Pro-MDP Facebook group alleges police intimidation

Administrators of a Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) aligned Facebook group called “Kula Yellow” have claimed they have been “threatened” by police over their page’s content.  Police officials have denied the accusations.

The Kula Yellow Facebook page, which at the time of press has just under 14,000 likes on the hugely popular social networking site, collects images, videos and other information relating to the opposition party and its work.

However, in a written statement issued today on the site, Kula Yellow’s administration team alleged that “police intelligence” had accused the page of being linked to “violence”, whilst also pledging to “crush” the site.

The alleged threat was also claimed to conclude with a warning that law enforcement officials would continue to be monitoring the page.

Kuda Yellow responded in the statement that police had no right to accuse the page or its administrators of being linked to violent crime.

‘’Arrest one of us. Two more appear. You cannot arrest an idea,’’ the statement said referring to the alleged police threats.

Kula Yellow’s Facebook page so far has more than 13,000 fans, who are said to represent mostly young Maldivians that oppose the current government and support the MDP’s demands for early elections.

However, the Maldives Police Service has denied that it was focusing on, or investigating the Kula Yellow page and its administrators.

Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef said there had so far been no complaints filed against the Facebook page Kula Yellow and added that police were not investigating anything related to the page.

The police official declined to respond when asked about whether law enforcement officials were concerned over the potential role that social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter were playing in organising both recent peaceful protests and violent unrest between its officers and civilians.

A member of the Kula Yellow team speaking to Minivan News today on condition of anonymity claimed its members had been receiving several death threats and abusive messages over the past few weeks.

”But last night one of us received a text message, the contact number appears as ‘Police Intel’ and the message said that they are watching over Kula Yellow’s actions and they will ‘crush’ you,” the source said.

The source added that the Kula Yellow team last night met with some  senior officials of the MDP to inform the party about their concerns.

”Police officers followed us when we left home after the meeting, we noticed their actions and realized that they have been haunting us,” he claimed.

The spokesperson additionally expressed concern that the phone interview given to Minivan News, as well as other incoming and outgoing calls to his mobile were being listened to by police.


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  1. This article hardly is news-worthy.

    Pretty soon we'll be seeing a person sitting in a cafe farting, blame it on the police and report it to Minivan news, which would be reported in Minivan news under the headline "UNDERCOVER POLICE ATTACK PRO-MDP GROUPS WHILE IN CAFE WITH ALLEGED TEARGAS CANISTERS AND UNKNOWN BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS "

    Pretty far-fetched, but we're getting there !

  2. Of course the police state will monitor everything we do on net.
    Indeed we get individual personal threats, death threats - by phone, number we can not get the owner - on twitter by accounts claiming to be spokes people of coup regime, of police - in person on roads of Male', we dont leave home without company.
    Thats the truth of regime. In previous regime dictator 169 were murdered in cold blood. Now they have already some 500 people in jail plus x-number of MNDF in custody, plus filled all departments and services with their boys, plus .....

    Junta will eliminate in one way or another opponents of #mvprotest and MDP. They are busy with.

    We will resist and finally - if no other options left - we will fight too

  3. "”But last night one of us received a text message, the contact number appears as ‘Police Intel’ and the message said that they are watching over Kula Yellow’s actions and they will ‘crush’ you,” the source said."

    Hahaha. This gotta be the news of the century.

  4. These days the police are signing MOUs left right and centre with state institutions to cooperate in some way. Are the police not mandated to look into such matters any way. Maybe it was part of Police MOU with MBC to look into anti government media. Keep up the good work kula yellow.

  5. am in middle province and i cannot login the wonderful site but am much interested to see it. I'm in Maenbudu dhal atoll. help me to see the site.

  6. I got bored after reading the first two lines. So amaturish and factless. Very popular site.. ha ha.. Out of those 140000 fans.. I bet you count the number of Maldivians with your fingers.

  7. one of us received a text message, the contact number appears as ‘Police Intel’ and the message said that they are watching over Kula Yellow’s actions and they will ‘crush’ you,” the source said.”

    Oh my God. contaxt bumber appears police intel? LMAOL....grow up honestly Im LMAOL

  8. Facebook is a site where known deviants gather to plot against Islam. The semitic heritage of its creator is well documented and the diabolical intent behind its creation is now manifest.

    Beware of this site. Were it not for the logistical difficulties involved. I would advocate garrotting the vast majority of its users on the spot.

  9. The police state can not police this = true freedom of thought and expression.

  10. haha... a campaign by MDP.

    Minivannews is owned by President Nasheed's family and is helping out go provide exposure to upcoming rally. Poor attempt!

  11. I felt my skin crawl reading the comments here laughing at people afraid of police intimidation. What was the feeling I had ? FEAR.Fear of people who can write these comments.

    What is going on with you guys that you can be so dismissive of those who are now living in fear of Police intimidation?

    I can think five reasons.

    1. You have benefitted from being associated and connected with the police and those in power(money, land, loans, handouts, childrens education, medical bills, travel, business deals, resorts, power, prestige, preferential treatment,etc).

    2. You suffer from Stockholme Syndrome where the victim starts identifying and cooperating with those who abuse them. Its a psychological phenomenon observed in people dominated by tyranny at home (domestic violence) in the community (Police States), and victims of war, soldiers and civilians alike.

