Juvenile Court acquits minor charged over Villingili murder

The Juvenile Court has today ruled that a minor charged with the murder of 25-year old Ahmed Mirzah Ibrahim was innocent, citing a lack of evidence to support a conviction.

Juvenile Court Spokesperson Zaeema Nasheed confirmed that the ruling was made today. but could not give further information to Minivan News as she was not in Male’ at the time of going to press.

Local media has reported that the Juvenile Court ruled that statements given by two witnesses produced to the court were insufficient to prove that the defendant, who could not be named on account of their age, was guilty.

According to the ‘Sun’ Online news service, during police investigations, the two witnesses had told authorities that they saw the minor attacking Mirza.  However, in court both witnesses denied the statements they had given to police, claiming that they have not seen the minor attack the victim.

In April last year, Mirza Ibrahim was struck in the head with an iron bar while he was sitting inside a park in Villingili, the ward of Male’ where he lived.

Mirza did not survive the severe injuries received to his head during the attack and was rushed to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) where he was declared brain-dead.  He was then put on life support at IGMH.

Police initially suspected that the attack involved a gang, while Minivan News at the time received unsubstantiated reports that the assault was prompted following comments made about a girl.

During the early hours of April 14, Mirza died at IGMH. Police arrested five persons in connection with the case.


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  1. The Police Force cant seem to find evidence to convict anyone except MDP party members


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