very soon.

    Minivan News will soon be banned and expelled.

    There is no legal profession in the Maldives.

    No judiciary worthy of that name.

    How many educated people? Not much.

  35. I think Umar Naseer should carry out this investigation and present the findings at the command centre tomorrow.

  36. Ismail Shafeeu on the Commission? Yes I know he was dr Waheeds classmate and gayooms last Defense Minister. He will be very impartial. What a joke. Dr Waheed, don't insult us. Thought you had more guts.

  37. waheed came, and i hope he goes this time..... to jail.

    i cant stop laughing at these people. how they thought they got what they wanted, only to be back fired from every angle imaginable. morale of this whole coup, "never f*#% with free people"

  38. Dr Waheed's commission consists of wholly local men. But the Commonwealth recommended the investigation to involve international participation, i.e., the committee must comprise members from international community.

    Besides, Waheed's nominations all come from among Gayoom's old friends and his PPM backed the opposition protests that led the police and military to mutiny to their command and stage a coup that toppled the legitimate government of the country. The PPM also participates in the government of coup sponsors.

    The commission is biased prima facie.

  39. the common 'wealth' of Elizabeth II of Windsor and her family and aristocratic bloodlines of European monarchs who stay above the law and give a battlefield known as democracy to the common people,all the while protecting their wealth and intermarrying between their pure blood all in the name of the holy church and crusade for their own world control in the name of God!God save the Queen!

  40. @rice

    would love to see where common wealth said it was not a coup.

    according to wat i can see they said they can't decide conclusively without further investigations.

    "The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG), a nine-strong group of foreign ministers which investigates human rights and democracy issues, said it was too soon to say whether the transfer of power was lawful.

    "It was not possible in the allotted time to determine conclusively the constitutionality of the resignation of President Nasheed," CMAG said in a statement which called for an independent inquiry into the events early this month."


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