Raising parliament’s wall to 12 feet “sends wrong message”: MP Nasheed

Parliament has announced its intention to increase the height of the building’s boundary wall to 12 feet to increase the security of the building.

Secretary General of the Parliament Secretariat Ahmed Mohamed told local media earlier that the decision was made on the advice of security services “to prevent people from climbing the wall or throwing things.” The Secretariat is currently searching for a contractor to do the work.

Parliament has been subjected to recurrent protests outside its gates, most recently by demonstrators against the MP Privileges Bill and new pay structure, which would have seen the salaries of Maldivian MPs increased to a level on par with those in Sweden, as well as introduced a plethora of benefits ranging from tax-free cars to certain immunities from the criminal justice system.

President Mohamed Nasheed refused to ratify the bill yesterday, after consulting the Attorney General, Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) and receiving 289 letters of concern from the public.

Independent MP Mohamed ‘Kutti’ Nasheed said that he did not think the solution to public concern regarding MPs and their work was “to turn parliament into a fortress.”

“I believe parliament should be seen to be accessible, open and transparent – a symbol of open democracy,” he said.

“There have been quite a lot of disturbances outside, and odd comments towards parliamentarians sitting having coffees, and a lot of unruly elements in the area, but I don’t believe this justifies raising the wall,” he said.

“I’m not sure how this came about – I just heard they were looking for a contractor to raise the wall. I don’t see it as a solution – it sends a message of defiance, which is not the right message to send to the public.”

MP Nasheed, who abstained from the vote over the controversial MP Privileges bill, said he believed the President was justified in refusing to ratify it.

“I didn’t want to express an opinion on it. There are issues I like, but there are things in it I don’t like. I believe it exceeds the ambit of priviledges and guarantees that parliamentarians need to carry out their work.”

Nasheed said he felt the term ‘priviliege’ could be misleading and said he understood it in a techincal sense as distinct from ‘benefits’, in that ‘privileges’ provided that which MPs required to function free of interference.

“[Things like] elevating status in society, seating orders, use of the [airport] VIP lounge on departure, special treatment at the places MPs visit – I don’t believe these are necessary for an MP to function,” he said. “These are not privileges, they are benefits.”

“As for the criminal [immunities], I don’t believe any parliamentarian should be exempt or receive special treatment from criminal proceedings. There are concerns about the surveillance of MPs and advantages taken of this monitoring, but I believe the criminal justice system must come into action, even against an MP. But there should be a parliamentary mechanism in parallel to check on the process.”


33 thoughts on “Raising parliament’s wall to 12 feet “sends wrong message”: MP Nasheed”

  1. Disgusting MPs. Who do they think they are? Just build a wall and then keep increasing their salaries and be damned with what the public think?

    Remember we will re-elect you in 4 years, you rotten bunch of thieves

  2. Kutti is wrong. The solution infact is “to turn parliament into a fortress.” then install cannons of the walls. Parliament can then employ an army, buy tanks and artillery. The parliament can then proceed to declare a small sovereign state in Male.

  3. MP Mohamed Kutti Nasheed is the biggest hypocrite in the Parliament

    Ha! the famous "I need some cash" man.

    Whenever there is a bill he would come out with these statements on his blog.

    And the stupid media makes news of him as if he is God Law Almighty!

    This is one guy who can't take a decision between right and wrong.

    He is Mr Big Pretender.

    There is absolutely no reason why he should abstain voting the MP Privilege Bill.

    Do not think people give a hoot about what you say Kutti!

  4. @Ahmed

    "re-elect in 4 years"

    Parliamentarians have made sure that they will be compensated by passing the law of pensions in which they will get a big chunk of salary if they serve even a single term. Which means, they will continue getting fat income, even if we changed them in the next term.

    Bloody fxxxing hypocrites.

  5. this is the right thing to do. even better if electric fences can be installed and if the thieves can be locked up 24/7. turning the maldives parliament to maldives prison. the honorable inmates can then enjoy their imprisonment and society will be safe from their brawls, fights and idiocy.

  6. If the 77 privileged can't tolerate the people who they have to answer to, then they better leave...

  7. Even if people don't give a hoot about what Kutti says, Watcher really is moved by anything Kutti says. hehehehe hahahaha

    spend millions on the great wall of parliament. who cares!

  8. Hahhahaahaaaaaaaa

    Look who is talking!

