Shangri-La ‘PlayStation’ strike dissolves after leaders dismissed

The strike at Shangri-La Villingili Resort and Spa has ended, according to Vice President of the Tourism Employment Association Maldives (TEAM), Mauroof Zakir.

157 Staffs at the Shangri-La Villingili Resort went on strike last week after four workers were dismissed for reportedly playing on a PlayStation in a vacant villa on the last Sunday. It continued throughout the week until Shangri-La management dismissed the 10 leaders of the strike and four villa host, and invited the remaining staff back to work.

Zakir claimed the strike ended when Shangri-La management sent a letter to the parents of the strikers on Feydhoo.

”They sent a letter signed by the general manager of the resort requesting that the strikers resign or the matter would be handled to the police,” Zakir said.

”Their wives, kids and parents were disappointed with the letter and pressured the staff to stop the strike and go work.”

Zakir said the strikers did not achieve all they had set out to achieve, but “it was a success that only 14 staffs were dismissed. At first they dismissed 65 staffs on the island.”

He said that strikers took a vote on Wednesday to decide if they were going to continue or end the strike.

”Ninety per cent of them voted to continue the strike,” Zakir claimed.

He said TEAM would “still work until we achieve our demands, with the help of international organisations.”

”We will take the case to the tribunal also,” he said. ”We will do as much we can.”

Shangri-La’s Communication Director Leslie Garcia denied management sent a letter to the strike leaders.

”They were dismissed in an agreement proposed by the resort management,” she said. ”They agreed to it.”


6 thoughts on “Shangri-La ‘PlayStation’ strike dissolves after leaders dismissed”

  1. As a respected media in the country, you should find out the truth before published your story. 65 staff were never dismissed in the first place. And for TEAM, what are they trying to achieve??? To disturb the harmony of Addu and encourage the young and naive people for the wrong doings? What is their agenda???

  2. This is the only decent outcome from this sad and unnecessary event. I hope that the workers of Addu learned important lesson from this. You have to earn respect first by proper work ethic and that's the only way to improve your conditions.

    Not by arguing, going on strike to achieve the wrong aims. Crying wolf, and saying that resorts do not employ locals in high profile jobs is not the answer. The fact is that managers do NOT trust locals, since the vast majority of the locals are incapable of doing a decent job.

    Unfortunately, the few locals who are capable also suffer as a result of this. Most Maldivians have a very inflated ego totally disproportionate to their skill level.

    Work hard, and your rewards will come. The best thing that TEAM can do for their members is educating them on proper work ethic and organising the right form of training for their members to achieve that!

  3. They say, people of Addu always learn things in the hardest way. May be one lesson well learnt.

  4. Zakir is still smile and all the 14 staff who dismissed are sad, and see the outcome on here, management now lost there trust on Audduans, This kind of ill acts must stop now by the governments and others sources

  5. Serves right to strikers and any future such plans. TEAM you are not fit to act on behalf employees and the top managment should resign now. I salute the managment of Shangri-La. This is the only way to teach Maldivian Employees to respect the code of conduct and ethics.

  6. Ahmed - it is a shame that you are a Maldivian. You don't have a clue of what's going on!

    Did you know that even so called highly civilised people, faced with a change in their circumstances, abandon the moral and ethical codes of civilisation? That could include the management of any resort in Maldives.

    When there are foreigners vying for our jobs you should understand that there is phsycological warfare also involved in this.

    When did you stop breast feeding by the way? Last year?


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