    3. You have never experienced what it is like to live in a free society where your phones are not tapped, where you can speak to someone without being scared your conversation is being recorded, where you don't have to be worried drugs and alcohol could be planted in your home and workplace by the Police the moment you speak up against them or those in power.... I could go on.

    4. You are totally disconnected from reality. Disconection can happen from post traumatic stress (your own traumatic experiences),from addictions (food, drugs, alcohol, sex, television, the internet, nicotine which dulls your feelings and disconnects you from all experiences that bring pain and fear),

    5. You suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder where your life revolves around you and your needs, and all you think of is yourself and you are unable to have any feelings of empathy for others. You also have zero tolerance for anyone who disagree with you or stand in your way and you punish, distort facts (spin) lie, character assassinate anyone who dare to oppose you , disobey you, or have an opinion that challenges your thoughts or decisions.

    So have a look, guys, where do you slot in?

  12. @Aishath. Blah blah blah blah. You been stupid is fine by me but dont try to make me join your club. This 'news' is to promote kula yellow page which I can understand since kula yellow page and minivan have the same agenda. But let me laugh at minivan for been so cheap. Hahaha!


    ”Police officers followed us when we left home after the meeting, we noticed their actions and realized that they have been HAUNTING us,” he claimed.

    This is too much, even by Police standards. They cannot just go and HAUNT people, just like that. I demand this be investigated, or else i'll file a SPIRITUAL complaint with the GHOSTS AND SUPERNATURAL MINISTRY OF HOGWARTS.

    Mark my words ! Lord Voldemort shall rise again !

  14. LMAOL, Aishath Im still number apears 'police Intel'..LMAOL...hahaha...and they said we will crush you..LMAOL...

  15. Well it might have seemed funny the sheer notion that police were beating unarmed civilians and threatening them with death, if not for the fact that we have videos of such scenes.
    All this borders on being unreal, but the harsh truth is we are all living in a police state today, where the police can threaten anyone with death and beat up anyone they dislike. If not for the fact that we saw it on video even the idea that police could storm a tv station take it over by force and drag journalists by their hands and take them home would have been laughable. Unfortunately all this is true, and there are police intel numbers, and they are going around tapping phones and threatening people. what a sad day for Maldives, not only cause of the police actions but also cause part of the population likes to live in denial.

  16. @ Nisha

    Part of the population continues to live in denial, trying to conjure imaginary deaths and imaginary police stalking them.

    PS: If this were a police state, you would probably be in jail. But LO and behold ! You of all people are able to comment silly comments such as this is a police state, and goto cafes and eat normally, and walk normally with your kids. Nobody's getting shot at by the Police like in Arab countries, people are continuing with their normal lives. the police continue to give the same public services to the Maldivian people.

    Except for the hardcore MDP people, who lost so much after Feb7, they havent been able to move on. The majority of Maldivians are living their peaceful lives.

    Yet because MDP lost their reign of power, hardcore MDP people like you are conjuring up lies like this so as to create a media campaign against Maldives police.

    Yet, even though you are trying to sow hatred against police, and trying to rally Maldivians against the Maldives police, it will the the police hotline number you will first dial when you are in an accident, when you get robbed, when a family matter escalates out of control.

    Then when police officers goto your home to help you, you will not be shouting "POLICE STATE, BAAGEE POLICE", but you will be grateful for their help.

    But the next day, you will be out in the streets again, yelling "POLICE STATE, BAAGEE BAAGEE". The fact is, even you know that this is not a police state. But the yellow veil over your face prevents you from accepting the truth that this is not a police state. And hence you continue to rave on.

  17. Seriously? Police Intel sending threatening messages! Damn! R u guys so scared? Probably one of u guys played a prank on you! Relax!

    To the Police: Next time please hide your identity when sending messages and don't go "haunting" these guys in Police uniforms! hahaha!

    what they need is not a facebook page but psychiatric help. They are seeing ghosts! I say, whoever is scared of police patrolling these scary streets of Male' are criminals and drug lords. y else wud u b scared to see 'em? :p

  18. The contact no would nor have indicated it as police intel ,it is figurative speech pls .it could mean that the number was associated to somebody working in police intelligence unit .at least that is how I interpreted it .grow up all maldivians trying to speak perfect English without any grammatical errors

  19. This is by far the worst article by minivan news. The content is baseless and purely conjured up. I did not know Minivan news was a gossip column! All facebook groups, regardless of which side they are on get threats from people who dislike the opinions expressed on such sites. But to whine about it and create some conspiracy theory is just to get more publicity and defame the police. The claims by kula yellow on this article is pathetic and laughable.

    your five reasons are laughable. So anyone that disagrees with you or the article is blah blah blah..shows how democratic you are. Grow up!

  20. last night , some of the current government official calmed to received several message claiming from MDP leader threatening and asking to give the government back to MDP.

  21. poor kula yellow guys! threatening texts and police are stalking/haunting them???? hahaha somebody please help them! baghee ghosts are following them! 😛

  22. @Bleh

    Alright Bleh let me tell you what I think where you slot. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. look it up.


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