    Mr Kutti Nasheed, aka "I need some Cash" aka "Mr Corex (Cough Syrup)"

    The one who behind the wall beat his wife, lambasted her at an official meeting, yet was the architect of the Bill on Domestic Violence?

    Oh, we got a "robber holding onto his suitcase tightly here"!

    Good try Mr Kutti! But we already know what a sad*** you are! You abstained your vote on this MP Privilege Bill. So keep your mouth shut!

  9. majlis is infested by undemocratic thugs, thanks to the people's naivety. The fault lies with us, the people, who voted these hollow brains to this office. Now lets suffer the evil consequence of our actions. Allah never imposes tyrant rulers over a people as long as the people (the majority) are pious.

  10. there seems to be very few parliamentarians who actually try to correct these wicked greedy selfish group of people. this is one batch of parliamentarians that will be historically recorded in maldivian history as a group of infamy!

  11. That 12 foot wall will last approximately 1200 seconds against an angry crowd armed with bugzappers and flyswatters.

    The 'izzatheri madhiri' will be forced to pay back what they have stolen from the people.

  12. Maybe they can try tesla coils to zap anyone that aproaches Parliament?

    They know that their time is getting limited as the days pass by. So better prepare to hold on to power from now.

  13. Raising the wall will not solve the problem. People will climb over that and the roof too if the MPs keep avoiding their enormous responsibilities. No wall is required at all if the MPs are doing what they are expected to do – bring some order to this country and stop making fools of themselves.

  14. well i suggest a 24 feet wall with steel reinforcement, with Anti Aircraf missile system . Bullet Proof glasses on all windows . Plus a 9mm Pistol for each MP.

  15. I think a Simpsons-like transparent containment dome should do the trick.

    That way, the honorable MPs can legislate and hand over the country's wealth into their own fat bank accounts - and have nothing to fear from this irrelevant nuisance called a 'public'.

  16. you know im sick of these and sick of complaining.
    george carlin comes to mind at this point. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FQ0MZWrw6Q

  17. OMG! Just like looking after prisoners in Maldives. Lock them up its easy for security officials.Or Have a dog infront of Majlis. Our people will not go near. Big countries where guns are allowed do not have high walls. Just imagine spending money on this high wall.

  18. I must say that I really appreciate some people and their humor in these hard times. Thanks to farooq and earthling!

  19. what about secret underground tunnels that lead to secret submarine pods where the mps can secretly get away with their secret loot in case the public demands for answers...i think that should be included...

  20. MPs would be wise to regard their election as a sign of temporary mass insanity rather than a symptom of inherent stupidity.

    Walls are not strong enough to contain the wrath of an angry people who have just been brutally molested from behind.

  21. lets move the killa into Mars.so no Maldivian can reach.so corrupted MPs.they want have it coz everything they are passing is just for themselves.not for the people or by the people.
    Please do not vote for them next time.they are trying to kill their own people.

  22. I believe raising Parliament outer wall is a good move.

    MDP thugs are too much - jumping over the low walls like little 'bakari'.

    If these 'bakari' jump over one of the walls, then who knows the next thing could be Majlis chambers.

    Security is a good thing.

    Enough is enough.

    Even the Presidential Palace walls are 12 feet I think! So why should Majlis have a 'gifili balaa' wall?

  23. Nice move. Put barbed wire on the walls. Hell, electrify the entire wall. Any sucker stupid enough to the touch the wall should get electrocuted.

    Majlis can now perform to their highest level. They have potential 20,000 increase in allowances, limitless health insurance benefits for the entire family in Singapore, tax free cars, and the list goes on...

    I'm in the wrong business; time to stake everything to get on to one of these seats...

  24. The people u call Bakari is our own blood. If they look like bakari u will look the same. Presidential palace wall are 12 feet u say. That was done during the time Maumoon lived there. Research before u comment.

  25. Today I heard ex- police staff talking about an issue. Can he do this? Police and Defence sector ex officails should not be allowed to talk of cases they handled while in office. This country is being hijacked by some influencial people who are finding it difficult to practice their corrupt projects. I am not saying Nasheed is the best thing that has happened to this nation but he is better than most people who had the power during the past years.

  26. Building 12 or 24 foot walls around the parliament will not hide the state of nudity the current parliament is in!

    It is of opinion that what ever this parliament does to hide their nudity is turning against them!

    This is another one heck of a minus mark to their depleting records!


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