Religious NGO plans Male’ protest in support of death penalty

Religious NGO “Muslimunge Gulhun” yesterday told local media that it is organising a demonstration calling on the state to implement and enact the death penalty.

The demonstration, to be called ‘Thanfeez’ – translated as “implement – is scheduled to be held at 4:oopm on Friday (October 19) at the Artificial Beach area of Male’.

The demonstration will mainly focus on advocating for the death penalty, which organisers believe will to bring an end to murders occurring in the Maldives, according to a press briefing held at Muslimunge Gulhun head office. The NGO further stated that the demonstrations would also be used to advocate for the penalties of other crimes to be aligned with Islamic Sharia.

Minivan News was unable to locate contact details for the NGO, while Minister of Islamic Affairs Sheikh Shaheem Ali Saeed and State Minister for Islamic Affairs Mohamed Didi were not responding to calls at the time of press.

However, one event organiser, Ajnadh Ali, is quoted in local media as saying that participants of the demonstration were expected to range from religious scholars to young people with a love for Islam. He further claimed that the demonstration was being planned by people that did not directly represent any specific organisation.

Organiser Sheikh Azmath Jameel stated, “The country has come to the state it is at now because the penalties laid out in Islamic Sharia have not been implemented. I call on every Muslim to join this demonstration.”

Ali Nazeer, another of the event’s organisers, spoke against opening up issues like death penalty to public debate, adding any such discussions should not be entertained in fear of how the international community may react to the implementation of Islamic Sharia.

Although death sentences are issued by courts in the Maldives, traditionally those sentences are commuted to life imprisonment under the power vested in the President.

From January 2001 to December 2010, a total of 14 people were sentenced to death by the courts. None of these sentences have been carried out.

The last person to be executed in the Maldives after receiving a death sentence was in 1953 during the first republican President Mohamed Ameen. Hakim Didi was charged with attempting to assassinate President Ameen using black magic.

However, the government of President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has announced its intention to submit a bill to parliament to facilitate the implementation of the death penalty.


39 thoughts on “Religious NGO plans Male’ protest in support of death penalty”

  1. Yes, this is exactly what the country needs. more bloodshed! 😀

  2. Dr. Hassan Saeed also told the press a few days ago that Dr.Afrasheem was murdered due to the demonstrations of MDP supporters. What a joke. So arresting all MDP supporters will solve the mystery of Afrasheem's murder. What a joke Dr.Hassan? When will you grow up?

  3. Is this why Dr Afrasheen and many more were murdered? To prove a point?

    All these dirty tricks are played by all Muslim countries in the name of islam which 100% advocates life saving and restoring to any other alternative Without taking life of people.

    We nyd true Islam not man made fabricated ones so called mullas r promoting.

    Back to basics and check the divine laws n try to open ur eyes. It's a responsibility on each And every one of us.

    Almost all the countries r practicing death penalty n they r wondering how to control murderer And serial killers.

    True justice with a real judiciary without corruption is the solution for Maldives. Not killing of more souls whether be by murderers o state. Don't transgress The divine laws.

  4. In our religion its death and also for people like Saheem or any other religious ex streams because we follow moderate Shafee Muzhab.

    In Qoran even it says way of Islam if try to so split en Islamic society even in way of islami the person must be executed.its only religious meters not political.

    I haven't forget stii haw Zia Gave a death sentence to Zulfigaaru ALI Butto 71 Clifton Pakistan.

  5. pls pack your bags and leave this beautiful country, you extreme hypocrites!!!

  6. I'm keen to see how many turn out to these protests. People are being misinformed by these religious organizations.

    The death penalty has not reduced murder in any country it has been implemented in, to the contrary murder rates are higher in countries who put murderers to death. Given the sorry state of our courts, police, and the penal code itself we can't implement the death penalty and expect justice to be served.

    Those who advocate the religious line, please take a look at yourself - 70% all economic activity you engage in is related to tourism which is not exactly in harmony with religious beliefs.

    We have reconciled ourselves to commit bigger sins (selling alcohol) for worldy comforts. I'm sure God will forgive us for not implementing the death penalty.

