Presidential commission sends corruption case against Yameen to police

A case concerning the People’s Alliance (PA) leader Abdulla Yameen has been forwarded to the police by the Presidential Commission.

The investigation concerns corruption allegations against Yameen during his time as chairman of the State Trading Organisation (STO). It involves a Rf16.7 million loan from the STO to buy a resort, which was allegedly given to local businessman Abdulla Jabir by Yameen.

The transaction was found to be in violation of corporate principles and was red-flagged in last year’s STO audit report.

Spokesperson for the Presidential Commission, Abdulla Haseen, confirmed they have “finished the report and we have submitted it to police.”

Haseen said the loan was “against corporate governance” and claimed it had been connected to corruption.

“During 2001 the loan was given to the business partner of the STO chairman at the time,” Haseen said, though he would not confirm “who that business partner was.”

He said the commission hopes the case will be forwarded to the Prosecutor General, although it might take a few weeks.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed police had received “a new case from the Presidential Commission related to the STO,” but could not give any more details.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) spokesperson Ahmed Haleem confirmed Jabir had recently signed up as a member of the MDP and said the party will benefit from having him as a member “as he is an experienced politician, former MP and spoke out for the change to democracy.”

He noted the MDP was not concerned about Jabir’s suspected involvement in the case, claiming “MDP is not like that, we are very straight-forward.”

He said if someone is accused of corruption, the party would want the Presidential Commission to look into the case.

Former member of the Presidential Commission, Idham Muizzu Adnan, who recently resigned over “political influences”, said he could not discuss details of his work at the commission and could not comment on the case as he had signed a non-disclosure agreement on his departure.

Yameen did not respond to Minivan News by time of press.


11 thoughts on “Presidential commission sends corruption case against Yameen to police”

  1. Haseen may decline or hesitate to name that business partner, BUT I will do that, its the well know LOLLY JABIR, who jumped into MDP ship as soon as he knew he is going to be prosecuted. LET JUSTICE BE SERVED (MDP STYLE)

  2. will be very interesting how Loly will handle this time. He took the usual step, joining MDP but will it really work. We know MDP doest care about these gyz joining them cos most of them are all in the same boat.

  3. According to Yameen the money was advance payment to buy foreign curency for STO. I wonder whether it is legal to purchased foreign currency from those other than authorised dealers of foreign currency.

  4. I just hope that the government is serious about irradicating corruption, no matter who's names come up and how many millions are thrown at them. What are we really doing here now? Are we trying to create the same breed of dogs with a different party tag? If they are innocent, let them walk free and enjoy life with their hard earned money. But, if there's a reason to suspect foul play, let the people hear abput that too. The government does not have any reason to interfere if indeed it's working for our well-being.

    But it looks to me like there are too many skeletons in the closet dancing and singing like wind chimes and getting on your nerves. It's not music anymore. Oh I forgot - music is haraam.

    Tell us as it is and we will be happy. We are after all ordiary citizens.

  5. time to jail both Lolly and Yameen. then Maldives can develop free from these so and sos

  6. Watch this space carefully. Anybody who tries to defend the criminals who robbed the country in millions is quite simply a senseless and brainless treacherer. We all know what they did to our nations wealth. They can and will hide it from the "special justice" of the Maldivian courts. But we all know the truth and do not try to defend them here in public forums.

  7. Some people may believe what Yameen says on this deal but many Maldivians would not although they might not say anything because they are used to not seeing an outcome from such cases so best to say nothing.

    Did Jabir had access to large amounts of dollars and on what criteria was he chosen. Why didn't Yameen (STO) make such arrangements with established businessmen in the tourism industry - you may answer that question. Yameen didn't know that money was to buy an island !!! my word where is your conscience.

    The general public knew that money was used to buy Olhuveli and people spoke about it. The general public also knew that nothing would happen and only they themselves will fall into trouble by talking about it.

