Presidential Commission investigating alleged car accident in UK involving former President’s son

The Presidential Commission (PC) is investigating alleged misuse of state funds following an alleged car accident involving former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s son, Gassan Maumoon, in Liverpool, England.

PC Spokesperson Abdulla Haseen told Minivan News today that an investigation commenced “some time ago” based on complaints and requests to look into the longstanding allegations.

“We are not saying whether it happened or not,” he stressed. “We are looking into it to determine the truth or falsehood of the allegations. We are now receiving assistance from authorities in the UK.”

He added that the PC could not reveal which authorities in England were aiding the investigation “for fear of possible interference.”

“The allegation is that there was an accident involving Gassan in Liverpool where a person was killed,” he explained, “and that state funds were illegally transferred out of the country.”

Asked if the money in question was used to post bail, Haseen said “that’s one of the things we are looking into.”

The PC spokesperson said that he could not divulge further details at this stage of the investigation.

Speaking to Minivan News, Mohamed Waheed “Wadde,” lawyer for Gayoom’s family, said that Gassan has decided to sue Haseen personally for defamation.

“We are not suing because of the investigation,” he explained. “The investigation should go ahead. We are not suing the commission. Instead we are filing a case against Haseen personally for spreading deliberate falsehoods without any proof to back it up.”

He added that the legal team had “audio of Haseen saying Gassan killed a person.”

Haseen however said that he was “confident” of defending himself in court against the defamation charges.

“If they feel anyone’s rights were violated, they are free to sue, there is no problem with that,” he said. “But what I was surprised by was their claim that the allegations were made by me personally.”

Haseen contended that his statements in the media were made in his capacity “as an employee of a lawfully formed institution.”

“All I said was that we are looking into the allegations and that an investigation is ongoing,” he said. “I didn’t say Gassan killed anyone or paid to cover it up.”

Waheed meanwhile said that the defamation case would be filed at court “next week, God willing.”

The former President’s lawyer insisted that there was “absolutely no truth” to the allegations, suggesting that the claims were part of government’s efforts to periodically attack Gayoom in the media “because they are scared of him and his rising popularity.”

“Their intention here is to hide the fact that neither the government nor the presidential commission has been able to do anything,” he said. “It is meant to hide their incompetence and keep hold of their high posts and salaries.”


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  1. "rising popularity" Oh dear , have we gone absolutely mental. Oh please! can some one ask the former President to resort to holy work and spiritual uplifting, may be crying and pleading for mercy from god, instead of running in for politics. isn't he paid for that from government or public money.

  2. Hello President. We elected you because we know the previous regime is corrupt and misuse state funds. The truth is you are worse than the previous dictator.

  3. Oh this sweet innocent guy! He will never smoke dope or drink and will never involve in a crime. He is just like his father.I'm ashamed of the nonsense from Haseen.

  4. It appears the funds were paid by MGTC Singapore and later transferred as Universals contribution in return to extension of Kurumba village lease

  5. How many times must we have to deal with all of this nonsense. Why can't the PC look into the social issue that actually matter? Damned idiots.

  6. The culprit was Faris Maumoon and not Gassan. That's why the Maumoon camp is acting so pompous (because the media is reporting it is Gassan)

  7. This is ridiculous. How many people think that this guy can kill a person in a road accident and just get away with that in the United Kingdom?

    He's the son of a former tin pot dictator from a tiny little speck of a country of no importance. If he committed the alleged crime, we can all be certain that he'll be serving time in a jail somewhere in the United Kingdom. He wil be deported upon completion of the sentence. That's the law.

    The Presidential Commission is a total waste of time and money. It should be shut immediately, since they haven't done anything of any value so far.

  8. Bin Addu. You are wrong here. All the children of Gayoom probably had diplomatic immunity when they were in UK and would not have been arrested unless the Maldivian Government allowed it.
    But I do not think that this happened for the reason, that if so, it would have got into the UK papers. If he has fled bail, then there would be an arrest warrant for him as well.
    It may have been that there was an accident but no deaths maybe and that it could be that Arif took the rap for that and that is why he is so influential there. Anyway all this is mere speculation.

  9. But i do believe that there was some money transferred had happened, we're people normal citizen have heard something very quietly. i still remembered those days we had difficulties of receiving doller from BML.

    If that so ... he should be paying back all and international criminal court need to be investigate, because if try this again here in our judiciary nothing would work. so i call presidencial commission to alleged the case within fare judiciary,

  10. Ghassan looks cute with short hair. Sort of like a Maldives' version of Harry Potter.

  11. The current regime is worse than the Gayoom & cronies. Worse still, it took just a few months to reach that stage, unlike the previous, which took the wrong turn from 3rd election.

    MDP : I voted for Anni, for 2 reasons. Getting rid of Maumoon and choking haabees.
    But, MDP is fast losing the credibility because of dumbo's like Reeko and Sarangu. It would really help Anni, if he gets rids of them.

  12. now we know News of the World bribed UK police routinely. We know UK MPs stole public money. UK is a a corrupt regime. If these things happened in Maldives they will talk as if this is a third world "disease".I won't be surprised that even in this case bribes were used to buy silence or freedom.

  13. Anni is wasting time on these things now when there is so many other important things he need to do. We still have lots of our people who do not have access to safe drinking water, no proper housing, extreme poverty and no basic health services. Yet he and his government is still running after DRP and Qayyoom like Tom & Jerry. Is this why we voted for him? Its nearly three years and yet he hasn't done anything solid for the people of Maldives, instead he has made our lives more difficult and costly here. His government is full of his friends and relatives just like Qayyoom had and they are all useless and unqualified for their respective jobs.

  14. For shame Presidential Commission. Apart from the Kerafaa Clan nobody really gives a damn.

    Where is the truth and reconciliation? Where are the structural reforms we could not articulate but desperately fought for? Where are the mechanisms to minimize corruption? Where are the safety nets for the poor and marginalized?

    There really is no yellow, no MDP, no Aneh Dhivehi Raajje. There is just a newly formed institution built with the blood, sweat and tears of several individuals and hijacked by the Kerafaa Clan and their lust for revenge.

  15. With all the money we give His Excellent Maumoon Abdul Gayoom he can only afford nine scholarship's through his foundation, whilst he can give enough monies to caress His right honorable Mahloof in a spa south east Asia.

  16. Mohamed, you said that UK is corrupt, need we remind you that Murdoch is an Australian born USA citizen!!! Get real!!!

  17. I also heard that it was Umar Naseer who spoke openly about this issue at a meeting held by 'Sword' -- an NGO in Male'.

  18. @ Rolex

    Can you please give the link to the article you mentioned.

    @ Average

    When was this meeting? And where was it held? Do you have any details of that meeting? Is it there on the internet?

  19. UK police are not Australians. UK police accepted bribes from News International,a UK company managing UK newspapers, edited by UK nationals. One of these UK editors was recently in the UK prime minister's office working as his Comm Director. So, don't shift the blame on to Murdoch and Australia. UK is corrupt!

  20. Certainly something happened; I remember Mr. Mrs. Golhaboa visited UK during that period. Can anyone why?


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