    We have allowed ourselves to be dictated to by intolerant fundamentalists who have enroached on our society gradually. How long before we become a Pakistan?

    We need to put a stop to this now. Rationality needs to prevail, this can happen only through education. Through secular education we can be confident enough to question the sayings of many of these religious men who have just one aim in advocating their strict religious dogma- political power.

    If this was about religion, they would rally Muslims on the streets because of atrocities committed, calling for peace, not death and certainly not committing atrocities themselves. They would rally in peace against murderous regimes like in Syria which murder fellow Muslims, rather than against an unknown cartoonist or a filmmaker. We never see religious leaders of the religion of peace rallying for peace. They call for death. Death to America, Israel, MDP, anyone who does not subscribe to their extreme beliefs.

    Maldivians need to wake up now. This is a road where there is no turning back from.

  7. We cannot just continue doing things that were done centuries ago simply because a group of people decided it should happen so.

    Murder has got nothing to do with race, religion or origin. It a lost life that is very precious. However, killing the murderer as a punishment is not justified in the eyes of God or Gods of whom billions of people believe in.

    It is NOT written or permitted to kill another person, in any holy books of Muslims, Christians, hindus, jews, buddhists, etc. No one has a right! Those who use death penalty have it for reasons to suit death will NEVER bring back life.

    Life imprisonment is acceptable, economical support of the deceased family must be secured from the most cases no one has the proof of seeing a murder

  8. Here we go again.

    1) The loudest ranters : 'Death for death'
    2) The milder group : 'If they really understand religion, it does not mean death for death'
    3) The dont care group : 'So what?'
    4) The anti group: 'This is the so called religion of peace'

    And to top it all, every single group steadfastly believes they are right.

  9. "Religious scholars to youth with a love for Islam"....hahahahahahaha!! You mean those morons who still believe that the earth is still flat, we should live in mud thatch houses and ride camels!! hehehehe.....please do us a favour! pack your stuff, go to some god forsaken place like Pakistan or Afghanistan and blow yourselves up!

  10. As has rightly been pointed outed by many, the death penalty is not an automatic panacea to homicide in modern society. If you do not believe that, take a look at societies where the death penalty is routinely exercised.

    Going ahead with such capital punishment in the Maldives will be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire, given the sorry state of both the Police and the judiciary.

    Ask yourselves about the competency level of the Police in solving murder cases. How much success have they had in bringing the real culprits before the courts? How many of those convicted are serving sentences?

    Lessons from other parts of the world will tell you that the harsher the punishment, the more aggressive and barbaric the criminals become too. Criminals are almost always a few steps ahead of law enforcement. Think about that.

  11. So the haabees killed Afrasheem so that they could get the government to implement death for murder? Makes sense to me.

    Also, thank the flying spaghetti monster that they are calling for stoning and chopping off limbs as well. If you're going to implement the shariah law, don't cherry pick. Implement the entire thing.

  12. It is understandable that lot of people believe that killing the killer will guarantee peace and order. We have been told death penalty is the only solution to surging crime rates and homicides.
    Death penalty may be an effective deterrent but one has to question the capacity of nations' justice system to deliver fair trials. The system could potentially kill innocent people in the name delivering justice.
    God is forgiving so much that His rule among others provides for a pardon to the assassin by any member of the victims heirs. Think about this point as well.

    Justice is not achieved by taking revenge. Don't go for eye for eye concept .

  13. I hear all these womanly objections that: the death penalty might result in the death of innocent lives and that our (supposedly) "corrupt" judiciary might be exploited and the death penalty abused as a tool to get rid of opposing politicians.

    But would it matter even then?

    Countrymen, it is not a matter of who deserves to be garrotted. It is a matter of who does NOT deserve the noose around his neck.

    The truth is: very few.

    The death penalty is needed to compel our citizens to virtue and religion and our women to modesty and chastity.

    The rampant and deranged immorality of our society necessitates drastic solutions for it to be countered. The death penalty one such solution. A necessary one.

  14. Let us also include banishing alcohol,pork and prostitutes completely in Maldives for that protest!!!
    Maldivians should not be tempted to drink and the availability of alcohol in resorts is spoiling our locals who work on resorts.
    Harram food should not be consumed as well.
    Beauty parlours and sex saloons should be closed as we are encouraging our innocent sons to sleep with prostitutes.