    Olhuveli was later sold to Sun Travel Shiyam and "Jabir" bought Thari Village (Dhonveli Beach). The resort was redevloped (forget the 20 % carrying capacity) and sold to JKH of Sri Lanka. Those who had attended to work at Dhonveli Beach would know that Yameen had a hand in it, he was often there during the development. Ask Dhiraagu staff who attended to their work at Dhonveli that who they had to deal with!! was not Jabir.

    It was quite cleverly done. The whole thing was very quickly cashed in - wonder who received the bulk of it !!!. Just because people don't go around talking about these things, do not believe that the public accept what is said or do not know what has been done. Doubt justice will be served even on this case.

  8. I am an ex STO staff and I know exactly how this happened.

    It all began in 1997 when Jabir, Yameen and Ogaru Mohamed Fulhu formed a company called Sunset Mariner Pvt Ltd. Where Jabir was holding 60 % shares and Yameen 20% and Ogaru 20%. Yameen wanted a way to finance Jabir’s business ie. their common business and when Mitsui wanted to sell the shares of Emerald Resort Pvt Ltd the company which had subleased Olhuveli Resort from Zahir Adam, Yameen with the assistance of STO managing director Maniku arranged a scheme where Jabir will approach STO to sell dollars in exchange for Maldivian Rufiyaa advances. Jabir wrote to STO in 2000 saying that he had got an opportunity to buy a resort island and this would facilitate him to sell more dollars to STO in the future. At this time STO had no fund allocated to advance a huge amount to one party so the matter was kept quite. In 2000 november STO passed its budget for the year 2001 where a fund was created to invest in tourism business. This fund was never used. However, this created an opportunity for the chairman and the MD of STO to play around with STO’s money in the tourism sector. If any questions are asked they can say that it is the money allocated for investment in tourism business.

    Once again Jabir wrote to STO saying that he had this opportunity to buy shares in Emerald Resort Pvt Ltd the sublesee of Olhuveli Resort. This time STO gave a letter to Jabir stating that STO would back him financially in his new venture. STO board was not aware of the existence of this letter. A letter financially backing a private individual and giving him an unfair advantage over his competitors. Mitsui, the shareholder of Emeral Resort Pvt Ltd was happy to deal with Jabir as STO was backing him. So all legal documentations were prepared and executed at STO headquarters where STO gave the money to Mitsui on behalf of Jabir. To make the story short Jabir failed to pay the loan back to STO and Olhuveli was sold to Sun Travel Shiyam. It was Shiyam who paid the money back to STO. The amazing this is within one year STO had again loaned Jabir US$600,000 equivelant Maldivian Rufiyya to buy Dollars. The Jabir who cannot pay back the money.

    Please note the following:

    STO was not authorized to give loans to private businesses. No such issue was discussed at the board, there is no board resolution authorizing for loan advances to purchase dollars.

    This interest free loan was given to a business partner of STO chairman.

    STO chairman was also the Trade Minister and Trade Ministry was supposed to over see the affairs of STO on behalf of the government.

    There are many other legal issues that clearly indicate the activities of Yameen. Let’s see it unfolds or may be not because Yameen with help of now MDP member Jabir will convince President Nasheed to just forget these activities of the past.

  9. How come Haseen is in the Presidential Commission investigating corruption issues??? Isn't he among the people who has taken a loan during Maumoon's regime and among the few who has not paid a cent back of the loan???

  10. Could someone tell us who are Board of Directors at STO while such dubious things were happenig.. The whole Board including Yameen should be accountable.

  11. Strange how MDP has endorsed the same policy of collecting corrupt politicians and businessmen there hobby.I was hoping that when some one is accused of corruption they will ask them to wait until the case is over to join the ranks.For Mr.Haleem it will be easy to welcome people as Jabir into the mix as he was part of the Yameen clan fro so long. The people who are leading MDP other than President Nasheed has dipped there hands into the honey jar numerous times and come unscathed. They know how the system works and always will be on the winning side. MDP is the new DRP lets face it. Power corrupts and the presdient has lost sight of what brought him to power why we believed he could change the way. The country gets divided day by day along the shades of colors that they belong to. Talk about uniting developing and reaching goals but the politics are only focused getting all the thieves to your side and putting them through the yellow washing machine.


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