Public losing confidence in democracy because of parliament’s delays, says HRCM

The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has said the delay caused by the deadlock in parliament is obstructing citizens obtaining the human rights promised them under the constitution.

HRCM said laws and rules are necessary elements for people to obtain their basic human rights, and other services the state should deliver the citizens.

“As it is the constitutional duty of the parliament to legislate, [this delay] causes the citizens to lack their rights and also causes a loss of confidence in democracy, and obstructs the establishment of the rule of law in the country,’’ HRCM said. “When the necessary laws are not passed, it becomes an obstacle for the state to fulfill tis the constitutional duty as stated under article 18, to protect and promote human rights.’’

HRCM noted that the Witnesses bill, Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Bill , Law on Taxation and National University Law were yet to be passed, as parliament entered its third week of inaction following clashes over the cabinet endorsement issue. Today’s parliament sitting was also canceled after the MPs clashed over the cabinet endorsement issue. The 10 day public holiday begins on Thursday.

HRCM called on parliamentarians and political parties to work in the best interest of the nation and its citizens.

The opposition and the ruling party have blamed each other for the cancellation of the parliament sittings, and each session is derailed on points of order.


19 thoughts on “Public losing confidence in democracy because of parliament’s delays, says HRCM”

  1. What is the point of this statement?

    To have in the records that the HRCM issued a statement?

    This is a diluted as a loose motion!

  2. go put a sock on it.

    You, Maldivians begged for it. You will get it good this time.

  3. Clearly we have a so called parliament that is incapable of carrying out it's responsibilities as stated in the constitution. We should, as the employers of these public servants, sack them forthwith and call for parliamentary elections immediately. Any employers that refuse to work together for the fulfillment of their duties deserve to be sacked and replaced by decent professionals with tried and tested records and proper credentials.

    Also the executive of said organization has repeatedly proved unfit for purpose and is found wanting inthe truth department.

    Both sides are at fault and need to work together rather than removing the ball once one side becomes smaller than the other.

    Get on with it before we throw you all to Thilafushi with the non-biodegradable crap

  4. So the HRCM speaks for the public heh??? I didn't know they pretended to have even an ounce of empathy. The HRCM of Maldives does nothing.

    This is a council that brushes the surface of issues in Maldives so it would justify the salaries we are paying them. How are they different from the MPs? They eat the public's money and spit everywhere.

    The HRCM apparently operates "within the confines of Islam and the shariah" - how the hell can these buggers address social issues like religious extremism?

    Now this statement is like a fart on the face of democracy HRCM!

  5. Why don't HRCM call to abandon party politics that is obstructing the human rights. you have not provided a solution to the problem such as failed system because of party politics. Every one knows that parliament is to pass policies (good or bad). Parliament have passed policies to establish independent commissions with fat salaries and members in the commission who can support them (Bad policies). So clearly no body will say anything against party system. But to solve the problem you have first tackle the roots or cause of it and it is clear it is this party politics that is obstructing so better get rid of this system and revise the governance system that is affordable and implementable and more fair. Giver power to the people and not to the self interested political party members (no tax bill or other relevant law for justice).

  6. HRCM - there is no confidence in you. Your opinion does not matter. No one quotes you anymore - not relevant

  7. HRCM pays a rent of 160,000/-... Salaries that are sky high... Why can't DRP protest to abolish this 'good for nothing' institute..

  8. Hey Minivan News, why are you editing my comments??!! If you do not want people to express their views disable comments on your articles.

    And if you feel you need to edit my comments and post it to suite yourselves, as a news website you are full of &*%#!!!!

    I doubt you will post this comment as well. What happened to freedom of speech? If you feel I commented filth then do not publish the comment instead of editing it!

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  9. this is honeymoon period of democracy in Maldives.. politicians just go wild and mad when they don't get what they want. And they think "freedom" and "democracy" means they can get anything.

    Anni: can have ministers weather what ever is written in constitution. Drp: they should have the authority to appoint members of all independent commissions. Drp thinks they can shrink presidents power on finance act, anni thinks he can wait without rectifying that amendment.

    So these politicians they are acting like kids. and that is well acceptable at early stage of democracy.

  10. There is a loss of confidence in democracy in the Maldives because the HRCM has become a mouthpiece of raving Islamic fanatics. The cult that the HRCM represents and democracy are mutually exclusive. When the human rights watchdog pretends that there are no religious minorities in the Maldives just because "the law says so" then it has no right to label itself with the words "human rights".

  11. i agree with Maldiva and at the same time i am happy that after the country is fully equipped with murder, theft and drugs issue, HRCM has for the first time mentioned what they must have worked with National and International level.

    I wud like to say "a loaf is better than nothing" Maldiva

  12. @Ahmed,
    I fully agree with you. An employee who doesnt work should be shown the door.

  13. People living on other people's money can not give slack to the well being of the giver! Those days when Statesmen governed countries are over. There however are some exceptional cases so to say! But majority rule has taken over the concept of democracy. And when this democracy is in the wrong hands, it could do anything to the people!

  14. Why can't HRCM comment on these issues? Some of you are so ignorant. Why can't they say what they have to say? They've got the authority to do so.

  15. The HRCM seems to be taking a more proactive role with regards to general advocacy. Cleaning up a public image sullied by poor engagement with the public and the media will need time and dedicated effort.

    We need a human rights commission to also participate in and inform the international community in relevant fora of the situation at home, thereby pressuring the government (meaning any government led by any administration) to strive towards the admirable goal of universal human rights and respect for the individual.

    We also need a more pragmatic and informed approach towards advocacy efforts. Statistics will serve to shock and awe while also more effectively publicize rights-based issues (which translates into almost any issue within a sovereign state). Vigorous and sustained efforts at capacity building and optimum utilization of funds will help in this area.

    Jockeying for position, grandstanding in the media, using employment as a means of garnering political support will always run in parallel to efforts for reform. A suitable balance must be reached which favors positive development.

  16. We should abolish parliament. Why should we let them eat our money for not doing anything for us. Now Parliament is not more than a joke. I doubt the true meaning of Parliament. It would be much better if we give their task to a law firm than giving those ignorant clowns.

  17. I agree, abolish Parliament and send all these Members of Parliament from all parties to prison. Let the people then choose the most honest and simple amongst them who are not trying to get rich fast.

    Disgusting Politicians and Judges.


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