  15. Nudity and alcohol on our islands should also be discussed!!!
    If you want to drink or wear bikinis, go abroad.Do not provoke our people!!!

  16. The death penalty to implement!!!

    Is it only the main concern of some Muslims
    (By tags).
    When are YOU PEOPLE going to stone a married middle aged guy who rapes a little girl in the name of wrong interpretation of religion in marriage drama.

  17. Wish these stone age folk stop pestering the rest of us and pack off to the mountainous regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan where their version of utopia is in fact the reality.

  18. "Ali Nazeer, another of the event’s organisers, spoke against opening up issues like death penalty to public debate, adding any such discussions should not be entertained..."

    Exactly. Using your f***** brains is overrated. Let's not go to such extremes as even thinking about it for a second.

    The mindset of these people alone should tell you nothing good is going to come of it.

  19. Furathama, gaumu ragalu haalatha genesgen thi bunaa kameh kurun buhdhiveri. Hus corrupted fadiyaarun, ilmuverin. heyou nuvaane meehun marah thimaa menge amileh edumah. furatha ma islaahu vey bala.

    mi hurihaa balaaveru kamakee thi hira uley maumoon gayoom. mi haaru afraaseem ge maru ge fahthat vadeh filaafa eothy.

  20. It is very good, you will have to execute
    capital punishment. Then we will send Gayoom to the same raw. Cause during his long era of dictatorial power many deaths was taken place in prison and many unlawful torture was given to the people of Maldives.

  21. These bearded goats are also a threat; they get a free ride to slash the throats of people and blasting bombs. Death penalty to be issued by these maumoon loayal kangroo courts, are going to issue death penalties to political rivals.

    Religious extremism should be banned. Arfasheems murder is a typical example how these uneducated Haabees operate.

  22. @Barbarian

    The only "barbarians" are those that would prevent us from garrotting miscreants, harlots, apostates, evolutionists and neurologists.

    Civilization stems from religion, modesty and virtue. The elements which agitate against such ideals must be eliminated for civilization to be preserved lest they destroy it from within.

    So, ask yourself: are you for the preservation of civilization or do you stand for fornication, irreligion and those things which lead to hellfire?

    If it is the former, then support the death penalty. If it is the latter, then it is not yet too late to amend your ways; though take heed, it very soon will be. Alhamdhulillaah!

  23. @Dhivehi Hanguraama

    What is next... Campaign Against Female Education. That naturally the next step of these haabees.

    While we are at it we must also implement death penalty to religious extremism.

  24. Whatever the good religion says, there will always be egotistical numbskulls who refute the good virtuous things that comes their way.It will remain like this to the end of the world and then we'll see what kind of nonsense they speak of.

    By basing their views on research and other material (meaning posing oneself as educated)they only play with peoples mind to achieve some kind of worldly material. for eg; many of these deranged depressed idiots say that homosexuality is genetic but do we have any research entirely supporting this . No!

    Such is the death penalty!
    Research has shown the pros and cons of the death penalty so we can't say that it does not bring crime reduction. for eg:if you look at the USA and it's history, they do not apply the death penalty consistently because of certain human rights issues. at one time they were very consistent and then at other times they were pressured not to apply it.Thus research does not show the full picture of such sentences.

    if you deranged people are so insistent on research why don't you apply it in drinking alcohol because there isn't any research which says it is beneficial to health, but you dorks still drink it???

    some people are such ignorants trying to sabotage the views of Islam??

  25. @Barbarian

    find the facts and learn the teachings of Islam first to talk about such rubbish. You people have got a lot of incorrect information.

    you may talk about Pakistan and Afghanistan but Islam is based on our Prophet, his teachings and the Quran.

    the western hypocrites have eaten your brains and

  26. Shimy. I see your jimmies have been rustled yet again.

    My advice: Read beyond Zakir Naik or dhiislam for actual research. Now, excuse me while I stone some adulterers.

  27. @shimy

    The religion of islam fine, its a complete way. But the bearded goats who calls themselves muslims are destroying the religion of islam.

    What next step for these deardies after Dr. Afrasheem murder?


  28. A complete way of life based on talking ants, angels, flying horses, devils, djinns, giant floods necessitating putting the entire spectrum of the animal kingdom on a boat, 900 year old men, Gogs and Magogs, revelations to prophets who all happened to live within or within the periphery of Semitic/Mediterranean civilisations.

    Islam. Makes total sense.

  29. @Lulz
    You did not research well before writing..Here are the answers to your wrong assumptions:
    1. not talking ants, communicating ants; infact all forms of life, and some forms of electronics communicate.
    2. angels are made of light; 99% of which is not in a spectrum we can see.
    3. flying horses is a christian theme, not islamic one.
    4. devils and djinns are same; don't tell me ufos are fakes.
    5. longevity is not a big thing if you live in a pure environment; in this day and age, we are immmersed with so much hazardous chems that we cannot even imagine purity..
    6 gogs and maggogs does not translate to yaujooj and maujooj; ever wondered why easa is jesus? who brought that j letter there? why?
    7. who said all prophets lived in med?

    ignorant ppl makes blackens our name. Lulzsac is not like that. we know better. u r a fake!

  30. The rest of your preposetous list is barely worth responding tp. Shaitan's and Djinns are not the same - their only similarity is that they don't exist.

    Suleiman could apparently talk to ants.

    Gog and Magog is how Arab translators have rendered yaujooj and maujooj in the Hadith books. Take it up with them.

    Ever heard of a Chinese prophet or Japanese prophet or a South American prophet of Islam. Wouldn't they have records of it? The basic cop out people like you offer is that prophets were sent to all nations - just that religion does not bother mentioning them all by name. But, again, where are the historical records?

    All prophets in Islam come from around the medittaranean area or semitic area on the periphery.

    Eeasa is an Arabization of Yeshua - and Jesus is an anglicization of both.

    If I have mixed up one ridiculous way of life for the other, with the flying horses comment, I apologize.

    Kee kuraanee dhen?

  31. Didn'r a Rock steal Moosahs clothes too once?

    And didn't he go beat up this rock?

    Oh well. I'll just have to explain and justify how ridiculous these stories were for me to believe before I am thrown in the hellfire forever.

  32. @Lulz

    damn, you people are fakes, what do you believe in, releasing a serial killer in the name of humanity when his treacherous acts are beyond comprehensible and justifiable. You believe in that and not the death penalty. What a joke!!

    you truly believe that detoxification can cure drug addicts rather than spirituality?? If that is the case then
    the world will be free of drug addicts considering the detoxification they have gone through??

    you know nothing but mockery for religion! and because the stories came from an age long ago you can't say that its false, let's talk about now

    give me one good explanation about the quran and it's attainment of it's originality??

    prove me that Zam Zam well does not exist in the middle of a desert, supplying water to millions of muslims that make the pilgrimage. Why does it rain rarely on the Kaaba considering the El nino effect and why doesn't the water spoil.Believe me once i had a zam zam bottle for nearly an year but it didn't smell and it didn't go slimy!

    give me explanations on why the french scientist turned towards Islam when he discovered that the preserved pharaoh in ancient Egypt had salt in his drowned body(meaning your belittling of the prophet Moosa needs to be investigated and researched)

    And most recently why were the mosques sparred from the Tsunami when all other buildings including the temples were destroyed? i know people do not speak of this much but it only proves how true our religion is??

    you look at the dead sea and the Quranic text referring to it??

    you, i believe need to overhaul your system to understand things!!

  33. Since I belive in the death penalty and the death penalty being used on drug addicts your rant is absoloutely useless.

    Water doesn't go slimy you retard no matter how long you keep it. And there are plenty of deep water wells scattered across lands and desserts. Zam Zam is not a miracle.

    And your idiotic propganda about French scientists discovering the body of pharoah is a proved myth. Dr.Maurice Bucaille may have fooled himself and plenty of gullible Muslims, but the fact is, that all we know about that Mummy was that it is a Mummy. We know of no interaction or relationship he had with Moses or Aaron. Why is this story not treated more seriously in academic circles, you tell me?

    The reason (some) mosques survive Tsumanis was because these were extremely expensive and well built buildings with a firm foundation, on high terrain. And furthermore there is the fact of them having large windows for the water pressure to flow through. If those same buildings had been brothels instead of a nosque, they would have survived as well.

    Read a geography book and then start talking about other people's systems.

    Go run around a box in Mecca or something.

    I reccomend this one:

    (What was that about the Ka'aba being impervious to rain again?)

    Your supposed miracles, are almost as ridiculous as what Christians believe to be miracles (check more of them out on google).

  34. @Lulz

    sad chap, you are such a waste.. go on give us more of your intellectual materials you read.

  35. @Lulz

    I thought intellectuals with high brain power responded politely to us, dumb Muslims but my thought is very much wrong, i suppose,(proves my point of hating Muslims beyond recognition spread by the western school of thought, what to do, sigh!,) sorry for saying slimy, i might not have the thesaurus ability of yours!and ehehehe with the good old scientific cites you go through and the rubbish they feed on your brain, i question my self why i am responding kekeke

    and for your information the kaaba was made by humans and i did not say that it is a miracle(but it always mesmerizes my mind why the Kaabaa never have such kind of weather in the time of Hajj) but rather my thought is on the Zam zam well. see, you people always deviate the topic in question.

    My point was zam zam, in the amount that it is used every year, by millions, being in the middle of a desert and rain rarely or non existent in the region can only prove to be a miracle from god and nothing else, recently some people claimed that it was not suitable to drink but scientists performed experiments on it but what were the results, you find out.

    You show me one water well like this, used by millions every day and night, throughout the year in a desert, without rain and the temperatures soaring to 45 or 50, then i will undoubtedly consider your opinion. I think you must have come across this site called faith freedom to mock religion so much, but what kind of scientific proof do they have to disregard Islam, boggles the mind????

    and why did Dr Maurice Beucille fool himself, him being a doctor and scientist but you know better i presume, by the way, what kind of profession are you in to belittle the Dr.

    You think the west, as they are and with their propaganda, will announce something they detest so much as truth.

    About the Tsunami and the mosques, why did the dumb muslims(of your claim) create such architecturally creative and disaster resistant mosques unlike other religions? mesmerizes the mind!!!and i presume you never heard the stories by Maldivians of the mosques being a savior considering the old condition they were in!!

    For a person claiming to be intellectually higher than others, you really are undecided and confused; you believe in the death penalty and giving death penalty to drug addicts(does Islam execute the death penalty to drug addicts ????) but you don't have one good word for the religion which imposes the death penalty for murderers??How hypocritical can you get!!what is your stand here! split personality i suppose!!

  36. Religion & Politics

    What happened to Miss Maldives Pageant?

    By DO Reader, 13 April 2005

    Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom likes to describe Maldives as a liberal Islamic state to the world. More importantly he also portrays that both men and women are equal in our society.

    After 52 years, the Miss Maldives Pageant was about to make a comeback till the Home Ministry informed the event organisers that the event cannot be held based on religious grounds. This was informed to them after permission was given to them to hold the event. It is one thing to give permission but it is another thing to give the permission and take it back again the next day. This just shows that Maumoon is not good at making decisions at all and as we all know, not able to run a country, let alone an Islamic country.

    Maryam Hafsa, whose Hairline Beauty Parlor was organizing the event in collaboration with another private party said that “When giving us permission to hold the event, the government made it a condition that all the dresses worn by the contestants must be in line with Islamic and Maldives’ culture”. She assured the government that there won’t be a swimsuit contest which was the most controversial event in these pageants for Muslims such as us.

    DO is not saying that the Miss Maldives show should be held or not held. But would like to ask readers and especially his Excellency Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom that IF Miss Maldives pageant cannot be held, why are fashion shows (which the organisers of Miss Maldives Pageant are going to hold now instead) allowed? Or Mister Maldives allowed where men go on stage in g-strings? Or the swimsuit contest for the Miss World 2000 show allowed in the Maldives when dozens of other Islamic states refused? As usual, Maumoon finds himself in a hole that he dug up himself.


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